Nurture God's Light Within You

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you approach the new year, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for your commitment to growth in the year 2009 for it was a year of reckoning, so to speak, a year in which everyone was forced to drop into their hearts, face their fears, confront their illusions, and to search for Faith, Trust, and Love. It was a year in which God began to put His foot down with humanity, and encourage each one of you to evaluate your priorities, discover and return to your core values. It was a year in which growth was not optional.

Each one of you has been courageous this year. Each one of you has done your best to commit to receiving and sharing God's love. We would urge each one of you, as you look back on the year of 2009 to bless and acknowledge yourselves for the growth you have achieved. Sit for a few minutes during your holiday season and take time in self-appreciation, for it is in acknowledging what is good and true inside your own hearts and your own lives, that you amplify God's love and light in the very same. It is in taking inventory to see what is positive, what there is to be grateful for, what you have achieved, that you create more good. It is in acknowledging yourselves, your true loving selves, that you begin to find God's light within you.

Dear ones, in the year of 2010, nurture God's light within you. Be honest about who and what supports you in being a loving and honest person. Pray for the way to move away from situations that do not nurture your true spirit, for God is working with each one of you to help you find your "home" here upon the earth, and home dear ones, may be a place, but more importantly it is a state of mind in which you know you are loved, supported, and surrounded by a community of like mind and heart. In 2010, situations that do not support the truth of you will become less tolerable so please be kind and loving as you make changes in your lives. Acknowledge that all change is a movement towards greater love, greater light, and a greater expression of your being. In 2010 you are being asked to let your light shine rather than dimming it to make the masses more comfortable around you. Your light, your heart, is nothing less than the light of God made manifest upon this earth, and the love of God expressed through each one of you.

We wish each one of you a blessed and joyous New Year as you gravitate towards that which gives you joy and leave behind that which causes you pain. Each one of you is breathed to life by the living God. Each one of you deserves this joy. Each one of you is precious and loved beyond compare.

Happy New Year, dear ones, and happy expanding new you.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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