Give Thanks For It All

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As so many of you approach your holiday of Thanksgiving we give thanks for all of you! With or without a holiday, every day is Thanksgiving day in the heavens! We are grateful for our existence, no matter what dimension we exist within. We are grateful for your existence. We know that each of us contributes to all others and as we witness your courage upon the earth we are inspired to assist you even more. We love you more than you can possibly imagine.

It takes courage to incarnate upon your earth. You are enrolled in a very difficult school here, a reality in which the sense of separation from the Source is very deep. You are eternal souls having a human experience and if you could truly embrace that reality,  then you would live in a state of love and gratitude for all of life – what you judge good, what you judge bad, and everything in between. For in truth every soul upon the planet is just like you in that they are striving to remember their true nature, just as you are. Every soul is pure at its essence. Every soul is innocent at its core. You are too.

So, as so many of you celebrate a holiday of gratitude, take time this week, if only for a few moments to appreciate yourselves. Appreciate the courage it took to come to earth. Appreciate the beautiful soul that you are. Appreciate that you are striving to feel and share more love upon the earth. Appreciate your talents, and those things you think you have done well. Appreciate the beautiful relationships. As well, if you are willing, you can also appreciate those moments you felt you did not do so well, because you have learned. You can appreciate the most painful relationships because they taught, or are teaching you how to love yourself and acknowledge your own beautiful light more.

See if you can spend just one hour of your life appreciating yourself and everything around you. It will create powerful, massive shifts in your energy field that will allow the heavens to assist you even more. Practice gratitude for yourself daily - perhaps taking a few minutes before bed to appreciate all you've done well, all you've learned, and all that you are. Dear ones, gratitude is love, and it opens the door for even more grace and joy to pour into your lives! Happy Thanksgiving Day or we would say, Happy Day to give thanks... every day!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

Years ago my mother had a teacher who told her to go in front of the mirror and simply say, "Thank you God for making me the beautiful soul that I am." It helped to change her perspective about herself, the way she treated herself, and therefore positively impacted her entire life.

While self love and self appreciation seem uncomfortable to many, they are absolutely necessary if we are to navigate the intense energies coming into the planet now and in the new year. If you are not treating yourself with dignity and kindness, the universe, by its very design, echoes that back. If you are treating yourself like a being of light and love, no matter what's going on in your life (because that is who you are at the core), then the universe will echo a much kinder reality back to you.

That may not seem "fair" because we all learned that if we're good, we get rewarded and if we're bad we get punished, but that's not exactly the way life works. That is how parents and teachers and social institutions must operate, but God designed the material universe with the laws of vibration. So if you mess up but learn from it and love yourself anyway, you'll get love. If you give to charity with bitterness and resentment, you'll get people taking and taking with bitterness and resentment that it can't be more... or something similar. What we do with love returns love, even if not from the same physical source. What we do with anything less than love causes us to get a less than loving response from life.

This doesn't mean that if you love a particular person, they'll love you back. It simply means that if you love, life in some form will love you back. "Giving to Get" doesn't always work :) Giving because it is a joy feels good in the present and allows the universe to echo that joy back kindly in some fashion, even if not the way you thought.

So take time to love and appreciate yourself, no matter what space you find yourself in. After all you chose to be alive. You chose to wake up. You chose to read something that might inspire you :) You chose to receive the angels' love and mine too. You can be proud of that. And I bet there is SO much more you can acknowledge yourself for as well... if you just take a few moments and give it a try, you will find plenty inside of yourself to appreciate. I agree with the angels... may everyday be a day of Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and so much gratitude to all!
Have a blessed week.


Angelika Lina 25th November 2015 3:43 am

Hi Ann,

very timely and appreciated. Felt a bit let down this morning and I'm scrambling around to let resentment go. All in all I'm doing very much better than previously :)


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