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Hi Dear Friends,

What can we control in a wild world? The angels talk about our true power today, and I'll share a story of how being in a high vibe creates magical synchronicity, as well as more tips for keeping your energy above the chaos.

Love you all,
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be kind to yourselves. There is only so much you can control in your external reality by using external means. You can't control the behavior of others, even if you're trying to help them choose a happier life. You can't control the outcome of elections, although your vote certainly counts. You can't stop a hurricane by standing with arms wide open, nor put out a wildfire with a garden hose.

It is easy to feel that your efforts to create a better world are futile in the face of such "large" conditions, but just as a healthy body depends on the health of each of its individual cells, so too a healthy human race, and a calm, peaceful, harmonious world depends on well-being of each individual that comprises it. Your work, your words, and above all, your energy vibration matter in the greater scheme of reality more than you can possibly imagine.

One of you, in conscious connection with the Source within, is more powerful than thousands who are not. Even if you cannot single-handedly change the outcome of an external situation by external means, when you are consciously feeling connected to the Divine within, you are vibrationally powerful enough to calm storms, soothe fires, and to vote (with your vibration) for the most loving outcome for your entire human race. In connection with Source, you are plugged into the power that creates worlds.

Perhaps most important to you personally, is the fact that in your loving vibration you will be guided to live a peaceful, happy, safe, and harmonious life, no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

Anytime you are in connection with love, you are experience your connection with Source. Anytime you receive love from the universe – be it an inspired moment of appreciating the sun upon your face, the rain upon your skin, or the grass beneath your feet – you are flowing love. Anytime you allow yourself to think a thought that feels good to you, you are flowing love. Anytime you focus on the good within another, or even the spark of light within them, you are flowing love. Anytime you do anything with authenticity and integrity, you are flowing love.

It is not so difficult dear ones, in a million tiny ways a day, to connect with love, with the Divine, with the Source of all goodness. The more you do this intentionally, the kinder, calmer, safer, healthier, and happier your own life will be, and the greater will be your contribution to the world. Try it and watch for the tangible results – good feelings, joy on the journey, ease, grace, guidance, flow, synchronicities, connection with helpful souls, and eventually, all that you have dreamed and more manifesting in your life.

In this connected reality, you are a contribution. Some of you will contribute with inspired effort. Some of you will contribute with inspired words. Some of you will contribute simply by living a happy, peaceful life and rippling that peace outward. You are each inspired to do something, even if that "something" is "nothing," for many of you are being guidedright now to rest, be at peace in the center of the stormy vibrations, and to emanate waves of calm into a chaotic world.

Your world is restructuring itself. There is a great stirring of soil, cells, and souls, as your Mother Earth releases the pent up energies of the human race. You feel it within you. Many of you feel anxious, unrest, or a simultaneous urge to get going, while not feeling like doing anything at all. It is all OK dear ones. Focus on your internal connection with Source, with Love, first and foremost, and in that loving vibration, your reality will be far kinder than the one you see in the external world around you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I've been doing a lot of inner work these days and other than my regular work, little else in the external world. At night I am praying for the world, my friends, family, clients, and each of you. I pray for your joy, your protection, your abundance and for you to feel the heavens' love. I've been doing mantras, and imagining a kinder, healthy, calm, and loving reality. I focus being calm in the storms, and peaceful energy to calm the fires.

In the morning I take time to spin myself into a good vibration and intentionally focus on creating a beautiful day. I give thanks for my health and feel vibrant. If I see a sliver of blue sky open up amidst the smoke I admire it until it expands and mysteriously within hours the sky appears more blue. I choose thoughts that feel as good as possible, and take good care of myself.

I've done these things for years, but during this year of pandemics, social upheaval, and natural disasters, I've felt the need to be even more diligent about minding my vibration. There are so many external factors willing to echo back a negative mindset, but happily, eternally, and constantly, just as many willing to reflect a positive one. As a result I've been able to help a great many without burnout, and I continue to have wonderful, loving synchronicities in my life on a daily basis.

The other day I met a close friend for breakfast for the first time in over six months. I've been working long hours, and we've both been limiting external outings, but timing finally felt right. I set intentions for the most loving, amazing day of flow, grace, and ease. I intended to enjoy my friend's company, get the emails, newsletter, and social media posts done easily, and to have a good story to share with all of you. As a result of feeling all of this, I was in a great mood before I left the house. My friend and I were having a happy discussion, when a beautiful, dignified, woman walked by and sat alone a few tables down. She had a powerful light to her being.

My friend left the table for a moment, so I struck up a conversation. It ends up that this beautiful woman's son had died exactly two years ago to the day. I felt his powerful presence, so I did something I don't often do. I told her I was a medium and asked if she wanted to talk to him. Both of us were in a state of awe that we had been brought together at this precise time, and in the same space, on such a monumental day in her life.

