Loving the Hurting Hurtful... So You Don't Hurt

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels help us learn to love the innocent light even within the hurting hurtful. I'll share some thoughts and techniques to make it easier. The world needs our light... even more so, we need our light right now :)

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment right now. Think of someone in your life who has once bothered you, or is bothering you at this moment. It can be someone you know, or someone you simply witness on the news. It can be someone you care about deeply, or someone you'd prefer never to see again. Just for a moment think of this individual. Trust the first one that comes to mind.

Feel the sensations in your body as you do so. Notice the tension, perhaps in the jaws, the back, or the gut. Notice if you feel peaceful or settled, fearful, or angry. Just notice for now without the slightest bit of self-judgement.

Now imagine this person as a child, lost, lonely, beaten, abused, or ignored. See them as a little child crying for love but feeling nowhere to turn. Feel the pain of their confusion and loneliness. Feel your heart open with compassion for this little one feeling so unloved.

Now, if you can, imagine that you can see this little hurting child within this person that bothers you so much. imagine you can send that little child love, light, and reassurance that he or she is an important part of life on earth. As you send this little child love, imagine that the older version of them begins to soften. Imagine this older version begins to open perhaps, and look at you with wonder and gratitude. They don't realize what you are doing for them, but they feel your love.

Feel the sensations in your body as you send love this child. Feel the flow of warmth, relaxation, or even energy. It feels good to be you.

Dear ones, within everyone on earth whom you would consider to be a menace, a monster, or a maniac, there exists a very hurt and lonely child. Within every perpetrator is an abused child. Within every addict is a sensitive child, overwhelmed by the harshness of the world. Within ever narcisisst is a lonely child crying for attention. Within every manipulative liar, there is a child who was disdained for their truth.

Love the wounded children within those who bother you dear ones. We are not asking you to be doormats, to allow for abuse or even unkindness, but perhaps from a distance, send love to those hurting children trapped in a shell of hardness or hatred. Send love to those abused children trapped in a grown abuser. Send love to those little overwhelmed souls trapped in the grown addict. Send love dear friends to the innocent spark of light often mired in darkness within those you can't stand.

The very same innocent spark of the Divine lives in you. When you send love to the innocent light within others, this is the highest form of Self-love, for you are loving the Source and the Self that lives in all things and all beings. You are loving God.

In this flow of love you connect with your deepest, truest Self. In this willingness to love the light and innocence within anyone, you will feel more deeply in love with your own true Self than you could possibly feel with all the righteous anger and defensiveness in the world.

We encourage healthy boundaries in the 3D world. We encourage clear discernment about what gives you joy and what does not. We also encourage you – even as you honor your human self in these ways – to honor the spirit within by sending love to the innocent light and spirit within all human beings.

You don't need to spend time around people with whom you don't resonate. You don't need to like their personalities. You don't need to make excuses for their behaviors. Instead, love them, the real "them" – the soul within them – and you just might be the one who tips them from the path of their pain and darkness into a greater truth and a greater light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

The vibe of anger and irritation is pretty high on the planet now, so to keep myself in a happy space, I've been sending love to every soul that irritates me. I send love to the drivers who tailgate me at 75mph and respectfully, telepathically ask them to be kinder. "Dear Driver behind me. I love you. Would you be so kind as to back off a little." Suddenly as if they awaken, they back off.

"Dear little one inside that angry man, I'm so sorry you are hurting and scared. You are loved. You are good. Please be nicer." Suddenly the guy making a commotion complaining so loudly half the forest can hear, settles down and laughs with his friends.

Dear Politicians, who seem so angry and irritated, I'm so sorry the little ones within you weren't loved as you wish they'd been. I pray for your wisdom. I pray for your hearts to come to the surface. I pray for the kindest outcome to our elections because I know your Self and my Self and all Selves are one.

At first this was insanely difficult. I resisted loving the angry and unkind, but I knew deep down, and the angels constantly reminded me, that this was my path to freedom. As long as I allowed others to knock me out of my loving self, I was enslaved to their darkness! I was chained to the effects of their bad behaviors! As I learned to love the light within the hurting hurtful, and the non-resonant others, the one who benefited most was me.

