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Hi Dear Friends,

How can you think of the past or future in the now and use it to your advantage? The angels talk about tuning yourself in the here and now no matter where, when, or what you're thinking about. I'll share some practical ideas about how to keep the vibe high in the present and how it becomes extremely practical to do so!

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment. Look around. What is happening in your world right here and now? What room are you in? Are you in your car? Outside? Take a moment to appreciate your computer, phone, tablet, or the device with which you are reading our words. Take a moment to appreciate your environment. Take a moment to appreciate yourself for taking a few minutes to connect with those of us in the heavens who love more than we can possibly ever convey with worlds. After reading this paragraph shut your eyes, breathe for a minute or two and simply open to receive our love for you. Do it now, if you like.

It is in this place, this moment, this very perfect time that you call now, in which you can access the Divine, your angels, and the miraculous power that creates worlds. For just a moment, after you read this paragraph, shut your eyes, breathe, and receive our love once again. This time, after you feel us, play with us. Imagine yourself in a future where you already have something you deeply and dearly want, be it a situation, a feeling, or a thing. As you receive our love and imagine your future, we are sending our energy to empower your creations. Just take a moment, in this moment, and then come back when you are ready.

We are often asked, "How can I be present here and now while imagining my happy future?" This of it this way. Here and now, you can watch a futuristic show on your TV. Here and now, you can watch a historical documentary. Here and now, you can watch the news, the movies, the cooking channel, or a variety of other programs. Here and now, you get to tune into anything you please.

When you tune into the past, you are asking the universe to recreate the past. The higher dimensions will always and only match your loving vibrations, but there are plenty on the earth who will unwittingly cooperate with the lower ones. That's why we recommend you only tune in only to what you love about the past, and when painful memories seem compelling, slowly and gently steer your thoughts to ones that feel better. Tell yourself, "I am strong. I am capable. I made it. The past is over. Here I am now and now is better. In this moment I am safe. In this moment, as a I read this, all is well. Now is new." In this fashion, by focusing on better feeling thoughts in the present moment, you release the unpleasant past's grip on your future.

Likewise, when you think about the future, imagine the best and you will bring those good vibrations into your here and now.

It is your energy, not your words that dictate what you are tuned into. You can’t shout at the TV, “I want to watch channel 5!” You have to tune into it. You can’t tell your voice activated control, “I don’t want to watch channel 3!” It will likely either ignore you or say, “OK, I’ll tune into channel 3!” Your devices, dear ones, are starting to teach you more and more about the 5D universe! You can only tune into one channel, one vibration at a time. It is either something you want to tune into, or something that blocks what you want.

So, as you sit in your here and now, you can focus with appreciation on something pleasurable from the past and thus call more of that to you. You can focus on the best possible future and draw that to you as well. You can simplify all of this and appreciate life and all that it offers right here and now. In so doing you are tuning into good feelings, higher vibrations, and therefore drawing unto you absolutely everything you desire!

The simplest thing you can do is to breathe, and open to receive our love. Appreciate what is around you. Appreciate yourself. Then go enjoy your day, one moment at a time, knowing that in a vibration of love and appreciation the entire universe is assembling the sum total of all your dreams and guiding you towards them… one beautiful moment at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I finally got my garden planter boxes installed a few weeks ago. This has been a dream for years. I saved up, built them with one of my dear friends, ordered fantastic garden soil, and at long last had the plumbing put in. I ran to Home Depot to get a variety of starter plants, tenderly planted and watered them, then basked in the blissful feeling of seeing a dream come true.

The next morning, completely excited I looked out the window to check my new little plants. The doves that live in my yard were as delighted as I was! I didn't realize I’d installed a birdie salad bar! I watched in quiet horror as they rapidly nipped the new leaves off every single little plant I’d put in!


Now here was a dilemma! I love my doves. I love my plants. I don’t love my doves eating my plants. Instead of engaging in the normal human over-analysis and dance of adversity, I sat down and got myself into the present. I breathed. I called in the angels. I opened to receive their love, knowing that when I can't figure something out, the universe can.

