Gratitude As Part Of Manifestation

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you continue the process of living dear ones, remember that God is always at work, always aware of your prayers, and most importantly aware of the deepest desires of your soul. If your prayers do not seem to be answered at the moment, surrender to living the best life you can in this moment, at this time, in this day.

Dear ones do not put off your happiness one moment more

Happiness is a condition created from within. You can pray and ask for help in being happy now. You can pray for the eternal qualities of inspiration, love, and a joyful spirit. These qualities can arrive in your life far in advance of your dreams. Gratitude cultivates these qualities. Kindness to others cultivates these qualities. Appreciate of self and life around you cultivates these qualities.

If you are currently impatient or living in fear because you do not yet see that your prayers are being answered take time each day to do the following:

1. List three things you are grateful for in your life and sit in silent appreciation of each.

2. List three people you are grateful to have in your life in some capacity, whether you choose people you know or simply those you admire that contribute to your life (the city waste disposal man, the friendly clerk at the bank, the bagger at the grocery store, the teacher you admire, the actor who entertains you on television, your family, friends, etc.) Either send each one a note or an email sharing your gratitude or telepathically send your gratitude to their spirit. Allow yourself to FEEL this gratitude before moving on.

3. List three things you can love and appreicate about yourself. Sit and really admire each quality unabashedly. Be proud of yourself for these three qualities. Really allow yourselves to FEEL them.

Congratulations my dear friends. If you do these exercises faithfully each day for one week, you will start to experience a much greater level of abundance in your life. You will begin to see how rich you truly are. You will begin to see how much you ARE loved by the universe. And these feelings will change what you are capable of drawing into your life. Watch the changes as you change your vibration dear ones, and allow for God's truth to come pouring into your life in great abundance.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels



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