Obi Wan Had it Right!

Hi Dear Friends,

With feelings running intense these days, the angels share a brilliant discussion on how our feelings are not to be stuffed, negated, or ignored, but rather to be used as indicators that will guide us on our path.

I'll share how they personally guided me during a tough time in life and give you practical tips as to how you can harness their wisdom and power.

Obi Wan Kanobi in the original Star Wars had some sage advice, "Luke, Trust Your Feelings!" The angels agree. Let's dive into them this week and use them the way nature intended, rather than allowing them to use us :)

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is time upon your planet earth to care about how you feel and to tend to your own feelings. Like a gardener nurtures his or her plants in all phases of development – whether they are lying dormant in dark soil, sprouting, blossoming, or releasing their seeds – so too you can gently tend to your heart at all times. Whether you are in a phase of dormancy, creating new life, enjoying a harvest, or letting go, your feelings matter. Your feelings let you know whether or not you are in a higher vibration and traveling on a grace-filled path. They are your guides.

All periods of life are equally important. Without being dormant in the soil while waiting for water and warmth, a seed would not be motivated to reach for the light. Without the growth, it would not bear fruit. Without the fruit and release, it would not bear seeds to create new life. So too, all phases of your life, and cycles of your growth have value.

Some of you are in a resting, dormant phase right now. Like a seed in soil you aren't terribly motivated to do anything. In this phase you honor your feelings by resting, relaxing, removing any pressures you put on yourself, giving up artificial deadlines, and cocooning. You may crave time to daydream, contemplate what you want to create or who you want to become, and time to just "be." You will want to take extra good care of your body, eat gently, move gently, and allow nature to take its course in your mind and heart. You will feel good when you listen to your body and mind and refuse to push yourself.

As you give yourself this tender time to rest and relax, the force of life itself is growing and creating movement within you. If you honor your feelings, you will love these dormant phases of your life. Even while resting, you can be in a delicious, peaceful, passionately appreciative high vibe, and therefore on your kindest path. If you fight your feelings, however – even if you get the physical rest you need, but your mind is not at rest – you, like the seed without water and warmth, will need to stay dormant much longer. Better to listen to your feelings and get back in the natural flow of your soul's journey.

Some of you are in a phase of sprouting right now. Like the seed pushing above the soul, your energy is guiding you to think and act in ways that will help you create new life and change. In this phase your feelings might be inspiring you to get things done. You may have an urge to learn, grow, re-organize your home or life, shift your diet or physical habits, create a morning or evening routine, get to work on a project, work to shift your mindset, or do anything that you feel impulsed and interested in doing.

This is a phase of guided growth, where your positive feelings help steer your actions. In this phase, if you fight your feelings, you might feel frustrated, cranky, or even angry because life is pushing you to think or act in ways that you genuinely want. You might be less tolerant about interruptions, drama, or tasks that don't catch your interest. We know you have certain things you are required to do so while you're in this phase, you may have to prioritize a little time each day for your inspired action.

Some of you are in a phase of harvest. Like the seed that has grown, blossomed, and borne fruit, this is a time to celebrate and enjoy something you have accomplished, be it a dream come true, a project you desired to achieve, or a new awareness that you have been growing into. In this phase, your feelings might guide you to enjoy you to enjoy your creation and bask in your success. Even if you are growing past a tough situation, in this phase your feelings will guide you naturally to acknowledge the gifts and the growth so you can reap the harvest from all you have experienced. You may feel like sharing your gifts and/or wisdom with others, because you feel full and abundant in your heart and life.

If you fight your feelings during the time of harvest, and push yourself immediately towards new growth without taking time to enjoy and celebrate what you have created or how you have grown, you may feel burnout, numbness, or a sense of emptiness. These feelings remind you that you deserve to enjoy the good you have created. You deserve to reap the rewards of your own growth. You deserve to feel and bask in the fulfillment of your efforts and your accomplishments. Your feelings remind you to enjoy the harvest as much as you would enjoy a ripe tomato plucked from the vine rather than immediately burying it so the seeds could grow a new plant. This phase of harvest and enjoyment is needed. It is a high vibrational platform from which to create your next set of dreams!

Lastly, there are times when you are in a period of release. Like the plant that has bloomed, borne fruit, and now dies unto itself to release seeds to create new life, you too will have phases where you have either outgrown your own creations, beliefs, or ways of being. Your previous creations may feel satisfying and a little boring, as you start to feel the seeds of desires for more. You may find that suddenly thoughts, behaviors, relationships, or situations that you previous felt fine with, no longer feel good, or even tolerable. In these phases, you are not only releasing the vibration of a former creation so you can create more, but also planting the seeds for your future. You are dying to something, in order to create new life.

