No Act of Love is Ever too Small

Hi Dear Friends!

No act of love is every too small. The angels talk about trusting the impulses that arise from within and I'll share some practical ways you can do so :)

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you is an integral and important part of the puzzle of life. Each one of you contributes on a daily basis to the whole of humanity. Your love, your care, your prayers, and your good deeds ripple into the fabric of the cosmos just as clearly as pleasurable and healthy sensations in the body ripple through the entire nervous system.

You are one! There is One love, one light, and one energy operating in and through each and every one of you.

When you listen to your heart and allow love to come to the surface – through a kind word, a good deed, or even a loving thought – that love is registered by the entirety of the human race and all of creation. When you do something you feel guided to do, it helps the entire human race evolve.

When you share a loving thought with another you plant or nurture seeds of goodness and wisdom within their soul. You never know how these seeds will grow. You will never, upon this earth, see the true and magnificent effects of even your smallest actions.

Your love – no matter how great or “small" the expression – is a mighty force.

So when you feel compelled to say something kind, loving, or wise to someone, say it! When you feel compelled to do something good for someone (as long as it also feels good for you!) do so. When you feel compelled to say a prayer for someone – stranger or friend – do so.

If you bite into an apple and toss the seeds on the ground, then under the right conditions you have planted an orchard for future generations to enjoy! Likewise, the seeds of goodness you sow upon this earth can grow into beautiful fields of wildflowers in the hearts of humanity.

You may never know the entirety of the good you do with even the simplest action. Trust that when your heart guides you, you may be seeding great gardens of love.

No act of love is every truly “small” dear ones. You are allowing God to touch the world through your own act of free will, and by so doing, you too will feel the marvelous flow and reflection of that power running in you, through you and to you. That is your deepest desire.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I wrote a poem years ago about how I feel the love of God longing to run through my heart into the world. I feel it most of the time. I feel the desire to say things, do things, and pray for things that arises spontaneously without any idea why. I listen and allow the love to flow. Sometimes I look back with wonder at how God creates a beautiful cosmic orchestration by working through each of us in the “smallest” of ways.

I met Dr. Joe Dispenza in November 2006 when we both spoke at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Scottsdale. I was speaking on "Living in the Flow of Grace," and he was speaking on "Neuro-Plasticity and the Art of Rewiring Your Brain.”

I was insanely drawn to tell him about a friend of mine who had “Disaossciative Identity Disorder (DID)” otherwise known as “Multiple Personalities.” The impulse was strong. I just had to had to have that conversation! I finally found him in the hallway between talks, where we both had a few minutes.

I told him that I was fascinated with the study of miracles and that I felt this condition held a clue, because people who had it would shift physiological profiles as well as personalities - they’d have an allergy in one personality and within seconds, after switching there was none. He told me that studies showed that people with this disorder actually switched entire brain profiles and neural networks when they switched personalities. That made so much sense to me. I got wildly excited.

“There’s a miracle switch in the brain!” I continued excitedly. “Science needs to study this,” I went on. "People with this disorder switch naturally, when they go into a no-mind state.” I was really getting fired up about the discussion and continued sharing my thoughts. “When I’ve looked at other miracles, they always occur when people give up or let go of the problem.” He agreed. I was passionate about the topic and so was he.

I continued, feeling like it was half me and half angels talking. "There’s a brain state where we let go of pre-wired neural networks and that allows for our greater perfection to wire instantly – for miracles and spontaneous healings.” I knew it. He knew it too. We talked about how it had something to do with finding a way to completely "let go" as people do in deep meditations, or just before sleep, or in that “no mind” state of DID switching. “Maybe with your connections you can figure this out scientifically,” I said. He looked thoughtful, went his way, and I went mine.

He did it! His work is changing lives, creating miracles and rocking the world of modern science. He is now scientifically validating that when people go into the no-mind state of brain, while using ancient meditation techniques that he presents in modern terms, they change their physiology. They boost their immune system, create greater heart coherence, and have miracles. Read his book, “Becoming Supernatural” if you want to learn more about this.

I am in no way claiming any credit for Dr. Joe’s work. He was already a soul on this planet with an intent to get this message out to the world – an intention I am certain he created before birth. He was already fascinated by the brain and its capacities. I was too! I was already a soul on this planet living in the flow of grace being guided to nurture the seeds of light in others to their fruition. We met at a point where he was forming his thoughts on the subject and I was simply guided to nurture that seed into greater fruition. There had to be many others in his life who did so as well. We were both living our purpose in that conversation. We both helped validate and encourage one another.

The moral of this story is that when you feel drawn to speak, act, or pray, please do! You never know who you might inspire. You might save a life, or encourage a future Einstein. You might save an entire family from being torn apart by loving someone who is about to blow up. You may give someone the little nudge they need to take their dream journey or pursue their dream career. You might plant a seed that will grow into a beautiful garden, or you might share a single bit of wisdom that helps someone heal. You never know.

Be you. Listen to that longing for love to come to the surface when it does, and don’t stuff it for fear of how you might look, what others might think, or whether or not you can truly offer something worthwhile. The love that lives within you knows what it is offering through you, even when you don't :)

Here are a few tips for allowing love to come to the surface in your life...

1. When you feel an impulse to share something lovingly and kindly, offer it...

Share, then let go. Offer. Don’t push. Never tell a person what they “should” or “have to” do. Your wisdom, love, or thoughts can be offered a gift of your own expression; never a demand for compliance.

The person may or may not agree with what you offer. They may or may not like what you've shared. None of this matters. You felt a loving impulse and allowed it to flow through you and that is enough for your own soul. Trust.

If you get an impulse to share a loving thought, it doesn’t matter how many years have gone by since you've talked to the person you feel an impulse to share with. It doesn't matter if they’re a total stranger. I have often chatted with people in line at the grocery store. We come away with food and a feeling of our shared humanity.

Trust the love bubbling up from within is coming up for a reason. You may never know why, but if you listen to the impulse, you'll feel love flow through you.

2. When you feel an impulse to do a random act of kindness, act

Don’t worry about what people will think. I was once guided to stop and give a young man at a bus stop $20. He wasn’t begging and he didn’t ask. The angels told me to tell him that God loved him and knew he was doing a lot of good and that he needed a little help. He burst into tears. He was taking care of his ailing grandma and was working as well, didn’t have a car, and was worried about making ends meet.

A man I’ll never see again once came up to me and handed me a ripped piece of paper with a poem, that he said I inspired, while standing in line at a coffee shop beaming with joy and looking like a wild woman after hiking. He touched my heart. That took courage on his part.

We can help people pick up things they’ve dropped, hold doors, smile, offer a genuine compliment… There are so many impulses within us to be kind. Listen.

3. Remember –  Divine impulses rarely require martyrdom

The angels like to remind people that most are not called to martrydom. Jesus and Joan of Arc were the exception, not the rule.

If you get an urge to help someone but at the same time sigh with resignation because it requires an unwilling self-sacrifice, that urge is almost certainly coming from your ego. If the urge involves self sacrifice but you still feel wonderful, that is coming from God. Loving urges feel loving - to you too! They don’t feel like something you "have to do because no one else will, becuase it is your duty,” etc.

Feeling victimized or martyred are clear signs that the impulse to assist is from the ego, not from God. Urges that feel loving, for all involved – including yourself – come from the Divine.

Trust your loving impulses. The power that creates us all, serves all, through each and every one of us. We are all “cells in the body of Christ” here upon this earth, evolving and expanding together, and helping one another. 

Let love lead :)

Love you all!



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