Here. Now. Take Charge of Your Tuner

Hi Dear Friends,

What does it really mean that the power is in the present? How do we make use of that power? The angels talk about tuning our tuners here and now to create a better later. I'll share my favorite way to shift my energy quickly. This year it is all about living from the inside out, starting here and now!

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You've heard it countless times. "The power is in the present." You know it. Most of you believe it. Yet in the throes of human drama, you forget this fundamental principle of human empowerment. We don't blame you. While presence has been practiced in monasteries and mystery schools throughout the ages, you are among the first generation of human beings striving to weave this wisdom into the mass consciousness.

"Sounds great," many of you tell us. "I know I can be peaceful now. I know I can choose kinder thoughts now, but how will that help me pay the bills? How will that ease my loneliness? How will that heal my body, or help my kids feel better?" Of course, as human beings, you want to solve your life's challenges. You want to have your manifestations. You want to live in love, in grace, and in joy.

We want you to live the most empowered, inspired, abundant, loving lives possible too! We feel your joy. We feel your loving emanations. We feel your inspired, empowered, creative vibrations. They are ours as well. We could choose to focus ourselves into your pain, your anger, your sadness, and your frustrations, but were we to do so, we would not be able to help lift you up into our higher, happier vibrations.

Dear ones, you have choice. You are learning that tuning your inner tuners – by choosing thoughts that make you feel good and cause you to emanate higher vibrations – is the process that will get you far greater results than all the effort and struggle and efforting in the world. We are not telling you to sit still, feel abundant and loving, do nothing, and let money rain on you and people knock on your door (although that has happened to some). We are saying that when you tune into a higher and happier vibe, now, here, in the present moment, you begin to attract flow, grace, ease, and inspired action.

Joyous effort leads to joyous results. Painful forced efforts lead to more pain along the way. Focusing on sickness keeps you sick. Handling it but focusing on what feels good – in any thought or area of your life – supports your shift to well-being. Handling the bills in front of you best as you can while giving thanks for all abundance in your life and the world, or even sustaining an abundant attitude of gratitude, will bring you more abundance.

A happy now leads to a happy later. Living in a vibration of abundance now attracts abundance later. Living in a vibration of love now attracts more love later. Living in a vibration of feeling good in any way in your life now leads to health and vitality later. Whatever vibration you are emanating now is tuning you into more of that later. The good news is that your positive vibrations are much stronger than your negative vibrations. One single thought of true self-love or self-acknowledgment sustained for less than a minute can point your entire life in a more positive direction.

Now. Here. This is all you have. The past only exists if you carry it with you and dredge it up in your memories. The future is imagined. If it makes you feel good to think about the past or the future right now, then enjoy those thoughts and feelings! If, however, it makes you feel sad, angry, upset, disempowered, or in a generally low vibe to think of the past or imagined future, stop! Catch yourself. Learn to question yourself more often, "Do I feel good now? If not what better thoughts can I choose now?"

You are energetic beings. You are learning to tune your tuners to vibrations that feel good, by choosing thoughts that stimulate good feelings.

In the future you will understand that your technology is a mirror of your own very being. If you tune a radio to a station it picks up and broadcasts that station. If you tune into a feeling, you pick up and broadcast that feeling.

If the vibration is positive, you pick up the supporting vibrations of the universe, as well as any positive vibrations from humanity.

If the vibration is "negative" you might block the positive, supporting vibrations around you and tune into the negative vibrations in humanity.

There is only a broadcast of love and the highest vibrations from the heavens. To the degree that you choose thoughts that feel good, you tune into this broadcast! To the degree that you allow thoughts that feel bad, you create static on the line and don't as easily hear the broadcasts from higher realms.

Play with this often. When faced with a feeling you do not like, ask yourself, "What thought can I think that feels better?" Do you have a bill you don't know how to pay? Look out the window. Breathe. Appreciate the beauty of the mountains in the distance, or the song of a bird in a tree. Focus on that feeling. Keep raising your vibe. Imagine you are dialing a dial and tuning into higher and happier feelings. Now think of that bill. It is still there. Is there anything you can do right at this moment? Are you getting guided now? If so, act joyously. If not go about your business, keep your vibe high, and enjoy your day while waiting for inspired guidance and action. It really can be that simple. One thought at a time... here, and now.

Your power dear ones, comes from the vibration you tune into right here, right now. What you tune into now will determine what you experience later. Keep the tuner as high and happy as you possibly can... one better thought at a time in the present moment.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I've been playing a little game with myself in recent months that I call "spinning up." Anytime I feel challenged, tired, or less that good, I stop. I look around for things to appreciate. I think of things and place and people that trigger my joy. If I'm not feeling good physically, I shut my eyes and imagine walking through the forest or standing on the beach feeling the vital power of nature coursing through a happy, healthy body.