In phases of release, you may feel the urge to change jobs, shift relationships, clean out, repair, sit quietly and dream, let go of old disempowering thoughts, beliefs, or habits. If you listen to your feelings, they'll guide you to do so easily, without pushing yourself. If you don't, you'll feel upset, frustrated, stuck, clueless, or even angry at the past. Life itself is urging you to move forward, let go, and create more.

These cycles of life occur in both grand and small ways. They occur every day, several times a day. On different topics you may find yourself at different phases. For example, you may be enjoying the harvest of creating new friends, while enjoying the release of a job that no longer serves. You may feel completely uninspired to clean out your closets, but you have great desire to create art.

We offer these cycles and their typical feelings as examples to help you figure out and fine tune your relationship with You!

We've said this many times, but it bears repeating – In the 5D reality that you are entering, your energy matters far more than your efforts. Guided, inspired, good-feeling action is productive, whereas dutiful, forced, uninspired action is not helpful at all.

If you pay attention to your feelings, you will know when to rest, when to act, when to celebrate, and when to release. If, in the minute you notice you are not feeling good, you turn your sights away from the external world and back to your own heart, then you will be able to quickly raise your vibration, feel good again, and get back on a kinder path.

There are no wrong ways to feel. They are emotions that feel good, indicating you are on a joyful path, and emotions that don't which remind you to take note, and get back on a joyful path. All have value. None of you are "too sensitive" from our perspective. All of you were born with a highly-refined, sensitive inner compass. You felt deeply as children. You were deeply guided. Now is the time to pay attention to what you feel once again, since this guidance is increasingly important in your 5D reality.

Dear ones, you matter. Your heart matters. Your feelings matter – in fact a very great deal because they are your spiritual barometers in life. You were meant to enjoy your lives. You were meant to choose thoughts that make you feel good. You were meant to naturally gravitate towards what resonates and away from what doesn't. Care about how you feel, and try not to let the external world push and pull your heart towards its own ends. Again and again, we will remind you that caring for yourself and about yourself is not selfish.

A happy, inspired, high vibrational human being is a mighty light upon this earth. A person in their natural flow is naturally and organically guided both towards their own desires, and also to serve in ways that are mutually satisfying, joyful, and create even more abundance and flow for all involved. Trust your feelings.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I felt everything as a child. Somewhere along the way, it became overwhelming to be so sensitive. Like many in my generation, we didn't have the tools to handle strong feelings. We came into this world excited to have a more refined internal compass but, in general, generations prior didn't know how to help us deal with it. Thankfully, during the last several decades our collective notion of how to handle children's emotions has radically shifted. There are countless conscious parents now who are raising their children to value and manage their feelings in a productive way. Sadly, many in prior generations learned to stuff them.

I was 28 before I let myself cry after a massive awakening triggered by my Reiki training. Prior to this, I thought my negative feelings were indicators of "weakness." I glossed them over, stuffed them, or ignored them. All of a sudden I was feeling everything – joyous, angry, sad, frustrated, confused, you name it. A lot of internal guidance came crashing in on me all at once.

I followed the flow. I let myself feel. I let myself really go deep into my own internal awareness and started to actually care about what felt better to me, and not in a superficial way. I started to ask myself, "What do I really want in life," and as you've heard if you've been with me awhile I really didn't know! I only knew I wanted to wake up happy, go to bed grateful, and make a living helping people. Those were the seed that sprouted the life I now live.

I was in a phase of release and didn't know it. I still didn't know how valuable my feelings were. I ranted and raved and wished for the external world to change. I wanted my 90-hour workweek to change. I wanted my husband to be more affectionate. I wanted to have more time to do the things I wanted to do. Finally, I surrendered to my desire to feel good in the present moment, all the while allowing myself to dream of more. 

I decided to make the best of my current life, to bring as much love into my marriage and my job as possible, and to find satisfaction in the flow of these moments. It was then, and only then, after I followed my feelings to feel better, that guidance told me to quit my engineering career. I enjoyed a year of down-time, gardening, crafting, and writing my first book. It became apparent, as I listened to my feeligs and followed my path that I wasn't headed in the same direction as my wonderful husband. We loved each other, but we wanted to create completely different futures for our lives.

Once again my feelings were guiding me. I wanted the freedom to pursue my calling. His feelings were guiding him to want a more traditional woman like I used to be and to create a family with her. I knew we could stay together with deep mutual compromise, but thinking about that made me feel like I was in a straight-jacket. Same for him. At first, neither one of us wanted to acknowledge what we felt. I fought my knowing as much as he fought his. We tried not to feel the uncomfortable feelings. We made each other wrong occasionally but more often, too frequently, we made ourselves wrong. It felt lousy.

