I Love You, I Am You

Hi Dear Friends,

The world is in turmoil and we all feel it. A collective human wound has been lanced and pain that has festering for lifetimes is being revealed so it can heal.

How to navigate the anger, sadness, and upheaval? The Divine speaks today instead of the angels with a sweet reminder of truth. I'll share my heart and some tools for navigating the emotional tides.

See Love • Be Love • Be safe
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

This week the Presence came through me with a loving force. As you read the words, I pray you feel the sweet soothing balm of the unconditional love that sources us and breathes life into us all.

Dearest embodiments of my love,

Patiently I wait for all of you to open your hearts. I am working through you to the degree you will allow me, to restore a greater harmony, a more peaceful dance of co-existence, and a loving interchange between you and all of creation.

Within My being I have allowed you the free will to choose how you will live your lives, what you will create, and whether or not you will allow or refuse My love to inspire and move you.

You live within me, and I within you. To the degree you allow yourselves to feel My love – for any love is My love – you feel Me, your Source, your guiding light, and the essence of your very being.

None of you live "outside" of Me. None of you are "evil" for you are sourced only and all from My love. Some of you have forgotten love. Some of you have forgotten Me. Some of you don't believe I exist even though I am the very breath that keeps you alive. In the forgetting, you feel separate from Love, separate from one another. You feel scared, angry, isolated, and powerless. It is here that humanity falls into hatred, prejudice, and injustice. Hatred says to another, "You threaten me. You make me face my own fears. You make me feel my own darkness. You make me face my illusions. You make me feel powerless."

When connected to My love you are anything but powerless.

Resist the temptation to fall into hatred. Resist the temptation to fall into fear. Resist the temptation to judge. Turn to Me. Rest in my love. Remember you are one with Me.

Breathe and feel My breath rushing into your lungs. Focus on your heart and know it is My heart that beats within you. Look into your own eyes and pray to see My presence. Look inside of your heart and find the love you truly have for all souls.

Then look into the eyes of every other human being. Look beyond the masks, beyond the flesh, beyond the beliefs, beyond the creed, beyond the color and pray to witness Me and only Me in all things and all beings. There is nothing else.

I am all races, all colors, all creeds. I am in all that you see and all that you can be. What you do to yourself and whatever you do to another, you do unto to me.

I have given you free will so you may do whatever you choose. My deepest desire is that whatever you choose to do, you choose to BE an embodiment of love as you do it.

If you choose to protest, remember you are protesting ignorance and darkness. Call for, and demonstrate a higher consciousness. Raise your voices in a powerful loving awareness, and stand in a light and a loving Presence more powerful than any ignorance.

Can you imagine a massive world wide call for people to simply look in the eyes of everyone they meet and say, "I love you. I am You. We are One." Do that for a week, dear ones, and your lives, indeed your whole world, would change.

Can you imagine a world wide call for people to pray, all over the globe, in their homes or in gatherings in their cities, or on your social media, out loud, in writing, all in one day, in your own words, with your own hearts open, for peace, justice, and equality and to raise up the hurting, the hateful, the violent, the ungrateful into the light of love?

Can you imagine thousands praying in front of your police departments – for the police, praying in front of your government buildings – for your government, praying in front of your prisons – for the prisoners?

Your world would see massive change very quickly if you were able to do so, for as hearts open in deep and sincere prayer, with loving emotion, you permit My love to rush through you into your world.

Eventually protests will evolve into "Go Tests"– wherein you create resolutions, propose solutions, dialogue, listen with respect, improvise and revise, until you find mutual, peaceful ways to create change.

Hatred is a parasite that destroys human souls and drives them to infect the souls of others. Avoid it at all costs. Choose love over and over and over again. Love does not say, "Your hurtful action is alright." Love says, "I know who you really are. I bear witness to the light withing you, even if you do not, and I refuse to dignify the darkness!" You don't want to hate. You don't want to hurt. You want to heal.

When you feel helpless in the face of the world's ills, pray to receive my inspiration. I will guide you. When your heart cries in sadness as you feel the world's pain, ask me to wrap my Love around you and rise up within you. When you feel irritable, intolerant, or upset, pray for me to remove your conflict and restore you to your essence.

Justice is a natural outcome of feeling My love.

Equality is a natural outcome of feeling My love.

Educate, and therefore elevate one another by sharing your hearts – your pain, your hopes, your fears, your dreams, and above all your love.

Ask for My peace, my grace, my inspiration and my loving harmony to fill your hearts and the hearts of all. Love is the force that creates universes. Love is the force that transforms lives and lives transformed lead to systems transformed. Your actions when inspired, motivated, and guided by Love, will create new worlds, news systems, and a more loving and kind dance of humanity upon your earth as well.

I love you. I am you. We are One.

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

My mom walked into the hospital nursery on the second day of my life to retrieve me for feeding. Instead of finding me in the little crib, she found a beautiful black woman holding me to her heart as if I were her own. "That's my baby," my mom said kindly. "Nope it's my baby," the other lady replied. I guess I came into the world with skin a little latte and dark curly hair, so it was an easy mistake. Apparently I could have been twins with this lady's baby. The tags were read and I was returned to my own mother, but not before I had a sweet taste of beautiful truth. God lives in all colors, in all forms.

My heart broke along with the world's last week. For months in my meditations I've been seeing the face of a black man. I had no idea why, and the angels wouldn't tell me. I just knew I had to pray every time I saw him. When I saw him on the news crying for breath, I felt physically ill. How have we come to this... again? still? A part of me wanted to leave this earth and its horrid violence behind.