Without thinking I got up, went outside, and sent the doves love. I asked them to kindly dine elsewhere. One telepathically reminded me that the lawn guys had put down fertilizer, so my grass wasn’t open for dining this week. Good point. I mentally pictured them dining at the greenbelt a block down the street and beamed them more love. I imagined my plants growing tall and strong and felt the satisfaction of that vision when a phrase popped in my head from spirit.

Again, without thought, I went inside and googled the phrase. What stood out was a tidbit that most birds don’t care for shiny things. I sat and asked spirit for inspiration - a way to keep the doves out of the plants that would not harm either of them. Suddenly a CD I had burned for a client caught my attention. Bingo! I took a dozen CDs out and placed them shiny side up in between the plants. The doves didn’t care for the glare, and now my plants are growing back their tender little leaves. So far so good!

This is a silly, small example of “problem solving” or more accurately what I call "Solution Tuning” in the present moment. In my past I would have felt sorry for myself, felt bad about chasing doves away, spent hours researching this and likely never have come up with the easy, cheap, effective solution that spirit guided me straight to.

Likewise, when my computer broke down last week, managing client sessions, doing the newsletter, etc., was a bit of a challenge to say the least, but nothing compared to what it might have been had I been freaking out about how long it would be in the shop, how that would put me behind, etc. I just stayed present, received guidance, and enjoyed life anyway.

With even bigger challenges, such as friends going through massive trauma, and people I care about being diagnosed with “fatal” disease, etc., the same process works. I sit, connect to spirit, simply by being open to receive, and focus on desired outcome. I’ve seen miracles lately as a result and have high hopes for more.

So ,while it might seem contradictory to think about the future in the present, it really boils down to one simple question - what energy are you emitting right here and right now? It really doesn't matter what thought gets you there! That's a real paradigm shift! If thinking about past or future in the here and now helps you emit a frequency of love, joy, and appreciation, then use those things as a tool for your tuner. If not, find something better to think about.

Simplest of all, focus on what you love about there here and now with appreciation and joy, and in that high vibe, you'll not only enjoy your moments, but as well the universe will guide you towards the sum total of all act you desire.

Here are some fun ways to tune your tuner into a high vibe in the here and now.

1. Play the "I love you" game

Say "I love you" to everything you pick up and use today. "I love you pen! You feel so smooth and write so beautifully. I love you computer. You are the brains behind the operation! I love how you help me with my life! Love you floor! Thank you for holding me up."

Try to say I love you to as many things as possible today and tell them why. You can do this quietly or out loud or even at the end of the day do an “I love you list” in your journal. The more you do this, the higher the vibe!

2. Play the "I love Me" game

All day speak kindly to yourself.  Tell yourself what you love about you. Compliment yourself. Do it in quiet in your mind, if it feels odd to speak it out loud.  Talk to yourself as if God or your angels is talking to you. "You’re such a beautiful soul! You’re such a kind person. You got to work on time! You really nailed that exercise!  You just thought something positive! Way to go!"  Give yourself credit for all achievements, internal, external, great and small.  Self-love is an incredible and sure way to emit a very high and loving vibration.

3. Play the "I love my future" game

Imagine the best possible future. Play the I love you game with it!  I love my future life where I live in this amazing home, and this amazing environment, doing amazing work interacting with amazing people! I love my future day in which I get up and XYZ. I love my future …. 

4. Extra Credit - Play the "I love my past" game

When your mind wanders to the past and the memory feels good, take a moment to relish the feeling. When your mind wanders to the painful past, think of three or more reasons to appreciate it, "I've grown. It's over. I'm wiser, stronger, kinder, ..." etc. This is a way of switching to a higher vibe, rather than allowing our unintentional focus to resurrect pains that are long gone.

You will find at the end of each of these little soulful games that you feel good!  When you feel good, you’re turning to high vibes, and when you tune into high vibes, you’ll start hearing your guidance clearly, see the little synchronicities in life starting to come at you from all directions, and little by little start to live a reality moving ever closer to your wildest dreams!

In Oneness and Joy,




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