Now is All You Have

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

We would pray that each and everyone one of you could stop analyzing whether or not you "should" want what you want in life. Can you simply say to yourself, "This is what I desire. I don't know why. I don't know if it is best for me or not, but I want to explore this creation of mine. I want to see where it leads me."

Humanity spends too much time, in our opinion, trying to look ahead to the future, rather than living life right here and now. If you have a desire to do something, then start taking steps in that direction. If you have a desire to explore a relationship that is mutual, by all means do so. Stop asking, "Will this make me happy? Will this be in my highest good?" for in truth dear friends, you get to choose how to make yourselves happy.

If you were truly able to embrace each moment, then you would know, in that moment, what makes you happy or not. You would dance with life, rather than trying to arrange it. You would dance with other human beings as they are, rather than trying to get them to conform to your expectations. You would learn that you can move towards something or move away, very much as the animals do, depending on whether it inspires you in the moment, or not.

You have choice in every moment dear ones. You fear that if you make a choice now, you are stuck with it, but in reality, you have a new choice in the very next moment. So live your lives rather than over thinking them. Live them now, and now, and now again. Dance with what is in front of you now. Trust your hearts in this moment now. Do what feels most joyful and inspiring to you now. For now, dear ones, is all you ever truly have.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I love the times in my life when I can truly live an unplanned day, free to go where my heart guides me. It happened last weekend. I set aside Sunday as a day of rest, and decided I would do whatever my heart felt like. I woke up after only three hours of sleep craving time in the forests of Sedona. And so within a few hours I was in my car, being treated to the most glorious sunrise, feeling grateful for life, and praying with a heart that was overflowing with gratitude for everyoneI could think of.

The clouds were ominous when I reached Sedona. It looked as if someone had draped a dark grey cloth with multiple folds across the sky that I had been wanting to be sunny and bright for my hike. So I started my fun little affirmation, "I am the sun that burns the clouds away," and imagined the sun burning the clouds away.

The park ranger at the trail head cautioned me, "It is supposed to thunderstorm." In spite of the warning, everything inside of me felt it was fine to hike. So, I went anyway, still picturing the weather clearing up. Sure enough within twenty minutes the sun came out, the clouds were driven away and the day turned into the most glorious cool and beautiful day I have seen in ages. 4.5 miles back into the trail, beyond the place where it stops and where I had to hike in the chilly water, I saw a lone butterfly. "Hi sweetie! I love you! Can I take your picture," I called to him or her. She flew around me a few times and proceeded to land on my wrist! I was beyond enchanted. It seemed as if the day just kept getting better.

These unplanned days fill my heart and soul. I re-enter the currents of grace once again, re-align with my own heart, and refill my spirit. It takes me several hours to hike to the back of the trail and yet I am so charged with nature's life force that I feel like a gazelle flying through the forest at times on the way back. I feel enlivened, even after hiking 8 miles after little sleep. I feel joyous.

So when you feel "off" in your life, schedule at least several hours if not an entire day, where you can get in touch with your heart and see where it leads you. You may not even know what your heart wants. I once was so immersed in drama and problems that I had no clue what I wanted but the angels gave me this advice.

So I woke up and still had no clue. "Sit quietly in silence until you do," they advised me. I think I sat for three hours, feeling thoroughly frustrated until my mind finally turned off and I had the strange desire to go ride a horse. (I don't ride horses even though I love them!). So I found a local stable, drove down and signed up for a trail ride. "Where's your boyfriend?" the salty old cowboy leading the ride asked me. "Don't have one," I answered. "I'll be your boyfriend for a day," he told me.

I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the horse. "Just keep me on this trail, please," I responded. We both laughed. The angels had known I needed to lighten up. I have had many occasions where I've been guided somewhere, simply to lighten up, loosen up my mind's grip on my soul, and re-enter a more joyous reality.

And while I have often listed the million things I had to do instead, the angels patiently wait until I'm done with that nonsense, and remind me that nothing is more important than being aligned with my own heart. They know that life is meant to be lived and that if I listen to my heart then everything that matters will get done. I will die with a to do list. I may as well live a heart centered life now! Of course after one of these days of spontenaity, the to do list is suddenly so much easier to do and gets done so much more quickly. Living "now" truly is the easiest and most joyful way to live.

Have a blessed week... one moment at a time!
I love you all,

P.S.: A question I often get, is, "How do you plan for the future if you live now." For example say I want to take a trip in the future. I know I do but now I do not feel like booking reservations. So I wait until I do. If I miss the deadlines, I didn't really want it, or maybe God has better in mind. Likewise, I must schedule clients to get them on the books and to make a living. I do this when I feel like it, so my heart and soul are in the effort. I do not make myself do so when I am too tired to think straight. So you can live now, and be inspired now, even to plan future events.


roselamb 9th November 2013 8:02 am

Yes, yes, yes! I love those "empty" days too. I am fortunate to be "retired" (i.e. can't find a job!) and I have more of those days when I can do anything I feel like than ever in my life. I do love it! I wake up and say, this is a free day. Something magical always comes, a revelation, a beautiful sunset, fun with my dog, bounty from the garden... I live in gratitude. Thank you for your insight.

Tiff 10th November 2013 12:41 am

I can totally resonate with this, Ann and what a very helpful and reassuring message from the Angels. Infinite thanks. :smitten:


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