When I feel good feelings, I stop focusing on whatever I used to trigger the goods feeling and just focus on the feeling itself. I challenge myself to see if I can feel any better, simply by intending it. Sometimes I imagine expanding energy at the heart, or standing in a column of light aligned with my spine, or in a waterfall flow of energy - whatever pops into my mind in the moment.

I continue to feel and see if I can expand the feeling to feel better and better and better until I feel positively joyous. Some days it is easy and honestly some days it takes work! However, the good feelings start to attract more ease and more good feelings, and I become a lot more productive that if I had "spun my wheels" down into a lower vibration.

Now that I've practiced this for some time I've memorized the physical sensations that come with good feelings and can call them up much more easily. I'm learning, to tune my energy field at will. I've not mastered it yet, but I'm making progress! I don't want my internal world to be controlled by the external. Instead, I want to live in the 5D reality of shifting my external world by tuning into high vibes in the internal.

Just to ground this concept, here's a fun example from the past week. It is that time of year, when I must gather mountains of receipts, compare them against invoices and accounting logs, and get everything organized for my taxes. Being a more creative type this is not my favorite job! In the past I dreaded it. "Poor me! I have to do taxes. I hate it. I'd rather be outside. I'd rather be cleaning my house. I'd rather be doing anything else... " Well you can guess how much fun that was! My external reality definitely used to control my inner world.

Now I spin up! When I think of the process, I shift to think about a deliciously cloudy and cool day that makes me love being in a cozy warm home. I start to think about how great it feels to feel organized. I think of the freedom to work on other projects that I'll feel when it's done. I think of cups of treating myself to cups of coffee piled high with fresh whipped cream, cozy socks, and permission to make a huge mess while in the process of getting organized.

Guess what? It was a blustery, cool, and deliciously rainy weekend last week. I didn't have any other large commitments. On Friday night, I felt positively excited about doing my taxes! I couldn't wait to get up and get going the following day.

When I couldn't find a receipt and got frustrated, I stopped and spun up. Suddenly I found it. When I got tired of working in front of the computer I spun up. I had the inspiration to drag grunt work to the family room and watch a Hallmark movie while checking off receipts. I enjoyed coffee, cocoa and a glass of wine later that night – way more decadence than usual – and now associate tax time with a little indulgence! It took three days, which is much longer than usual, but oooh, I enjoyed the journey. Now, and now, and now again!

While that's a silly example, I've used the "Spin Up" process for all things in my life. When I pulled my back lifting the Christmas turkey (you can laugh!) I started berating myself and was in pain for a week with pinched nerves, until it dawned on me I could change it. (You can laugh again! Even those of us who teach need to remind ourselves at times!) So I sat and imagined hiking, feeling wonderful, the scent of the pines, and the whispers of wind in the trees. I snuggled up on the couch and read something inspiring for ten minutes. then I shut my eyes again and imagined feeling vital and alive. Within days the back was back in place and I was re-aligning with joy.

I've used this technique for help with bills, health, emotional challenges, you name it. When people lambast me, I spin up and feel so good I can honestly pray for their joy. When people I care about are suffering, instead of going down into despair with them, I spin up, envision them whole, happy, and healed, and wait for God's direction as to how to help in the 3D world. When I screw up, I stop berating myself, and spin up.

Give it a try if you like! It will change your life for the better... no matter what the external world is doing!

Here are a few pointers how to help you "Spin Up" and tune into a higher vibration so you can attract a better life:

1. Cut out or shift things that trigger "down spins"

There are a lot of things we can't control. Nonetheless there are a lot of little choices we can. Take an honest look at your life. What can you get rid of, fix, or focus away from that drags you down?

Can you clean out the junk drawer that frustrates you every time you open it, or organize a closet that makes you crazy?

Can you simply detach or distance from people or situations that you don't resonate with without making them wrong? (Judgment creates a quick, deep down-spin).

Can you turn off the news, a movie, or social media if you start feeling your vibe take a nose dive?

To the best of your ability, when possible, cut out or shift the things that you can in your life that drag you down.

2. Practice shifting your thoughts

This is where the power in the present really exists. Every time you catch yourself thinking a thought that doesn't make you feel good – even if it is true for you – shift to think something that makes you feel better. The better thought does not even have to be related to the original subject.

For example, say you're listening to someone whine and complain incessantly about the same topic. It doesn't feel good to think, "I can't stand this," even if that's true. It doesn't feel good to think, "I'm trapped!" even if you are. It doesn't feel good to judge, even if you have a point.

