Let Your Light Shine

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Allow your light to shine.

Do not be afraid to feel large in spirit when others act in small ways.
Knowing the truth of your being enables you to share love freely.

Do not be afraid to feel successful when so many feel lack.
You have the capacity to offer inspiration and your gifts and talents.

Do not be afraid to speak up for unity when others would tear the world apart and divide it into political, religious and ideological factions. You can demonstrate a willingness to listen to other perspectives while still having your own. The world needs to see this is possible.

Do not be afraid to disengage from gossip and hurtful conversations. Your silence is golden in these situations.

Do not be afraid to share your joy when you have created something of beauty, inspiration, or wisdom, whether that is a beautiful home, a piece of art, or a happy family. Share your joy. Others need to see this is possible.

Dear friends you live in a world in the throes of lessons and chaos at times, and yet you chose to be here at this time. You chose to be the light, the lovers, the ones standing up for God's grace in this world. Many of you are weary and yet we are there to bolster your spirits. Many of you are experiencing amazing successes at a rate that leaves your head spinning. Trust. You are loved, supported, protected, and cherised in the heavens.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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Ann Albers

Ann Albers is a popular spiritual instructor, angel communicator, lecturer, and author. She is a traditional Reiki master and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for modern living. Ann's passion and purpose is teaching others to tap into the power and beauty of their souls, as well as helping people connect with the love and wisdom of their angels.

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