Happy New You in 2022!

Happy New Year!

Today the angels talk about, and give us a little exercise for creating ourselves anew in 2022. I'll share some thoughts on the year past and a few reminders as to how we can create the best for ourselves and our world.

I wish you all joy in the year ahead, and a deep connection to the Divine!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We love your celebration of the new year because it is a huge reminder that you can start fresh. You can change old habits. You can create new, more supportive routines. You can clean out your closets – physically and emotionally and point yourselves in new directions.

Of course, you can do that at any time, but when you, collectively as a human race, choose to mark the point of a new beginning, you create a beautiful field of energy. You create a field of hope. You create a field of dreams. You create a field of resolve to be happier, healthier, and better than you were before. On this day you, collectively, as a human race, point yourself in newer, kinder, happier directions.

The question is not, "What will 2022 bring to you" but rather "What 'you' will you bring into 2022?" Will you bring the version of you that you want to be into the new year, or the you that you have always been? Will you change your habits one tiny step at a time, or will you do things the way you've always done them? Will you try one new and more empowering attitudes, or keep the same ones that bring the same results? Will you choose kinder thoughts that allow a kinder reality to manifest in your life, or will you allow the world to dictate your thoughts to you? In every moment dear ones, there is an opportunity to become more and more of the you that you want to be.

Ask yourself as you go into this new year, "Who do I want to be at the end of the year?" Imagine yourself at the end of the year looking back and feeling proud of the growth you've done, proud of how you've created a reality you love, proud and happy about the people you've attracted into your life, and the situations, beliefs, and attitudes that you released, Imagine how you want to feel. What kind of person do you want to be? Take time to really attune yourself to this beautiful, happy, healthy, empowered version of you a year into your future. You are building an energetic blueprint for your future self. You can tune into this version of yourself at any time.

If you like write a journal entry as if you are writing it from the last day of this year. "Today's date is 12/31/2022. I am happy, healthy, empowered, kind, compassionate, abundant.... I have created.... I love my life. I love the people in it..." Write down a journal entry for the last day of this year as if it has already happened. Make it the best possible version of yourself that you can imagine. Make it the best possible life that you can truly imagine.

Then dear ones, read that journal entry every day. Imagine it. Imagine you are that person. Step by tiny, little step become that person.

Every breath is new dear ones. In every moment you recreate yourself anew. You may have been doing something a certain way your whole life but right now in this moment, you can choose something different. You may have been thinking a certain way for years, but right here, right now you can choose a thought that makes you happier. You may have had a habit for decades, but right in this very moment, you can take the first tiny step towards a new one.

So as you celebrate your New Year, we celebrate the happiest possible new you that you wish to become! This year, as in every year, anything is possible. Determine now what it is you will create, who you will be, and what your life will look like on the last day of this year. Then every day, focus and feel your way into that reality. Inspiration will come. Guidance will come. And if you are diligent about tuning into the reality and feeling it, no matter what you see or feel in your life now, then dear ones, you will read your journal entry at the end of the year from the vantage point of actually living it.

We wish for you all that you wish for you and so much more. Happy New Year! Happy New You!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! As we move forward in this eternal existence, I wish so much for the whole world and certainly for all of you...

I wish you happiness that comes from knowing you get to choose your thoughts and therefore how you feel.

I wish you the health that comes from connecting regularly to the love of the eternal source, from taking deep breaths when stress starts to grab hold, and from reminding yourself that no matter how serious life seems, there is always a love that creates universes waiting to flow into your body, heart, and mind.

I wish you the love that comes from surrendering to the Source by surrendering to your own heart, and to your own breath.

I wish you the empowerment that comes from knowing that your vibration becomes your creation.

I wish you a sense of hope, optimism, and joy that comes from focusing on a beautiful future for ourselves and this world.

Most of all, I wish you the peace of knowing that you are and always have been perfect in the eyes of the Divine. No matter what your experience of life; no matter what you've done or not done; no matter whether you are doing a thing or simply being, you are perfect, pure, untarnished light.

