Peace... Even Now.

Hi Dear Friends!

Light is emerging. Love is winning. We are the energetic solution to the world's current ills. While things may look worse before they get better, the angels talk about how to be at peace, and I'll share some tips to stay out of fear.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Right now we honor each and every one of your upon your earth, for you are making history – spiritual history – ushering in a new era of light, cooperation, connection, harmony, and truth. Amidst the darkness, a great love and great light continue to arise. The human spirit is strong beyond measure. Your love is coming to the surface as never before.

That said, there is still a great deal of fear upon your planet. Those of you who are empathic, even though you might not be afraid of the virus, may feel the vibration of fear. Any little fear you might carry in your own spirit can easily be amplified right now. If you are feeling your emotions a bit more intensely than usual, that is absolutely normal. If you are feeling a need for comfort lately, that is normal too.

You can, in the midst of all of this, find peace.

You can find peace by remembering that you always have God, grace, and streams of well being available to you simply through your intent to tap into these energies, and through your intent to be a blessing to others.

You can find peace by praying for the light of love to rise up within your own heart and the hearts of all humanity.

You can find peace by envisioning your body filled with light as well as the bodies of all those for whom you care.

You can find peace by sitting in meditation, or by sitting in the silence of nature, listening to the birds, or watching the clouds go by.

You can find peace by wrapping a blanket around you and inviting your angels to hug and hold you as energy through the material form of the blanket.

You can find peace by realizing that God is always God. Love is always a power greater than fear, and it is through your love most of all that you remain impervious to the lower vibrational effects upon your earth.

Dear ones, this will not last terribly long. Your love will prevail and in less than a few months things will begin to dramatically and surprisingly improve. We see that in your future, your hearts have already prevailed over the darkness.

Instead of driving you further apart, humanity will crave deeper connection. Instead of making you fear and hate, it is driving you to love. This virus has failed in its attempts to separate and isolate you for the long term. Instead dear ones, more than ever before, you are becoming aware of your beautiful, loving, unity. More than ever before, in spite of status, salary, race, color, or creed, you are realizing you are one human race. More than ever before you care about your neighbors, your families, your friends...and people on the other side of the world, whom you will never meet.

You, dear ones, are the lights shining brightly. You are the ones ushering in a new era of connection. You are the brave ones saying to the universe and all around, "FEAR IS NOT REAL! I rest in the light of Divine Love and that is the only truth I will embrace."

We are here for you.We are guiding you. in safety. We celebrate your beautiful hearts and your amazing awakening light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

My heart goes to the amazing and courageous souls who are on the "front lines" in medicine, health care, food supply, social services, etc... I have heard from so many about the inadequate medical supplies, the lack of masks at hospitals and medical clinics, and even the lack of diapers for local young mothers who didn't have the time to think ahead. These times are an intense indeed, and a fearful struggle for so many.

At the same time I see love, kindness, cooperation, and so much unity emerging, even in my own clients and in my own neighborhood, let alone in the news. We are all in this together and we are all One large organism called humanity. The emotional and spiritual health of each one us matters to the whole, as much as the health of each cell matters to the human body.

Most of us are, or will be impacted by this virus' reach, if not in our own hearts and lives, in the lives of those we care about. Several souls have connected with me because they are sick and want help returning to the truth of their light. All are healing. Many have connected with me because they are worried about their families. Together we pray and resolve to be the light that protects against all darkness. Many more have expressed realistic financial concerns. We focus again on the vibration of abundance and gratitude in which absolute miracles are possible.

The angels remind me not to "worship false idols" by giving something smaller than the head of a pin more power, than the Power that creates universes.

God is still God and is the only power in the univese. The darkness is that which does not realize it is part of this light. It feels separate and attempts to operate independently, trying to control, bully, manipulate, and even possess healthy minds, souls, and cells.

Miss Corona, even in all her darkness is part of the One Divine, and even in the midst of her illusions and darkness, light is emerging in human hearts. Love will triumph.

By the thousands, people are turning to others for assistance. Good Samaritans are arising from every community. Private corporations are donating medical supplies. Distilleries are making hand sanitizer. Personal trainers are offering free you-tube classes. Teachers are tutoring and teaching from home. Families are going back to playing old fashioned games and doing crafts with the kids.

Before self isolations, a large portion of the population attempted to talk by text. A popular Internet and phone company reports nearly 25% increase now in voice conversations. We are connecting more deeply than we have in ages. We are caring for one another.

Our mother earth is recuperating while we take a breather as well. Pollution is down. Skies are blue. Waters are cleaner. The environment is getting cleaned up, even as we deep clean, our hearts, homes and hands.

We can do this. We can conquer our own fears and thus become the love that conquers fear and darkness. While still engaging in the common sense rules - hand washing, the disinfectant dance, social distancing, etc. – even more powerfully, we can beat this thing vibrationally.

So let us move past our fears into a greater truth and a greater light and as Gandhi said, "Be the change we wish to see in the world."

Here are some easy ways to deal with fear if you are an empath and to embrace greater light:

1. Breathe

Can't say this one enough. Breathing slowly in and slower out triggers the vagus nerve that calms the body and tells it to rest/digest and get out of stress mode. This is science... and ancient spirituality. Just breathe.

2. Sing, Dance, Shake it... Do something joyful

Singing also triggers the rest/digest response in the body. Music changes your vibration. Make a "Corona I'll Own Ya with JOY" play list of happy or inspiring music and let it carry you far away and far above a vibration of fear.

Dancing can actually shake off the energy of fear in much the same way a dog shakes water off his back. If all else fails, check out TRE - Trauma Release Exercises to literally shake off the energy of fear.

3. Open to streams of well being

I just did a youtube video on this here.

When you are afraid resolve to be the blessing for others. We can easily get strong and resolved to be a contribution. Open the crown chakra at the top of your head and intend to allow streams of well being to pour through you and out into the world. See the video for more info.

Some how it is easier to be brave for the sake of helping others.

These things sound overly simplistic. however they work because love is a much stronger vibration than fear and wants to rise up within us. Fear grips us in illusions, but the minute we tap into anything loving, happy, or hopeful we are tapping into a much greater power.

We've got this.
We are a powerful group of light beings on this planet. You are a beautiful, eternal soul, and in the right vibration, you can be in the world, but not of it, watching without participating, loving rather than living in fear.

Love you all!


Wolfgang 1st April 2020 5:27 am

Thank you so much, i am personally so glad and thankfull to hear in written words what I feel deep in my heart when i read this and your past message from the angels.
YEAH more of that please ;) :) !


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