The voice of the Divine began to speak. "The wound is being lanced. The heart break of humanity is being revealed. Now the pain, the anger, the bitterness, the prejudice, the injustice, and the inequality are being revealed so they can heal. Your world will be a better place for this... eventually. Be the change you wish to see. Don't fall into despair, fear, or anger.

Trust in the truth of My love. It is moving within all. It is pushing everything to the surface. In the spring, the soil of a garden must be tilled so it is softened for the seeds to take root and grow. The soil of human souls is being turned and tilled now, and soon, soon enough; you will see the seeds of change."

"Yes God." What else could I say? I began to pray.

Emails started pouring in. People have been feeling irritable, sad, "off," and without purpose the past few weeks. Now we all knew why. The world is in a state of upheaval and suddenly we are re-examining our own hearts, working desperately to bring a greater love and a higher consciousness into this world.

Even if we, ourselves, have always treated all people as equal, it is time to be impeccable within ourselves, and make sure we are contributing the most loving vibration we possibly can, starting with love for the Divine within ourselves.

Saturday, God took over. I was tired and wanted to rest, but a mighty force woke me up early, pulled me to the computer, and every time I got up to do something else, I was pulled back. Eight hours later I had a 6 minute video channeled and directed by the Divine. As I watched the riots and looting Saturday night I understood why the guidance had been so urgent.

It is easy to fall into sadness, fear, upset, of confusion with so much rage and pain coming to the surface, and yet we all know this - we serve the light better from a place of peace, hope, joy, and ultimately love. If we listen to our hearts we will be guided to find our role in birthing this world into a kinder, more equitable, and more loving vibration.

There is no "one right way" to create change. It must, by vibrational law, begin internally. It begins by loving ourselves, being peaceful in our own hearts, and kind in our own lives. It begins by treating ourselves with dignity so we can treat others with dignity. It begins by having healthy boundaries so we honor the light within others without dignifying, fearing, or hating their darkness. Then and only then can we spiral outward, as guided, from our own loving hearts into our relationships, our communities, and our world.

How to be the peace? How to create more justice, more equality, more human decency? Again, there is no "one right way." Each of you will be guided by God to play your role. For some it is an active role. For others a vibrational role. Some will write, paint, protest, politic, and the list goes on. You will know what God wants from you and for you when you feel your own heart intimately in a space of love.

I went outside to pray today. "God, what can I do for this world today?" A bee landed on my foot and spent five minutes walking around each toe and my ankles. I heard the voice again. "Be love." He flew off. A butterfly appeared out of nowhere and flew in circled around my head – transformation. My backyard hummingbird made an appearance and looked me in the eye – one more symbol of "joy and love." I got the memo from the universe. I am praying for peace and love in human hearts, for justice, equality, and above all an awareness of our Unity.

Here are a few pointers how to handle these times in love and service, with faith and trust that God will guide us all to find our place in the birthing of a greater and kinder reality.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

We can't possibly help anyone else until we deal with our own feelings. Go back to last week's newsletter for pointers on feeling and healing.

There is such a thing as collective grief. It IS sad to watch human beings treat one another with hatred, violence, and anger. Cry the tears, hug yourself. Pray to see the bigger picture through God's eyes, whether it is the bigger picture of someone you can't understand, or the bigger picture for this earth. Asking to see the greater good emerging from the chaos will help you to see that there is purpose and value to all that is going on, no matter how sad it appears now.

Likewise, there is such a thing as righteous anger. It is swift, powerful, and moves you to do or be something more loving than before. The angels say it is the same force that causes a seed to burst open in spring. It is not meant to be used as a tool for hurting, aiming our anger at, or blaming another. It says – to ourselves – "Time to grow. Time to speak powerfully with love. Time to stop judging. Time to release a petty grievance. Time to stop any violence within ourselves even if it is only self-criticism. Time to grow..."

2. Be the Change

The angels always remind me, vibration first, action second. Get yourself in a space of love and peace before you think of taking action. Anger begets anger. Hate begets hate. Fear begets fear. But love begets love.

Ask yourself, "How can I treat myself better? Take care of myself better? How can I cut out excess busy-ness to be more peaceful? Can I take more time in silence, in nature, or with someone I love? Can I spend more time in prayer and less surfing the Internet? Am I called to watch the news and pray or turn off the news and pray? Your heart will know. Tend your own garden first before trying to change another.

The angels and the masters have always taught that the entire world lives within you as energy. Find peace and love within and you start changing the vibration that affects our entire world.

3. Then Act as Guided – with love

From your vibration of peace, self-love, and self-care, pray. Ask to be guided to know what you can do to make your world, and this whole world, a better place. Peace and love can be expressed many ways – sweetly, passionately, poignantly, or powerfully. One person filled with peace, love, and devotion can start a chain reaction of goodness that spirals to millions.

For example, 12-year old Keedron Bryant, an African American singer who got on instagram to sing a song his mother wrote after praying, has deeply touched and inspired over a million lives.

An elderly white woman stopped in front of a towering black football player in a home goods store and quietly told him with tears in her eyes, "You matter." They hugged. He posted it on twitter and at the time I read it, it touched over 800,000 lives. He never got her name.

You never know whose life you will touch, of how your inner state of love can spiral outward. Whether you are called to have a peaceful family life and pray, or to go out in peaceful protest, or to be an activist for change. let us all listen to our own hearts and avoid judging one another.

The angels say this very simply. "A bone cell would not say to the heart, toughen up! A heart cell would not say to the bone soften up!" It is in finding unity in our diversity that we become strong and find a higher and more beautiful order.

I love you all,
Be safe.



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