Mirror Mirror

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Life on earth is a mirror in which you look to see both your truth and your illusions. When you see beauty, goodness, grace, and inspiration you see the truth. When you see violence, unkindness, untruths, etc. you see the illusions. If something is in front of you in the "outside world" and it creates an emotional charge, it is beckoning you to look within.

For example, say you see a beautiful sunrise and you feel yourself in awe. In truth, you are in awe of the light within yourself. You are seeing the reflection of the beauty and light of the Divine! Suppose you see a beautiful flower. You admire its delicate strength. In that instant, you are also connecting with your own delicate strength and admiring it within yourself.

Conversely, suppose someone is unkind to you. That does not mean you are mean-spirited or unkind, but perhaps you would feel unkind walking away from them. Perhaps you energetically take in their unkindness because you feel it would be unkind to reject or abandon them... even with their unkind behaviors. You are being unkind to yourself by believing you must take this energy in, and they are your mirror.

Life is working on your behalf. Everything that presents itself to you is a vibrational mirror for an energy deep within that is seeking to grow into greater light. As you watch the sunrise or behold the flower, you take a moment also to acknowledge the beauty and strength within. You bring that light to the surface.

As you see the unkind individual in front of you, instead of getting upset with them, realize you are getting upset with yourself for being unkind to yourself... by taking in their energy. If you were 100% comfortable shutting out that energy or walking away, you would not be upset at all. They would appear to you as they truly are – a scared or angry child. You would feel only compassion. Again you are seeking to bring your light and truth to the surface.

Acknowledge and be grateful for the mirrors life offers. Each one is seeking only to bring your light to the surface, so you can see, and be, the love that you truly are.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Years ago I was laying by the pool at my apartment complex when a man started talking to me. I could feel my stomach tighten. He was being pleasant enough at first, but something felt very wrong. He asked what I did for a living. “I’m a spiritual teacher” I replied. His face suddenly turned beet red. His jaw tensed. His throat bulged as he hissed at me,“Spiritual???” “My EX-WIFE thought she was spiritual. I studied under..." and then he named some guru, continued to curse his ex-wife and made fun of me.

The conversation took a bad turn as he started to make inappropriate and lewd comments. I wrapped my beach towel around my me, and as calmly as possible, excused myself. He shouted after me as I left the pool. For months he harassed me. He seemed to appear out of nowhere, hurling angry, nasty remarks at me nearly every time I left my apartment. He terrified me.

I prayed for him to go away or to stop. I begged God to help me. Crying one night I begged the angels for help, “Why is he being so mean! I didn’t do anything! I’m a good person! I help people!” The answer was lovingly honest. "Misery loves company. He upsets you and feeds off your fear. If you had no fear, he’d have no food for his anger. He is showing you those areas deep in your soul where you don’t trust God to protect you. Stand in your light and all of this will stop.”

I felt their truth and their love. I knew they were right. He was feeding off my fears. I knew I had to trust God and get back to a loving state or else this lesson would keep appearing – if not in the form of this man, then in another.

The next day he and a friend started making their usual unkind comments. I felt the strong presence of angels around me. I ignored the two of them and walked past calmly. The friend yelled out, “You’re a real B-TCH.” They started laughing. Then, in answer to my prayers, the loving power of God possessed me.

I stopped, calmly walked back to face them and looked them in the eye. For the first time, I truly saw them. They weren't monsters. They were terrified little boys in big angry bodies. I saw the pain that possessed them. They were men who felt like failures with women, and only by attacking me and making me more fearful, could they feel any semblance of power. Their fear had helped me see my own.

Compassion washed over me, and the strength of Archangel Michael. Softly and kindly I said, while still maintaining eye contact, “Actually I’m a really good person. I help people every day. I donate a lot of my time to helping those who are wounded and in grief. If your friend were kinder, I wouldn’t seem like such a B*TCH to you.” Silence. Gazing into their eyes with God’s love and truth I felt compassion rush through me again. They looked downward, as their souls recognized truth. I walked away. They never bothered me again. I prayed that they might find peace.

Here are a few pointers to help you look in the mirrors of life this week

1. Choose a few things, or some people you admire, and acknowledge their qualities in yourself

What you admire in others lives within you. Do you love the softness of a blanket that comforts you? Maybe you have a soft sweet side that needs comfort, or maybe you are a comfort for others. Do you like fast cars or the wind against your face? Maybe you like the sensation of movement and change. Do you admire someone in public? Why? Those qualities live within you too.

You'll see the beauty, grace, and goodness within yourself by looking in the beautiful mirrors of life.

2. When someone upsets you ask yourself, "In any way – small or large – where I am treating myself the way they are treating me?"

If you are bothered by an angry person, ask yourself, "Am I angry at myself, perhaps because I can't find a nice way to interact with them or change them? Have I been unkind to myself at all? Do I push away my own anger and judge it or do I have compassion for myself when I'm upset?" Do a little soul level digging and see what you find. If there were no anger within you at all, you still might not like their behavior, but it would no longer create an emotional charge.

Say someone has lied to you. None of us would like that. However, if it creates great upset, ask yourself, "Is there any area in my life where I have been lying to myself?" I was once horribly upset with someone who lied to me and cheated. My self-lie and self-betrayal, was that I was ignoring my own heart. I knew they weren't being honest and I didn't want to look at that. I was trying to tell myself everything was ok, when I clearly felt differently. I was lying to and betraying, myself.

You might never like the behavior but when you are healed of anything that resonates with it, there will be little to no emotional charge.

3. If you need help, ask your angels for insight

Simply ask. Enjoy your day and trust they'll get the answer to you somehow. They might have someone else give you the insight. It might pop in your head, or you might flip open a book and find the answer. There are many ways they will work with you. These are advanced lessons. It is often awe-inspiring and humbling to see your own beauty and grace in the mirrors of life. It is often incredibly difficult to focus on yourself when you don’t like the behaviors of another. Nonetheless, it is the most powerful way to create lasting change in your mind and heart.

Love you all!


KP88 19th May 2017 6:52 pm

Awesome post...really hit home


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