Her dear son came through with flying colors. He confirmed things she had felt, known, and sensed. He shared his joy in the heavens, his profound love, and his reflections on his life on earth. We cried, laughed, and felt his soul together. My friend, who was once a grief counselor, returned, and put her hands on this lady's shoulders while she cried with relief. The entire event was completely orchestrated by spirit. We were all deeply moved.

This is the magic of being in a high vibe. You feel good. You get what you need out of your day, and you become a serendipitous contribution to the world. Even if you are sitting at home in peace, napping and doing nothing else, you are generating ripples of calm that the world desperately needs now.

You matter. Your love matters. Your peace matters. Your prayers matter. We can't change the external world's larger problems by external efforts alone, but in a high, loving vibration, with guided action, or guided emanations, we can create powerful, loving change. The more you practice flowing love, the less you'll fear. The more you choose thoughts that feel good, the kinder the reality you'll attract. The more you remove your attention from that which topples you out of your center and into your storms, the better off you'll be... and the greater a contribution.

These storms, fires, floods, and disasters are a result of our collective, swirling energies, and unexpressed love. Pull some energy off these storms with your intention and use it for good, while helping dissipate their fury. Be in your calm center and imagine soothing the fires, steering the hurricanes out to sea, and fanning the flames of love in human hearts. One by one soul we will be the calm in the storm. One by one we will be a collective, mighty force of peace in the choppy seas of human emotion. One by one we'll spark the lights of love within all souls willing.

One by one, our peace, our love, and our calm, will ripple outward, soothing hearts, and elevating the fabric of the human race.

Here are a few more pointers how to stay higher vibe when the world seems so crazy:

1. Start your day in love

Before you go to bed, imagine a restful night and a morning where you feel refreshed and ready for the day. Just imagine what it would feel like to wake up happy and rested, or if you don't sleep much, imagine what it would feel like to get up feeling rested anyway.

Then, the second you wake up, or get going, start to imagine light and love flowing through you outward to your day. Imagine the things you want to achieve flowing with grace. Imagine loving surprises. Imagine goodness flowing through you to your loved ones and the world. Appreciate your bed, your room, your breath, anything you can until you're in a good mood. Then get going. Appreciate your shower, your soap, your shampoo, your breakfast. See if you can use the tools of focus, love, and appreciation to spin yourself into a higher, happier vibe.

2. When you hit a "pothole" get back out of it

We're human. There are going to be things, people, and situations that can seem to topple us right out of a high, happy vibe. It happens all the time. I call these "emotional potholes!" One minute you're on a high, happy road and the next you feel like you've fallen into an emotional abyss. It happens to everyone.

First off, don't beat yourself up. Comfort yourself kindly. If you are grieving, cry. Allow yourself your feelings then as soon as you can start to talk to yourself like you'd talk to a child who was disturbed or sad. Hug yourself and say things that make you feel better. (literally! I wrap my arms around myself and sweet talk myself!) "It's going to be OK. That person was mean but I love you. I know you're scared, but we always get through things. God is with us." etc.

Say kind, comforting things to yourself, and gradually work yourself into a better space. Don't push, or pressure yourself any more than you'd push or pressure a sad, scared, or angry child. Soothe. Like that child, you will soon be feeling better and ready for thoughts that feel better too.

3. Flow the love!

If you're really not in a good space, flow some love. We've talked about this in previous newsletters. Pick something – anything at all – and talk to it, telling it how much you love it and why you love it! Just pretend. Flowing love is flowing God. You'll feel better. Appreciate anything!

If you'd rather flow love as pure energy, imagine a stream of light flowing into the top of your head and spilling out from your heart in all directions. You can sit there and simply be this "fountain of love" on behalf of the world, or you can aim it at a person or situation. In any case, love coming to you and through you will enliven and uplift you.

Then, in a high vibe, think of what you want to see – in your life, in your world, and in your heart. Imagine it. Feel it. Relish it, and then anticipate it.

The world is quite crazy right now. The energies in the mass consciousness are seriously intense, anxious, and often uncomfortable. People are stirred up. But that is all external to us. In our internal world – the only place we have real control – we can be part of a high vibe tribe, that feels happy, healthy, and alive! We can be the change makers, by making change in the energetic world, where all external realities are birthed.

Peace, love, protection, and joy to you all. I love you.

PS - I did a free online talk on Wednesday for "Helping Parents Heal" – an incredible organization that helps parents who have lost children maintain a good relationship with their children in spirit.

The material applies to any who have lost loved ones. We discussed ways they connect, how they feel about us, what it is like to feel "the light" of the afterlife, and so much more. At the end, I did a gaze (an energy transmission)that you can still use to feel peaceful and loved, and maybe more.

You can watch the video here



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