Peace That Surpasses Understanding

Hi Dear Friends,

While the world tugs and pulls at us to join in the chaos, the angels remind us to dive inward and connect to the "peace that surpasses all understanding." Far from escaping our human responsibilities, it enables us to approach them with greater balance and clarity. I'll share some thoughts on how you can quickly and easily tune dial in, even if you don't or can't meditate.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Peace, dear ones is within your grasp this very moment. Peace is available no matter what your world is going through. Peace can be found even in the midst of disease, debt, division, and disruption. Lasting peace can never be guaranteed by your outer world. There will always be waves at the surface of the ocean, and turbulence as you look outward, into your world. Lasting peace can only be found by diving within.

Take a few moments each day to sit in silence, and breathe. It is the easiest thing to do. If you cannot quiet your mind in silence, then put on some beautiful music, or watch a video of beautiful nature. Walk slowly and with awareness. Lay on a blanket and watch the clouds. Cook with full awareness on each movement, each texture, each smell. Look into the eyes of a loved one, hold hands in silence, and breathe together. Whatever you do, take a few minutes each day in silence or beauty and just breathe.

The storms of bottled up emotions are raging upon your planet earth. They are coming in rapid and tumultuous waves. Nonetheless, beneath it all there exists a peaceful presence of Love that each and every one of you is attempting to find – first for yourselves, and then for your world. Just as one can dive deep beneath the waves on a stormy sea to find the sweet, and gentle currents of the ocean, so too, you can dive within and find the sweet and gentle currents of Divine love. No matter what the world is doing, you can choose to dive inward and find the peace that surpasses all understanding.

You are not shirking your duties as a human being when you dive inward to find peace. You are becoming more humane. You are not avoiding social ills when you dive inward to find peace. You are starting to heal them at the vibrational, root level. Systems can only be healed when every part within them is working at its best and human systems can only find peace when the human beings within them do their part from a vibration of peace.

Far from avoiding your responsibilities, diving within offers you the mental balance, stability, clarity, and guidance that you require to be effective in your outer world. Diving within resets and re-balances your body so you can remain strong and healthy. Diving within calms the emotional storms so you can respond to life as a mature spiritual being rather than reacting a wounded child.

Sometimes truth is simple. You are loved. You are love. You are made of nothing less than the Divine that chose to experience itself in all forms. You are God loving God or hating God. You are Love expanding Love or blocking Love. You are Divinity embodied in diversity. You are Source seeking a harmonious dance within all parts of Self. You are not separate. You never have been. When a wave relaxes into the gentle movements of the ocean rather than being buffeted by the storms above, it finds peace. When you relax into the depths of your very Source, through simply breathing with awareness, then you too will find peace instead of being buffeted by the storms of your outer world

Dear ones, you breathe because God breathes life into you and through you. When you sit, breathe, and receive, you are simply allowing yourself to feel who and what you truly are. You are allowing yourself to feel the Source within you that says, "No matter what you witness in your world, there is always love attempting to emerge in every human heart."

To the degree this love is blocked, there is chaos, illness, violence, hatred, and upset. To the degree each soul allows this love there is peace, health, unity, love, and contentment. Love one another by all means, but also we implore you from the heavens, love yourselves enough to dedicate a few moments of your time each day to diving inward, to being present to beauty or embracing silence as you simply breathe.

Your world needs your peace right now. As you take a few moments to detach from the chaos and embrace a greater truth – that you are all loved and held in the heart of the Divine – you will become the ones whose light shines forth in this world. You will be the ones to speak with a voice of loving reason. You will be the ones strong enough to inspire others. You will be the ones that embody the truth of your very being, loving yourselves first, then spreading that love and peace as it spirals outwards through you into your families, your communities, and ultimately your world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Although it might sound crazy for someone who has talked to angels for over 25 years and channels an energy that has facilitated healings I can hard wrap my mind around, I've never been a consistent meditator.

