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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Joy is your birthright, and joy is to be found in the moment when you accept that what is in front of you, right here, right now is exactly what your soul needs in this moment to learn more about love! This is a difficult concept for many. What if you have financial woes? What if someone has just hurt your feelings? What if you are in a miserable relationship or surrounded by family that does not understand you.

In those circumstances your human mind is likely to say, "I cannot be joyful. Life is not as I wish." Yet, at the very same time, your soul looks at these circumstances much as a child looks at a puzzle. The soul says to itself, "I am stuck in the moment, but if I just find a way to turn towards love, then I will learn, grow into greater truth, and create movement in my life! If I can just figure out how to bring love into this situation then it's going to be so much fun! I can't wait to find the answer!"

We realize this sounds outlandish to the human mind which is programmed to label, judge, sort, and categorize life. But while the mind says, "How terrible," the heart says, "Opportunity."

Next time you find yourself in undesirable circumstances. pray and ask, "How can I bring more love into this moment." Say you have financial woes. Perhaps you can count your blessings, look at all you do have, express faith in abundance and tap into the vast reservoirs of gifts and talents you have within. Suppose someone has been unkind. Perhaps you can be kind to yourself, walk away, and "forgive them for they know not what they do," or at least make a determination to focus on anything kinder. Suppose you are in an unkind relationship or among unkind family members. Can you kindly walk away from their unpleasant behaviors or, if you are stuck in their presence, imagine allowing the angels to work through your heart and send them invisible light?

There are always ways to bring more love into the situation that will feel wonderful to you as well. This discussion is about loving yourselves dear ones – allowing yourselves to feel love flowing to you, in you, and through you.

When you realize that you are instruments for God's light, God's love, and God's truth, life can become a playful game in which you seek to solve the puzzle of, "How can I bring love into this situation - for myself first, then for others?"

There will be times when you will be profoundly human and that is absolutely fine. Allow yourself to feel your feelings – even that is a loving choice. And if you fall away from love, get back in the game, and allow yourself to experience the love that is always there for you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann  

I was taught that "loving" others meant "pleasing" them, "agreeing" with them, and "helping" them in the way they wanted to be helped. Sometimes that is true. However it is not always the most loving choice. The angels say that loving others means simply acknowledging the light within them – looking for the love that is trying to emerge – and acknowledging how that same love wants to move within us. In other words, saying,"Others have a right to be as they are. I have a right to be as I am. Given the way we are, do I want to dance... and if so, how?"

Here's a practical example. I recently found myself in the company of a someone who was profoundly negative, nervous, and annoying. I couldn't get away immediately, and so I was "stuck" in their company. In my younger days, I would have tried to fake politeness and agreement. Then I went through a phase where I would have tried to ignore them, since that was a little more honest. Now however I pray as the angels have taught me, "How can I bring love into this moment." It became a game. "How can I be the angel here and bring love into this, given that I'm temporarily stuck?" This person kept complaining. Suddenly loving words came to me and through me. "Wow, life has been hard on you. You need a hug." I gave this hurting soul a huge embracing hug while calling on the energy of the angels to hug them through me.

The person calmed down immediately, became quiet, walked away for a little while. When he came back, he started telling me about a project near and dear to his heart that had once brought playful joy to others while creating quite an income for himself. I couldn't believe it! Moments ago he had been complaining about his horrible life and terrible lack and now he was telling me how much money he used to make, creating things that made people happy. In my mind, I thought to myself,"Amazing! He's gifted and talented, and he forgot!" I encouraged him to resurrect his project. He left inspired. I left blessed by seeing the light within his soul come to the surface.

I am constantly amazed at the power of love to turn things around. I've seen hundreds of such cases - where a simple prayer - "God how can I bring love to this situation, for me and all involved," is answered in a truly simple and yet miraculous way. Sometimes you add love and the other person walks away. Sometimes you add love and they transform. In either case, you feel that you have been true to your deepest and most beautiful self.

We have incredible power to be a force of love, truth, and goodness in the world. Sometimes we can find it in ways that look loving as we have been taught. Sometimes we must add love simply by allowing ourselves to be sad, upset, or whatever we are in the moment, in a way that doesn't hurt anyone else. Whatever it looks like, adding love to the moment is a wonderful recipe for the happiest now... and an even happier future!

Love you all. Have a loving week,




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