Peace Is Seeing Perfection

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In the midst of a chaotic world or a chaotic life, you can find always peace. Peace is fleeting when it depends upon life looking as you wish. Lasting peace, however, is not dependent on outer circumstances. Lasting peace is based on the understanding that everything is always in right order if you look at life from the soul's perspective. There are those who feel anxious and disturbed in a quiet room and there are those who feel peace in the midst of bombs dropping around them.

There are many external things that disrupt your peace, but what truly disrupts your peace internally is either fear or resistance. The more you can embrace life around you as it is, and the more you can trust in the love that lies beneath all creation, the more peaceful your heart will be.

You may fear for your safety and financial security, but in reality, if you could trust that your needs will always be met you would feel peace and experience not only security but true abundance. If you knew how indestructible your soul truly is, the attacks of the world would mean little, for the light of you soul can never be destroyed or diminished... not even in death.

You may fear you will be alone forever, but if you were to trust that the Creator wants to guide you to those of like mind and like heart, you would be peaceful, radiant, and happy and you would be easily guided to your "tribe." Your peace would attract others unto you.

Try, in each moment, to say to yourself. "Life is as it is, and it is perfect in this moment for my soul's growth into love. Even as I create a happier life, I trust the perfection of this moment."

We know this is extremely difficult while you are wrapped in the paradigms of human thought. You have been taught to believe death is a finality rather than a doorway. You have been taught you cannot be happy until... You cannot be peaceful until... At times it is very hard to transcend the programming. And yet dear ones, it is our duty in the heavens to gently and lovingly remind you that if you can embrace with faith that there is a perfection in this moment that you may never understand until you look back upon your life, through the eyes of God and your soul, then peace will come.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I used to get worried about a great many things. I carried a lot of fears in with me from other lifetimes. I had memories of being in the wrong place and being killed, saying the wrong thing and being killed, and having disasters befall me. Thank God, this lifetime has not been nearly as "exciting," nonetheless, I harbored a feeling that I better be careful about what I did or said or something awful could happen.

The fear manifested in the craziest ways especially the feeling that I had to be "on top things" all the time, for example. The angels really got my attention one day when I asked them how I could be less anxious. "Remind yourself you are not ultimately in control," they suggested. "An asteroid could come through your roof at any moment." I thought their sentiments about asteroids was silly but amusing. A month later YouTube videos appeared showing asteroids burning holes through roofs in Russia. I was humbled.

I immediately started to remind myself that there were times I was not in control. Strangely that gave me peace. I realized it was the sense that I could control everything and had to control everything that once held me captive.

Of course, we are in control to a degree. We can control our thoughts if we make the effort. We can learn to allow ourselves our feelings then switch to better ones. We can choose more loving perceptions. We can change our energy and attract better circumstances. But there are some things we cannot control, other people we cannot change, and forces of nature that are way beyond our command.... at least until we become so enlightened we merge with the creative force of the universe itself and I'm not there yet.

So how do I find peace every day while hearing people's grief, pain, sadness, hatred, and disillusionment? How do I find peace in a world that is in chaos? How did I ultimately find peace after being spiritually attacked for two years, having life-threatening medical conditions, and a few other challenges these past years...?

The answer is I did what I knew to do, surrendered to what I could not control, and trusted that the power that creates universes was ultimately trying to move me into greater love and happier circumstances. The last time I got attacked by an unpleasant spirit in my sleep, I woke up and simply said, "I love you. I want you to know God's love. I am the ocean and you are the wave and I'm swallowing you in my light." It left. Peace. The last time I had a physical condition I simply spent time each day imagining it gone until I was guided to transmitters of light who helped remove its energy.

After working with angels for years I truly trust that if something doesn't look the way I wish or think it should be, there is something bigger going on beneath the surface, some growth for me, growth for others involved, or growth for humanity, that I cannot always comprehend. I trust that when I have a strong intention and do my manifesting, everything that happens, whether or not it looks disappointing or not is carrying me towards a happier future.

There are times when the world, or our own lives, look unthinkably cruel. People hurt each other, betray each other, and do horrific acts on this planet, but in reality, it is one giant vibrational dance wherein we learn to grow into greater love. It is hard to see at times. Sometimes I cannot, but more and more often now I can. Surrendering to this brings peace.

Peace truly is an "inside job" and the more we seek lasting peace, the more easily we find it.

Here are a few pointers to help you find peace this week.

1. Print a copy of the Serenity Prayer and pray it often

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

– Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

2. Control the things you can

You will feel better in a situation knowing that you are doing what you can. Even if you don't know another thing to do, you can always watch your thoughts and attempt to shift them to be in alignment with the best possible outcome for your life... given the things you cannot change.You can always pray.

3. Trust that there is always a bigger picture. Ask to see it.

Remind yourself often, the angels say:

I am sourced in love, moving towards a greater understanding of the love that I am. Absolutely everything that happens in my life is attempting to help me remember the truth of my being, so at long last I can experience nothing but love.

This one isn't easy when life hurts. It isn't easy when looking at life through human eyes. I often sit during difficult times and pray, "God let me see this through your eyes. Let me understand the bigger picture." The I attempt to surrender my judgments and be open to new understanding.

4. When you can, try to avoid people, things, and situations that disrupt your peace and seek out situations frequently where you know you will find peace.

We can't always avoid disruption and chaos – some "classes" are mandatory! However, when we can it is prudent to avoid things we know will disturb us. If the news disrupts you don't watch it. If reality shows upset you, turn them off. If Facebook posts bother you switch away from them. If a person is upsetting and you don't want to engage, remain silent or walk away.

Then find things that help you access that vibration of peace. For me, it is being out in nature. For some playing with the dog... It is different for all.

Just as we feed our body, we must do our best to feed our spirit what nourishes it and avoid what doesn't, when we are able.

There are times when life is unthinkably challenging and it is hard to find peace. There are times when we witness the unthinkable, or worse it comes into our lives. But even then with diligence and a great faith, we can lessen the upsets, and find a peace that truly surpasses all understanding.

Love you all,




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