God Is Always With You

My dear friends we love you so very much.

For a moment close your eyes, breathe into your heart, and take a few minutes to give thanks for all you are grateful for in your life. Wiggle your toes and be grateful for the movement. Breathe and be grateful for the intake of air. Focus on the chair you sit upon and be grateful for its support. Close your eyes and feel the love of your angels as they embrace you.

My dear friends you always have choices, abundance, support, and love available no matter what your life circumstances. It is an illusion that you would ever be left alone, or become separate from the love and support of God.

God works in strange and mysterious ways indeed and you are coming to a time here upon your planet earth in which it is increasingly important that you would trust in God's love for you, trust in his guidance as it appears through the subtle knowing and longings in your heart, and trust that all is well indeed in hearts that have faith in the very same. You will bear witness to great unrest in human hearts and yet dear ones, you can choose to be in peace. You will watch people become very polarized in their opinions, and yet you must choose to acknowledge all perspectives as worthy of consideration. Find the gold amidst the lead. Find the silver lining in the dark clouds. Find the spark of God in the eyes of one you have trouble gazing upon. It is in these moments of choosing to focus on what is good and true, that youw ill find God even more present in your life than ever before.

God is always with you. Joy, and the feeling of heaven on earth is always available to you. You have to work harder at times to feel God's presence and search for the frequencies of heaven, and yet they are never gone. Look for the moments of upliftment. Seek out all things to be grateful for. Avoid slipping into judgement of self and others. In these labors of love you will give birth to the Christ consciousness in your own hearts and allow the love of God to flow through you into the world.

We love you so very much,
-- the angels & masters




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Ann Albers

Ann Albers is a popular spiritual instructor, angel communicator, lecturer, and author. She is a traditional Reiki master and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for modern living. Ann's passion and purpose is teaching others to tap into the power and beauty of their souls, as well as helping people connect with the love and wisdom of their angels.

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