Open To The Best

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

You are in an eternal dance with the Creator dear ones, for in truth, the creator's love is not outside of you, but rather lives and breathes within you. You are as much a part of the cosmic dance as a cell is part of the body. You send signals to all that is, asking for help, nourishment, and support, and the Love that is God responds as much as you are willing to believe and receive.

When you have a desire in your heart acknowledge it. Simply say, "Yes God, I would like this. Please help me bring this situation into my life." You don't have to have a clue how it will all come about. You only have to open to the possibility that you can receive help, expect it, and then act as you are inspired to do so. After that trust! Trust with all your heart that you will receive what you have asked for, or even better.

God is not a force outside of you that capriciously decides which prayers will be answered and which will not. God is love - the same love that lives inside of you and wants the best for you, the love that lives inside of every other aspect of creation, and the Love that sees everything in a beautifully orchestrated divine dance.

God wants for you, even more than you would ask for yourselves. Open up to life. Open to the possibility that you are loved beyond measure. Wake up in the mornings and say to yourselves, "God loves me! All good is coming my way! I trust. I am open to miracles, possibilities, and solutions I could never have dreamt." And then go about your day confident that you are loved, in all situations, all circumstances, whether they look as you wish or not. In this fashion dear ones you are cooperating in the answers to your very own prayers.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi Everyone,

Recently events transpired in my life now which are in perfect harmony with the angel's message today. I had it in my heart that I wanted to experience Braco's energy one more time this year. This work has inspired me in so many ways, even to the point of allowing energy to come through me and help people heal in ways I never dreamed or imagined.

I know the more I stand in this energy, the more I am able to share love with others. And so I asked God to find a way for me to have this experience one more time this year. The inspiration I received was to go see him in New York. I have never been to New York. I could not afford airfare, and I had no idea how it would happen. But a dear client who is a flight attendant gave me buddy passes and so that facet of the trip seemed to be handled. People who didn't even know my desire came to me with incredible generosity, telling me they felt compelled to share the goodness they had experienced, and suddenly I was able to go.

I monitored the weather reports. Rain was predicted. "Please God, get me on the flights and please don't let it rain while I'm walking a NY mile from the rapid transit to the hotel!" The weather reports started to change for the days I was traveling. I got inspired to bother my dear client and ask her to look up the flights for me, even though I could have called the airline and done it myself. I do not like bothering people, but I listened because the feeling was so strong. It ends up it was a good thing.

Her passes were not valid during the dates I wanted to use them. I would have showed up at the airport and been turned away. This dear angel found me other passes instead. She went out of her way to do so. Everything looked good. Two days before, it looked like there was room on the flight. The day before I was scheduled to go, however, I had the nagging feeling that I should check again. The agent from the airline told me the flight I was planning to take was nearly full. She was not allowed to tell me how many empty seats were on other flights. "Any recommendations?" I asked. This dear soul replied, "If it were MY mother, I would tell her to fly through Houston and then to New York!"

And so it was. A day later I was in the city. After two flights, delayed connections, a monorail ride, a train ride, and a hike from Penn station to my hotel, I arrived just in time to run into an old friend in the hotel lobby! Talk about divine timing. The next morning I left my room early to sit in the waiting area again. "Ann!" I hear, "What are you doing here?" It was a dear client whom I've known since I started this work. I hadn't known she would be there either. All day I kept running into people I knew or had only met via this newsletter or Facebook.

I knew I was supposed to be there. I was able to share stories that helped others open up and receive the gifts. I went deeper into the mystical realities than ever before. I cleared out even more attachments within my soul so I could be a clearer channel for others. And I got to have a little human fun too - hiking to the Empire State building the night I got in, to Central Park before dawn the next morning, and to Times Square one night when I wanted to get grounded after flying high in the energy all day. I got to experience an entirely different diversity of human existence than the one I know in Arizona, and as always I met so many friendly and kind souls. Not once did I feel fear. Archangel Michael was a warm presence walking with me, even on the dark city streets.

Faith, listening to the guidance I receive via strong feeling, and being willing to accept help from others all led to one big answered prayer. And as a result I am now able to help others even more. Two more clients had pain go away the day after I returned when the energy turned itself on. A few others had emotional heaviness lift. I am in humble awe of God's grace and guidance, and know it is there for all of us.

You don't have to talk to angels for a living to listen to your heart, your nagging feelings, your desires and inclinations. You don't have to know how something can come about. The more deeply I surrender to the moment and to trusting in the perfection of all things, the more magical life becomes, the more I am able to help others, and the more deeply into the mysterious and beautiful coordination of life I am immersed. You live in this perfection too. 

Have a miraculous week!
I love you all,



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