Listening with love in silence Presence would be the ultimate state of spiritual empowerment, that's not always easy, so given your humanity, what thought might feel better? "They're trying so hard to work something out. I can send them love. I'll imagine my heart beaming light to them. It's not about me. I can be compassionate! "

Or what if you turn on the news and can't seem to tune out the death and divisiveness "out there?" What thoughts feel better? Try, "Our world is growing. I'm glad I'm creating peace in my own life. I give thanks for my health. I think I'll pray for everyone. I think I'll picture a world where we've grown beyond this. What a beautiful day outside. The people in my life are kind. I can love..." or come up with your own better thoughts.

You get the idea. It takes will power to get over the deeply programmed notion that we have to pay attention to 3D "reality" 3D Reality, the angels remind me constantly, is what we are creating on the inside, in our internal 5D reality now.

Practice thinking thoughts that feel better.

3. Remember that your future all starts in this moment – here and now

This is a tough notion to embrace because we've been conditioned to feel sorry for ourselves and others who have gone through tough life experiences, and that is completely understandable. Nonetheless, pity or judgment, (poor you or how could you / poor me or how could I) is completely disempowering. It doesn't serve anyone.

Compassion is empowering. Compassion says, "You are an amazing soul. You are going through, or have gone through, tough times. I see what happened in your past. I see what is happening now. More importantly I see the powerful soul that you are now... even if you don't feel it yet. I know you have what it takes to grow through this! I see your light! I believe in your ability to create better." You might not say these things aloud, but you can be in a vibration of compassion and believing in the inner power of yourself and others, while you listen, offer encouragement, support, or guided assistance.

The angels remind me time and again, the past is irrelevant to our future, except insofar as it affects our vibration right now.

I'm not saying it is easy to accept that. It wasn't for me. I struggled with this for a long time before I embraced the notion and it entirely changed my life.

If, like most human beings, you have had trauma, betrayal, abandonment, unkindness, abuse or other unpleasant and painful things in your past, it can be hard to let go of them. It can be hard to stop the blame game. "If others would change I could tune into joy more easily!" Of course we could!" But do we want to wait for the world to change for our own circumstances to change? That old 3D model is outdated and disempowering.

We say the things in our past define us, and they do – if we let them. We say they shaped us, and they do, but we can shape ourselves differently in the future. We get to define us. We get to shape ourselves. We get to tune our vibration now and thus, create a better future. No one in our past has that power over us unless we give it to the, now, and now, and now again.

The rest of your life starts here. It starts now. Heaven doesn't keep score. Heaven doesn't hold two seconds ago against you. The vibration you emit now defines what you will experience later. If it helps you feel better, you can imagine a fantasy-past that empowers you to feel good now. If it helps you feel better, focus on your dreams for the future and feel them now. Use whatever mental tricks it takes to feel good – from the inside out – now.

I would have quit my work a thousand times, if I let the external opinions of others shape and define me. It has taken work at times but ultimately I decide how life shapes and defines me. I wrote this years ago. I hope it helps you:

I have had my heart broken enough times, to learn to keep it open.

I've been betrayed enough times to learn never to betray myself.

I've been abandoned enough times to learn never to abandon myself.

I've realized so many times that I can't control the outer world, that it has driven me to a blissful understanding that I alone can control my inner world, and in so doing, attract better from the external.

I'll never forget an absolutely amazing woman that came for a reading, paralyzed, and bound to a wheelchair. Her now-deceased husband had constantly, verbally abused her to the point where she had withered into a tight ball, literally paralyzed in her body and self-opinion. The angels reminded her of her beautiful light and angelic heart, and gave her a simple mind/energy-trick to shift her vibration to empowerment. They told her that every time she thought of something abusive from the past, to imagine writing it, packing it up in a package in the present, and stamping RETURN TO SENDER on it. Then, they said, "hand it to your angels and be done with it."

She came to my door walking without a cane the following year! No wheelchair. No paralysis. Amazing!

If she could embrace the power of shifting her energy in the present and have such a miracle, we can too – one better thought now and now and now again.

We live in a wild world that is going through some major birthing pangs... still! We live in a world where we can either be buffeted like crazy by external events, or tune into a happy, peaceful, internal state of being, re-tune when necessary, and attract a kind reality into our personal sphere of existence.

We can either empower ourselves with our tuning, or disempower ourselves by letting the world tune us

In the future, we will understand that tuning is a higher priority than doing, and the more you master your tuning, the fun you'll have while you're "doing."

Best of all, the more we collectively master our tuning, the better the world will be doing!

Love you all!



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