In stillness we find the heart...

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As the seasons change, and the sap runs more slowly in the trees, so too, you can slow down, and decide with great sincerity where you wish to place your energy, your attention, and your time. So many of you feel the need to rush through your days and yet it is in the pauses, when you check back in with your own heart, that you start to find clarity, direction, and a new sense of priority in your own life.

It is in the stolen moments of stillness that you can recalibrate your days. It is in the brief moments of quiet that you can decide what is of true importance to your heart and soul. Without life's pauses, you will be busy but not always productively aligned with your heart and soul. When you take the time to pause in stillness, to simply be, to rest, rejuvenate, and allow Spirit to flow through you unobstructed by the mental chatter of today's to do list, yesterday's regrets, and tomorrow's worries... this is where you will hear the still small voice of God.

So many of you say, "But I have so much to do! I can't slow down." And yet you can dear ones. Now, in this moment, reading this letter, stop. Take a breath. Check in with your heart and see what it wants next. And then make a commitment to honor that as soon as you possibly can. We are not necessarily talking about the "big" goals and dreams, but rather the small desires of the heart, the little ones that either guide you to a life of fulfillment or a life of feeling as if you are always last on your list of those you care for. Put your own heart's priorities first. In doing so you will raise your vibration, come into alignment with the Presence of God within and ultimately serve the needs of those around you according to God's dictates rather than your own.

As your holidays approach and you are tempted to be busy, busy, busy, take time to stop, breathe, check in with your heart, and know that God will help you accomplish all that truly brings your spirit joy. In the stillness, you open to receive God's love. In the silence, you open to hear our guidance. In the quiet, you will find peace has always been there. A few seconds of checking in with your heart and aligning your actions with the very same can change the course of your entire life. Don't miss the magic dear ones. Tune into your own hearts, and there you will hear the voice of God ever more clearly. It has always been there, waiting to guide you.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi All,

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all those who recently joined our mailing list after attending the Celebrate Your Life conference! I had so much fun and was truly honored to be there once again sharing the angel wisdom that guides my own life.

No matter what I do, be it putting together a seminar, writing a book, or writing a simple newsletter, I am always tasked to practice what I preach. The angel section of the newsletter came easily this week, but I couldn't for the life of me think of a thing to say in my portion!

The first day I sat down to write my section, I realized I needed rest after the conference so I gave up and went to bed early. The next morning when I sat down to write, I realized I had a greater desire to get caught up on email, sort the piles of mail, clean my desk, clean the house, and see a full schedule of clients. The following day I tried to write, but realized the bills were due so I honored my heart and handled my finances.

Tonight I sat down again and this portion of the newsletter was still not forthcoming! I realized I was hungry, so once again I gave up, honored my heart and ate dinner, wondering all the while, "What am I going to say?" I sat down to write and the dogs wanted more attention, so I honored my heart and spent time giving them doggie massages and telling them how wonderful they are. I sat down to write and the dog started whining, so I honored my heart and his demands and let him outside. And then, as I heard the angels giggling, I realized, I was LIVING my portion of the newsletter and suddenly it was very easy and fun to write. Furthermore I am rested, have a clean desk, a clean house, am almost caught up on email, the dogs are happy, I saw clients, and the bills are paid!

When I give into the heart I am so much more productive than when I struggle to accomplish things that are not in it! We spin our wheels when we try to make ourselves do things we really don't want to do. We procrastinate, get distracted, resist. And that is not such a bad thing because it is just your internal guidance system saying either "Not needed," or "Not now."

So try, during the busy holiday season, to listen to your heart and do things in its order rather than according to your mind's rigid schedule. Watch and see how productive you can be! You may never know why the heart directs as it does. If you really don't want to pick up the cranberries from the grocery store today, perhaps it is the angels saying, "They won't be in stock until tomorrow so save yourself the trip!" And while these are silly examples, if you listen to the heart, you will make your life so much easier, and definitely much more fun!

Love and hugs to all!
Have a great week!



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