May All Your Dreams Come True!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy New Year! Although we live in a timeless, eternal series of present moments, we know that all of you upon the earth love to celebrate the passing of time. You love to have your "landmark days," those moments when you can say, "Finally, it is time for a fresh start!" Today I will begin anew!

So dear ones, what would you like to see different in this upcoming year? What would you like to create? What would you like to change? Instead of making the traditional resolutions, ask yourself instead, a few different questions: "Who would I like to be, by the end of this year?" "How would that person act?" "What needs to change in my life to become that person?"

Would you like to be with the love of your life? How would you act if you were already there? How would you treat yourself differently? How would you change your home? Would you like to be a person without debt, feeling very abundant? How would that person act? How would that person manage their money? How would that person speak and think about money? Would you like to be a more loving person? Starting now, how would that person treat yourself? How would you treat others.

Dear ones, do a simple exercise – Imagine you are already in the life you want. Instead of imagining all the external circumstances, imagine how you would feel, how you would think, how you would speak and act and treat yourself. Then begin to feel, think speak, and act that way now. If you want love, speak lovingly about yourself and others. If you want more abundance, speak abundantly. If you want a happier reality, eliminate negative speaking and self-defeating actions. Be the person you want to be now. Then your life will shift accordingly.

You can be abundant in your soul now. You can treat yourself with love now. You can acknowledge, validate, and celebrate yourself now. You do not have to wait for your external life to change. It is in your power to shift your energy, and therefore to shift your life. You can change yourself inwardly first, then watch the outer reflection begin to shift.

Dear ones, Happy New Year. Happy New You. Happy whomever you would like to become, starting right here and right now, in this very moment.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday or at least a peaceful one. I am happily recharged and ready to greet the new year after a week of unplugging, cleaning, clearing, and organizing. I love going through my life and my home at the end of the year, sorting through everything and giving away what I no longer need.

I love asking myself, "What would I like to do better, more efficiently? What can I make more beautiful both inside of my heart, and in my life? What would I like to accomplish this year?" and as the angels suggest, even more importantly, "What kind of woman would I like to be by the end of this year?" No matter how happy we are with ourselves or our lives, there is always growth, ways we can improve, and things we'd like to change.

Wanting to do better does not need to involve beating yourself up for any perceived limitations. The real trick to creating more or different is to bless and be grateful for where you are now, and who you are now, while still intending for better. When we acknowledge all the goodness in life at this very moment, and everything we have already created, from that space of love and gratitude we can create more. When we don't block the loving energy that wants to flow into our lives, right here and right now, we make room for so much more to be created so much more easily.

For example, there are many things I want to do differently, or better this year. I want to create my shows with more balance in my life, to take better care of my physical body, and make more time for creative pursuits. I want to continue to give all I have in the way of work, shows, newsletters, inspirations, and I want to surrender even more deeply to the love that wants to come through me while gazing. There are personal goals and dreams too that require me to slow down and take the time to focus upon them. Can I do this? I don't honestly know! But I do know that I bless all the good in my life so far, and will continue to use my awareness to "feel out" what it might be like to live in an even better way!

As we focus on the good, and on what is possible, loving energy starts to flow in that direction, providing us with the assistance and even miracles to make these desires and dreams come true.

I still make resolution and lists of goals and dreams, but more so I resolve to be loving to myself no matter what, to acknowledge the life and light within that constantly desires to expand, grow, and to shine in new and brighter ways.

So be sweet to yourself as we embark upon this new year together. Acknowledge all the good that already exists in your life and your heart right now. Then take time every now and then to imagine life as you wish it would be, not with criticism for anything now, but simply with a desire to grow into more. As the angels like to say, "An acorn is perfect as it is, and yet it longs to grow into an oak. An oak is perfect and yet it longs to grown acorns!"

This year may we all grow and expand from a firm foundation of love and gratitude for all that we are now, and a deep desire arising from the love that sources us and beckons us to be more.

Happy sweet wonderful New Year. I love you all!



Peter fox 7th January 2016 11:20 am

Lovely,Ann. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Deeni 7th January 2016 12:43 pm

Thank You, Angels.

Thank You, Ann.

And a most Happy, Healthy, Abundant and Peaceful New Year to All!

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )


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