I feel better when I choose to love rather than to react with irritation. We may not match in our thoughts, feelings, or ideals. We may not see eye-to-eye in our desired behaviors. Nonetheless, these are the lower vibrational 3D arenas of interaction. In the higher vibrational field of love, we can meet soul-to-soul in a mutual soul-level desire for respect and kindness. Sometimes that love trickles down and people's behaviors change. Sometimes they just leave and leave me alone. In any case, I feel loving. I feel empowered. I feel connected to the Divine and feel the blissful flow of love.

The power of love on the hurting hurtful is profound. Years ago a felon moved in next door to some friends of mine. He was as base and offensive as a person could be, appearing drunk, hurling vulgar insults, and making lewd remarks at every chance. We ganged up on him in prayer. "God raise him into the light of your love. Fill his home and heart with light. Help him realize who he really is and rise above these behaviors. Help him know your love." In this case, the individual was too lost in darkness to want all that light. He never knew we were praying for him but he moved within four months.

In a happier story, a woman I once knew was married to a profoundly wounded and hurtful man. He wanted a divorce, and took every opportunity to belittle her, "kicking her to the curb" so to speak in front of their five children. She worked hard to increase her self-confidence and self-respect and was finally strong enough spiritually to tell him her deepest truth. "I know you hate me, but I still love you. I'll grant you the divorce if you go on one retreat with me. If, after that you're done, so be it." Her profound love and personal power intrigued him. He went on the retreat, broke down, confessed his own pain, and the marriage was transformed.

God's love is unreasonable. It exists without reason. Our love for the light and the innocent within all people can seem highly unreasonable too. How can we love the light within the hurtful, nasty, mean, angry souls? I've got some pointers below, but in a nutshell we must detach the idea of the soul from the ego who forgets it. This is an impersonal love, a non-fuzzy feeling of wanting that light to rise up within the hurting hearts, a love that says, "I know who you are even if you don't." It is a love that transforms lives... at the very least our own.

Here are a few pointers how to love the light within those who don't make it easy:

1. Love the hurting child within

As the angels suggest this week, imagine a lost, lonely, scared child trapped within the person who is difficult to love. Imagine speaking kindly to that child – the person they once were before they became angry, unkind, or even dark. Send love to that child within, trapped within the adult persona. Tell them you want them to feel loved. Speak telepathically and kindly, or at least imagine wrapping that child in warm fuzzy cocoon of light.

2. Imagine lighting a fire within their heart

Think of this person you don't care for. Imagine there is a tiny spark of light in their heart. Imagine fanning the flames of this light until it turns into a bright blaze that burns away any darkness in their aura. Do this until you feel good.

3. Be a soul whisperer

We've talked about this in the past. Telepathically whisper to their soul. Imagine speaking to their higher self, "You are more than this behavior. You are more than this anger. You are more than this drama. You are more than this addiction. You are more than this vengefulness. I love you. You are more. You came from light. Your truth is light. You are loved." or anything else that pops into your mind. The soul can hear truth, even when the personality cannot.

It isn't always easy to love the light within the hurting hurtful, but it is worth the effort. When you learn to be your loving self no matter what the world throws at you, then you are truly and deeply free.

Do your best. The world needs our light right now. More importantly, in this intense and chaotic sea of energy, we need our own light:)

Love you all!

PS - On a completely separate topic, Happy Birthday to my mother Carol today who turns an age that she won't say! If you're inspired to send a silent prayer in your heart for her health and happiness, I'm grateful!


StephanieV 27th October 2020 11:43 am

Oh Ann! Oh Ann!
Your messages arrived at moments when I was in a place of upset, anger, tears, deep hurt. Warmed in body with my cup of coffee, your post reached the warm spot of lovingness that opened me in a most profound way. Your three pointers are, truly, life-savers. Endless thanks! Love to you! And happy birthday wishes are sent to your Mom!


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