Honesty Is Loving

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Inside each of you is a very great love longing to rise to the surface. This love can be expressed in so many different ways! It can be expressed in your "yes" and in your "no." It can be expressed in your joy and in your gratitude. It lies beneath your sorrow, your fear, and even your upsets, for in truth, this love is what you are made of, and it is constantly trying to reveal itself in your life

You express this love most purely when you are honest with yourself and the world around you. There is a notion in humanity that love is only expressed in a "positive" form – by saying "yes' to every request, by making everyone comfortable, or by appearing cheery no matter what the circumstances. These expressions are beautiful when genuine.

Nonetheless, there are times when "no" is an expression of love. There are times when love dictates that you must allow someone else their discomfort in order to be true to your own heart. There are even times when you cannot truly, authentically find a positive outlook and, in these spaces, allowing yourself your sadness, fear, anger, and envy with complete self-acceptance, may be the highest expression of love you can find in that moment.

So many of you have been trained to believe that pleasing people is an act of love. We would agree when your heart is genuinely inclined to do so. However, it is not loving to assist another if you are not honestly drawn to do so. If a friend calls and says, "Can you help me today," and you have other plans, drop into your heart. "Heart, Divine Love, what is it you want for me today?" Trust the answer. Perhaps you will genuinely want to cancel your plans and help your friend. Perhaps you will not. Truth is loving Being honest with yourself and others is loving. If you serve the truth within your own hearts, dear ones, then whether or not you please everyone else's ego, you will serve their soul.

Remain true to the presence of light within. Serve the guidance in your heart in each moment, rather than living by the dictates with which you have been trained. Allow your "yes"es to be those that truly come from the heart. When you are not inclined to do something, say "no" with love. Trust. Trust that the creator is guiding each and every one of you. For every soul in need, there will be a soul genuinely guided and desiring to give. For every soul who longs to give, there will be one willing to receive.

You are all expressions of the one Love, dancing in Love, with other expressions of Love. Be honest with yourselves dear ones and your lives will be a beautiful dance of Love

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

I dislike disappointing people as many of us do. However it has become a necessary part of life. Working full time and giving so much of my life to the greater good is a joy, but it also dictates that I must remain in balance.

Recently when a family member that I love very much invited me to visit for a special occasion on short notice, I had to decline. It was hard. I wish I could clone at times, but I already had commitments and my body is dictating rest on a regular basis right now. So I was honest, and had to make peace with the fact that I am only one person and I've got a calling that requires me to prioritize self care so I can continue my service with integrity and joy.

As always God has plans. I had already been getting the inclination to schedule a visit later in the year, when I'll have the ability to spend a little more time visiting, and hopefully have more time to be well rested. We're exploring that option now, and I trust when God thinks it is right for all of us, I'll be there.

I was born and bred a people-pleaser as many of us were. Many of us were raised in an era where we got in trouble when we didn't please those training us! That was just the way children were taught way back when. Most of us, happily, are learning that pleasing others is only beautiful when genuine.

I can't tell you how many times Jesus has appeared in my readings for perfectly sweet people who are exhausting themselves taking care of everyone else's needs while neglecting their own well being. With exquisite tenderness, He asks them, "When are you going to get off the cross? I already did that for humanity."

Here are a few tips to help you be more authentic when the "program to please" starts to usurp your heart's natural inclinations and guidance.

1. Give yourself time to tune in

When someone makes a request tell them you'll get back to them in a little bit. Give yourself the gift of at least a few minutes to look at your schedule, to check in with your heart, and to become clear on whether or not it feels right to say yes or no. Even a few minutes can afford you the opportunity to come from your truth, rather than a pre-programmed sense of duty, a habit of people pleasing, or a fear of inspiring displeasure.

2. Whatever your answer is, convey it with love, be honest, & avoid excuses

If you have to decline an invitation or a request, do so lovingly and don't make excuses. Be honest and kind. If you have to say no because you need more rest, be honest. If you have to say no because you don't feel like going, just simply say you are not up for the event right now. Find kind words, but don't lie and make excuses. People sense this dishonest energy and often fear the reason you are saying no is worse than it is!

While it is uncomfortable to disappoint someone, you will ultimately be doing you both a favor. If you say yes to something you don't want to do, you will not bring a loving attitude into the interaction, you will drain your energy dreading it, and you will likely be upset at some point in the process. The temporary discomfort of honesty is always better than the prolonged agony of even a well-intentioned lie.

3. The flip side is we must accept others' "yes"es and "no"s

Once we start accepting our own "yes"es and "no"s we have to promise ourselves that we will grant others the same courtesy. Not everyone will want to do everything you want them to. Avoid making them or yourself wrong. If someone can't help you today, perhaps they can tomorrow... or perhaps God has better plans.

So this week try to be more real, more authentic, and more lovingly honest with yourself and others. In time it becomes easier and it will free up huge amounts of energy!

Love you all!




Toni 18th August 2016 7:49 pm

Yeah crazy…yesterday was like this…First my son comes home when I’m in the middle of doing something, expecting me to jump up straight away and go where he wants me to go…”beg your pardon buddy, let me finish what I'm doing and eat first”… Then my best friend drops in with some issue and asks me to lie for him… “Not happening dude…not for you and not for anyone. I’ve spent too long getting my life leveled up to truth to go backwards into the vibration of lies at this point. Find someone else…”

Yes I also accept the flipside cos what goes around comes around.

Excellent Ann, Much Love :thumbs:


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