Finally, I went on a three-day fast to clear my mind. My feelings became crystal clear. At dinner the night I broke my fast, my fortune cookie read, "You should not return to the past to resurrect your old relationship." Holy $!#&. Once I had aligned with my feelings and therefore my guidance, the entire universe was validating the decision. My husband and I parted with love, friendship, fairness, and good wishes. He married a woman who was like I used to be and created the life he wanted. I moved forward along the path of my own calling and joy.

Countless times I have found myself in these cycles and phases of life, in ways both great and small. There have been career cycles, relationship cycles, project cycles, and even cycles that correspond to my daily to-do list. I don't really try to analyze or figure out where I am. I just try to feel. I try to pay attention to thoughts that feel good, actions that are inspired, and what I am naturally drawn to do.

I interrupted my own works a few months ago to play and art happened. I may do something with it if I'm inspired in the future. I'm in a huge clean-out phase in my home now, because I don't feel like the same person I was a few years ago and, as the famous organizer Marie Kondo teaches, I want everything to spark joy. Unfortunately, and I say this with humor, a whole lot still sparks joy! I'm not exactly in a phase of "Swedish Death Cleaning" but that doesn't matter because I feel happy.

Learning to honor feelings may not come easy. We've been taught a huge heap of judgment about them when in truth they're just indicators. We want to feel good, and we can choose to feel good – not by faking it, but by honestly trying out new thoughts, new focus, and inspired actions. This real moment-by-moment satisfaction is the basis of a 5D life, in which things naturally and easily flow.

Here are a few pointers on how to use your feelings as the guidance they were intended to be:

1. Resist the urge to judge your feelings

Your feelings are indicators of your vibration and guidance on your path. If you push them away you miss valuable information. If you said to your smoke alarm, "I only want to hear your nice purring quiet vibe. I don't want to hear you screaming at me!" then you'd miss an indication of smoke or danger. While this is a silly analogy, so many of us learned that we were acceptable when quiet and nice and not so much when upset. The angels stop the analogy there. They're not by any means suggesting we scream at others when alarmed :) They're simply telling us that where there's smoke there's fire, and when you feel bad, something in your life is not helping you create what you want.

Value your feelings without judgment. They help you realize when you're in or out of the flow.

2. Resist the urge to blame your feelings on the external world

If you make your feelings wrong and blame them on the external world or other people, you are not using them as the natural guidance system they were intended to be.

If you are sitting in your car, and you notice the gas gauge is nearing empty, you'd most likely pull over and refuel soon as possible. It would be a waste of time, and we'd likely we'd run out of fuel, if we keep driving while berating ourselves for forgetting to get gas yesterday, complaining about our spouse who didn't fill up the tank this week or whining about the traffic. We usually pay attention to our gas gauge without unnecessary drama.

However, so many of us ignore our own internal gas gauge when we're feeling empty or tired. Have you ever pushed yourself when you felt like resting? Our feelings are like that gas gauge. They tell us when it is natural to keep going, vs. when it's time to refuel.

Blaming our feelings on others not only prevents you from hearing your own guidance, but often lowers your vibe so much that you pinch yourself off from grace, goodness, and well-being that would otherwise naturally flow into your life.

3. Experience, Expand, and Share Your Good Feelings

When you're feeling good you're on track. Let yourself feel your good feelings. When someone criticizes us we can think about it for days, but when someone compliments us we tend to forget a few seconds later. Shift that. Start to really focus on the things in your life that feel healthy, happy, and good to you.

See if you can expand the good feeling by appreciating it, or who/what inspired it. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your willingness to appreciate! I call this "spinning up." For example, if I'm stuck in traffic or in a situation I don't care for, I'll pick something random and appreciate it until I'm overflowing with loving feelings. Then I start to appreciate everything and everyone else in sight! In no time I'm on a high vibe ride once again.

Share your good feelings. Let your cup runneth over. Pray or emit high vibes for the world. Share your love with someone, or appreciate and lovingly tend to something you own. Tell others what you love about them. Treat your home as a temple and lovingly maintain it. Contribute something to life whether it be positive energy, good thoughts, kind words, or sharing your gifts and talents

By allowing yourself to experience, expand, and share good feelings, you'll keep them going.

This heavenly understanding of feelings is empowering and useful. When we treat our very natural reactions to life as valuable indicators and guidance, we can learn to quickly shift back to a more joyful reality.

Science even agrees now – showing us that our feelings result from our response to life – from the thoughts we think and the resulting chemical reactions in the brain and body.

This week pay attention to your feelings. They matter. They are your spiritual & biological indicators that help you choose a kinder, happier, more graceful, and harmonious path.

Love you all!



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