Happy New Year... With Intent!

Hi All,

Today the angels talk about the power of intending on a night where the collective human consciousness is focused forward! I'll share a few things I like to do at this time of year to help create the year ahead!

I wish you a JOYOUS New Year's Eve and a year of consciously creating a loving, light-filled experience here on earth!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We love your celebrations. We love how you look forward to the new year and reflect on the old. Even though we live in the eternal present, on your New Year's eve, the whole earth pauses to release the old and welcome the new. For just a moment each year, you focus with collective hope and anticipation for the future. It is a powerful moment of collective human creation.

Of course, each of you has this power available to you at all times; however, there are times when the vibration of love on your planet makes it easier to focus forward, and to pre-program your time ahead. So for those of you who are sensitive(and most of you reading this are) ask to feel the joy and anticipation of your world on this New Year's Eve. Sit for a moment after the clock strikes midnight anywhere on earth and ask to feel the waves of love and excitement rippling through human hearts. It feels good! You deserve to feel good. We feel these waves rippling through us and we amplify every loving vibration right back.

Don't look back on the things that displease you. Look back on your successes – great and small. Look back and notice how you chose love so many times you probably don't even remember. Look back and remember how you persevered and came out stronger. Look how you cared about being loving, being light, and being the master of your own mind. No matter whether you achieved your goals or not, you tried. You had successes. You have a saying on your planet now that we love, "Progress, not perfection." Each one of you (and we know each of you!) has made remarkable strides in your understanding and practice of love. Each one of you has mattered to the future of your planet. Each one of you is helping to pave the path for a brighter and better future.

The year ahead will have many successes and many challenges. Right now, much of humanity is discovering all that has been buried or hidden within them. It is nearly impossible to stuff your feelings, and those who haven't made peace with their feelings are like hoses flying about in the yard when the water turns on! It is nearly impossible to forget your dreams, and you will feel glorious when you focus on them with delicious anticipation. When you doubt them, you'll feel just the opposite.

Relax into yourselves, dear ones! You are all learning to love and accept yourselves; the more you can do this, the kinder and gentler your world will become.

There are growing pains. When you are awkward in self-acceptance, you tend to demand that everyone else accept you. Instead, resolve that this is the year you will accept yourself kindly, gently, and lovingly, no matter who else does or does not. Resolve to live and let live, to be yourself and let others make their own choices. Let this be a year of freeing yourself from the burden of pleasing others, getting them to understand you, or even agreeing with you. Let this be the year you are you, and the relationship with yourself is the one that matters most.

Over the past few years, you have all changed. You have grown exponentially, and therefore so has the human race. We see the future of your earth with great excitement! We see humanity coming together and realizing that differences are meant to be, that they stimulate creativity, good conversation, and an expansion of thought! We see young people coming in with grand ideas about how to clean up the environment and heal the body. We see companies becoming more conscious of diversity as well as the ecosystem. We see many of those who don't want to change, leaving the earth in their quest for an expansion they can no longer find in this lifetime. We see souls with fresh, eager perspectives being born!

Your news media reports a minuscule fraction of what is occurring on your planet. This coming year, look for the good news. Believe in the good news. You cannot have more protection than what you receive when you attune to the vibration of love. In love, you perceive your guidance. In love, you navigate quickly around potential problems. In love, your challenges resolve quickly. You need not be wary in the vibration of love because you can trust your feelings.

Love yourself this year, dear ones. Accept yourselves as you are. We do. We love you beyond your capacity to comprehend, for you are the courageous souls, shifting your world into a kinder, more harmonious place. The "world" may not yet be there, but your world can be.

Happy New Year! Happy year of you, loving you! Happy year of "live and let live," and accepting yourself as perfect, even as you expand into more!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! I cannot believe it is upon us! I am writing this before Christmas because when you read it, I will have been happily unplugged for a week, getting organized and ready for more after sleeping in and sipping cocoa!! Seriously, I feel you across space and time and give thanks for our shared journey.

The other day, I was joking with a friend that I've not been participating in much of the collective reality. I was shocked when I went out, and grocery prices were so much. I must have missed that before. I was surprised when confronted with a few cranky souls while out and about. I smiled anyway. I opted out of the pandemic with my vibration. I skipped the hatefulness and focused on joy, light, and love. While many on earth worried about the future, I was busy creating my own. I know many of you are too!

So while the world will do its dance while becoming more spiritually mature, you and I can live in bliss, peace, and kindness. Others may not serve it on a silver platter, but God does. The angels do. All we have to do is focus on love, and more will come magically.

I can't believe how much I packed into the four weeks before the holiday. Initially, I intended a joyful season with ease, grace, and flow. Sometimes the flow had me happily making presents all night. I was surprised to see the sun rising while I still felt wide awake. Sometimes the flow had me cozy in my comforter. Sometimes the flow had me answering emails late at night, and other times I was gleefully eating Trader Joe's peppermint meringues (new delight!) while watching happy movies. I'm just letting me be me, whatever that might be at a given moment.

As we all move forward, I hope we take more charge of our creations, consciously molding our lives how we want to experience them. We don't control circumstances, others, world affairs, or significant weather patterns. Still, through our choice of living in a higher, happier, more loving vibration, we can receive guidance around and through all these external events and beings in the kindest, most joyful, and loving way!

I wish each of you a blissful New Year's eve, surrounded by whatever you desire, whether that be the love of your beloved pets, the love of the heavens, or the love of family and friends. Love is here, there, and everywhere waiting for the taking. Start the new year off right by acknowledging and loving yourself!

Here are a few tips to help you ring in the new year with love...

1. Acknowledge yourself

Take a few minutes to reflect on the year and acknowledge yourself for loving moments, choices, and decisions. Forget the ones you didn't like. Leave them trailing behind you like the wake behind a boat. There is no need to focus on that. Instead, focus on the good memories, the victories, and the simple, small choices to be a kinder and more loving person. Acknowledge what you did right. Spirit looks at nothing else :) If you can do this, you'll see yourself the way the angels do :)

2. Create a wish list and tuck it away

I always love to create a "By this time next year, I'll..." list. I tuck it away and enjoy looking at how the things that really mattered just showed up and how the things I thought I should want didn't!

I just discovered one I wrote in 1995 before my life changed. I wanted to:

Make my house and garden an expression of who I am; surround myself with color, flowers, life, and light

Learn to change my focus and the context in which I live to one of being of the energy and in the energy.

Make a living doing what I love.

In 1996 I quit engineering, moved to a new home that I turned into all that I love, began to live in a world of energy, and proceeded to become an angel communicator for a living.

There is great power in undoubted intent!

3. Imagine being your future self

Imagine you are the best you that you can be. Imagine what it would feel like to be balanced, happy, abundant, loving, loved, and whatever you desire. Then ask your future self how he/she/they got there! Have an imaginary chat. You can learn a lot from the best possible future version of yourself!

He/she/they already exist in the mind of God. Why not tap in and learn from your best self?

I wish you all a magical, safe, and happy New Year's eve. Before the champagne at midnight, I'll pray for all of us and send light to the year ahead!

Have a blessed week :)



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