This time last year I made a decision that no matter what the world threw at me, I would find a way to be happy. I kept my promise to myself. Even when I fell off the vibrational wagon, so to speak, time and again, I spun myself back up into happiness. When a dear one went through cancer I spun myself up and envisioned their healing, and so it was. When a friend went into a dark night of the soul and dropped off the map, I spun myself into the vision of them having their desires come true, and that now looks like it is happening. While the world obsessed over a pandemic, I focused on well-being. When I had an injury early in the year, I used it as time to dive inward. While some celebrated my pain and made jabs at me I thanked their souls for giving me an opportunity to focus more on their light than on the pain and darkness they displayed. When people yelled and hollered at me because they were just scared or upset, I celebrated the ability of the light within to help soothe.

And in late December, when my Facebook account and credit card were hacked the same week my computer broke down and my fingers froze up, I listened to the angels' advice, chose not to jump into action, and saw it as a blessing & an opportunity to take a break from social media for the time being. I will be back to the inspirations and gazing when guided, but for a little while, my body is demanding less screen time and more rest, so I'm listening.

Looking back I can't say it was an easy year, but I can say it was a beautiful one – filled with great growth and deep joy in so many ways. I grew so much stronger in my light. I rediscovered my inner artist and my love of creativity and crafting. I dove into my love of gardening and found great satisfaction in watching nature works its magic. I made my relationship with the Divine primary and now experience peace and bliss any time I shut my eyes and surrender to that love. Perhaps best of all I found great joy in watching so many souls reach for and find the light within themselves and a stronger connection with heaven. While the world bickered and stressed over potential possession by protein strands (aka the virus!), I lived in a reality of peace, health, and kind interactions.

Going forward, I am committed again to joy and to tending to my own spark a bit more, so I can keep sharing a greater light with the world. Towards that end, I will be answering emails for appointments in a timely fashion and getting to all others when and if I have the time and energy. I'm going to sleep more and be on the computer less! I'm surrendering completely to my guidance and will be back on social media and gazing when guided. I'm not sure when that will be but I trust God's timing :) I intend by this time next year to have embraced an even deeper experience of connection with the Divine, and a deeper level of self-care while still serving as many of you as possible.

We're going to see a lot of discussions this year on the topic of freedom vs. control. Just remember you are vibrationally always free and if you attune to that feeling of Divine freedom you be guided to the essence of your desires no matter what the temporary limitations. Stick tight to the 5D way of life - attuning yourself to the feelings you want, and all will be well. Let us be creators rather than reactors, and together, collectively we will create a happier, healthier, more respectful, and a better world.

Here are a few gentle reminders to help you create a magical 2022:

1. Surrender to the most joyful path in the moment

Always surrender to the most joyful feeling, thought, or action in the moment, and trust life to lead you in a graceful flow if you maintain a mostly high vibe.

2. Tame your Tuner

Stray thoughts pop in all the time, but we get to choose the ones that follow. Focus on something long enough and you'll draw it right to you. It pays off to practice focusing on what you want to experience. First of all, it feels better, and in that better-feeling state, you are assured of allowing better in your life.

3. Don't compare yourself with others or artificial standards

You are a unique and precious gem on this earth. You receive guidance specifically tailored to suit you personally – your body, your mind, and your life. As one of my favorite modern sayings goes, "You do you boo" and I'd add, let others do themselves too! God speaks to each of us in our hearts, guiding each of us very uniquely on the most joyful path of our evolution. Care less about what others are doing and more about what your high-vibe feelings are guiding you to do.

I am blessing all the beauty in 2021 and looking forward to 2022. Together we create a beautiful field of high vibe energy, bringing a vast amount of love and light into this 3D reality. We may not be a huge segment of the population, but as Abraham-Hicks likes to say, "One person in connection with Source is more powerful than millions who are not." Bless you all for being part of my life and for caring about the all-important connection to your true essence. You are lights in the world and lights in my life!

Happy 2022! May all your dreams come true :)



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