Patience Is Essential To Manifesting

My dear friends we love you so very much.

We're going to continue our discusssion on patience this week. When you are manifesting your dreams, remain faithful that you can go about your days and enjoy life while God works diligently behind the scenes. When it is time for you to take action, we will make sure you are made aware in right timing. God will answer your prayers in ways you cannot imagine, strategize, or create on your own. God answers your prayers by first guiding you into the situations that prepare your heart to receive the gifts that are forthcoming - to know your worthiness and to be ready for the changes that come with the answers to your prayers.

If you pray for a wonderful relationship you might have to wait a bit until you treat yourselves as worthy of this type of love so you can truly receive it when it arrives. If you pray for a new home you might be given time to clear the clutter out of the old one. If you pray for a new job you may wait until you are commited to remaining in balance in the present one so you don't start the new one with bad habits. God knows your heart dear ones, your habits, your beliefs, and your fears, and will work with you to till the soil of your heart until you are truly ready to receive your dreams. 

Have faith dear ones that your prayers are answered, and you do not have to answer them yourselves. Have faith that God DOES care about your hearts, your well being, your security here upon the earth, etc. To the degree that you allow God to work in your lives by surrendering a bit of control as to "how" someting must look, you give God the space to work miracles in your lives. Let go of trying to control how your prayers are answered dear ones, and allow us to do a bit more of the work :)

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels



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