Peace Amidst Life's Storms

Hi Dear Friends!

You might feel the world but there are ways to find peace in the chaos.... even when life seems crazy. There is order in everything...

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you are feeling the world’s unrest. It manifests in anxiety, crankiness, intolerance, impatience, fear, or a multitude of other feelings that can be summed up in one word – unsettled. You feel unsettled because you are sensitive and your world is unsettled.

It is a time when all of you are starting to feel, at deeper levels, that indeed you are all One. Within each and every one of you, the energies that comprise your world exist – not in your physical body, but in the part of your eternal spirit that reaches into infinity. You can either contribute your Peace and Love into the mass consciousness, or you can be drawn into its chaos.

Imagine you are a wave upon the ocean. At the surface you contend with all the waves around you, whether cooperative or destructive. If you were to sink a little deeper into the ocean you would feel the deeper currents of the other waves, some weaker, some stronger. If you were to go even deeper, you would only feel the deep peace of the ocean itself. The nearer you are to the surface, the more unsettled and affected by the other waves you would be.

Likewise when you look at the surface of your world, you see and feel chaos. There is an intense clashing now between what you call the forces of light and darkness, or as we’d rather say, those in truth, and those in illusion. There are multitudes of angry souls, and as well, multitudes working to be the love and the peace in the world. On your earth, when opposing forces such as hot and cold fronts collide, storms transpire. Likewise, there are many storms upon your earth right now – shootings, political unrest, etc. You feel these storms in your bodies and minds.

However, there is good news. Just as the peaceful depth of the ocean is always there, whether or not it is a sunny day or whether there is a hurricane going on at the surface, so too, the Peace and the Presence of the Divine exists within your depth, waiting for you to sink into it, to relax in its embrace, and to come to the surface more refreshed and more able to withstand the storms of life. The more you take time to connect with Love, in any form, the more you become a contribution to the world and the more you tip the balance in the mass consciousness towards the light.

Take time in silence. Feel the love in your hearts. Breathe deeply and ask the Divine and your angels to rise up within you and fill you with this love. In this space, you become a spring, a fountain of love that pours forth into and blesses your world. In connection with the energy of Love, dear ones, you become the lights of the world. Then and only then will the storms of life pass you by, while you, like the center of the hurricanes, remain in peace.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone

I continue to receive emails from sensitive souls who feel “off,” irritable, anxious and so forth. People are having weird physical issues, and chaotic life circumstances. I am no exception.

Before the earthquakes, I felt shaky. Before the volcanoes, I felt volatile. Before the shootings, I was crying for no apparent reason, knowing I was feeling the planet grieving in the not too distant future. I was so busy praying, sending energy to the planet and helping others, that I forgot to take time to dive deep, reconnect with my own heart, and sit in the Presence of God for my own upliftmet. As a result, I let the chaos of the world trigger my own.

Within days, my big computer crashed, I broke out in a raging infection, my vacuum died, and various and sundry other bits of chaos broke loose. My blissful life suddenly felt quite stunningly crazy. I had a few days of being quite fearful until I faced the fears head on and once again rooted my soul deeply in the Divne.

When at long last I settled my mind and was able to to sit in silence with God and the angels, I felt immense love and guidance pouring into me. I saw the purpose of every bit of so-called chaos. I embrace everything that had erupted in my life and knew it was actually serving my soul, contributing to my greater good, and moving me ever closer to an easier and more peaceful life for myself. Right as the newsletter on focus came out, I was learning to focus even more strongly on the good in everything. It worked. Things are resolving beautifully.

Somehow chaos doesn’t seem chaotic when you see the Divine order within it. Everything turns to good if we allow for it. Even the world's chaos brings a greater love to the planet. With every tragedy, suddenly the masses awaken and realize the need to be kinder. People appreciate their families more. They realize we are all one human family. They love more. The fragility and gift of life becomes more apparent.

Spending time in silence, breathing deeply and asking Love to rise up from within works. It calmed me in my own storms and allowed me to be the peace for others in spite of my own life circumstances. It allowed me to hear my guidance clearly and made space for the angels in the heavens to bring me angels on earth who helped solve every single challenge that came my way. Instead of feeling chaotic and unloved, I saw the Divine order and felt more loved.

We can find peace amidst the storms of life. It isn’t so easy these days, but it is doable and it sure feels better than dancing with the world’s whirling energies.

Here are a few pointers this week to help you both feel and be that peace, love, and grace in the world.

1. Guided Meditation - Don’t Give Up on Love

Listen to this 8 minute channeled discourse/meditation from Dr. Peebles, the angel who comes through my friend Summer Bacon, who is one of the clearest trance mediums of our time. He guides us to feel God’s love and then share it with the world. You will feel amazing after doing it.  

It is free to listen to or download here.

2. Slow down

There’s a tendency when the world or our lives are in chaos to speed up, get busy, try to control as much as we can. However, this just lends to the frenzy.

Better to take more time in silence, reading, resting, meditating.  

Rather than reacting respond to life by slowing down when you are anxious or upset, taking a breath, putting your hands on your heart and feeling deeply. Then ask yourself, "What next?"  Trust the first answer. Your life will be guided in grace.

3. Connect

It is a time when loving connections are more important than ever. Connect with God first. Sit. Breathe. Receive.

Connect with yourself. Take time to slow down and feel your own heart. What do you need? What do you want to create? How can you nurture yourself.

Then when you feel inspired, connect with others.

Share your heart more deeply, ore often. Converse with strangers. Spend time with loving family and friends when you are motivated to do so. Volunteer if you feel inclined. Seek out activities you enjoy to meet like minded people

If you don't feel social, connect on the inner planes. Pray for the world – both those you love and those you disagree with. Dear God uplift us all. Give us peace. Help us all feel your love.

More than ever it is time to realize we are one family on this earth and we need each other. Sometimes the most unlikely people have great advice. Sometimes a stranger smiles at you or you at them, and you change each other’s day.

Small connections, big connections, physical connections, and spiritual connections... They all matter. They are all, the angels remind us, connections with our Deeper Essential Self.

So while peace may elude this world at the moment, it need not elude us. It takes effort at times, but it is always there, deep within, waiting for us to embrace it. As we do so, the angels and the Divine can embrace and change us even more deeply in our hearts, our homes, and our lives.

Love you all!
Have a peaceful week,



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