I learned to turn my brain off a long time ago when my first spiritual teacher made me sit for hours - at least four at a time. She told me not to meditate. Not to do anything special, but sit. I could get up to get a glass of water, or use the restroom. That was it.

My mind went nuts as minds are apt to do. After a few hours however, I got bored with my own endless mental loops and started looking around the room. I noticed the furniture that needed polishing, the dustbunnie under the armoire, and then suddenly the way the light filtered in through the window in a glittering pattern on the floor. I noticed the patterns on the leaves of a plant I passed every day, and the smell of last night's delicious meal lingering in the air.

The more I got present, the more the moment became timeless. And then something magic happened. My mind turned itself off. I simply became the observer. I looked around the room where I lived and worked every day and I saw it, without any words. It suddenly looked indescribably beautiful – dust bunnies and all! We were one. One energy. One love. No separation. I was part of it all. How could I have ever missed this reality beneath reality?

I don't have time to sit for hours anymore, but I do take time in some fashion to find time for peace. Whether it is five minutes on the patio listening to the birds while I eat breakfast, or an hour meditation before bed, I dive inward. It is the only way I can be there for the hundreds of people that write me every week, for my clients, for the people who follow me on social media, for my family, and for you. Without these "breathers" I could easily get sucked into the sadness, anger, and fear going on around us. Far from removing me from being useful in the world, the time spent in Divine peace, gives me the energy to be more useful.

Most of us were raised in a culture that celebrates doing and devalues "being" and yet in giving myself the gift of being at peace, I share more. In giving myself the gift of silence, I can sort through useless thoughts and discern what to say. In giving myself the gift or Presence in beautiful moments, I can share the timeless sense of goodness with others.

The world wants you to DO first, BE second. God and the angels gently remind us that there is more power in our DOing, when we come from a place of BEing in love and peace.

Here are a few pointers how to embrace the deeper peace this week.

1. Get Present – Quickly!

I know few of us have hours to sit, so try my simple technique for getting present.

Sit anywhere, anytime. Look around you. Challenge yourself to really notice everything. Then see if you can notice something you missed. Look again. You are getting present. Finally look for something beautiful or interesting. Appreciate it. Admire it. Allow yourself to feel grateful for this moment. Then see if you can apply that feeling to all you see. Appreciation without words brings Powerful, Peaceful Presence.

This is one my quick tricks for going within when I still have to function, eyes open, in the external world.

2. Try to focus on what you're doing... and then recreate it inwardly

This is easiest if you're doing something you enjoy - baking, exercising, dancing, walking, petting your dog, playing with your child. Try to engage all your senses in the activity. Really look at the situation, things, and people you are with. Really listen. Smell. Feel. If you're eating, taste. Our senses pull us into the present moment if we allow for them to do so. Really engage in, and savor this beautiful moment.

Later when you're stressed or having a busy day, or just feeling "off," sit quietly. Shut your eyes, and see if you can recall this beautiful moment inwardly. Remember the sights, sounds, words, feelings, smells, and possibly tastes. Enjoy a moment of inner blissful energy by remembering a time you felt that way.

3. Sit, Breathe, Receive...

Sit, breathe, and watch your breath. If you need a trick to keep your mind from wandering start with your age and count backwards. Or try to spell your name backwards, till your mind gives up and relaxes. Or see if you can give yourself compliment beginning with each letter of the alphabet... I'm awesome, beautiful, caring, daring, exciting, fun... You get the idea.

Do something with your brain that is focused and yet not the norm. This engages different circuits than the usual ones that trigger the same old thoughts. You'll be less busy-minded when done with your little exercise and more able to sit and breathe in peace.

Traditional meditation is proven to provide blissful states of peace. These days I am doing it every day and in every spare moment. I've never craved it so much. If you can do it, and if you have the time, it is one of the best ways to find this inner peace. If you don't, however, try some of the quick tricks above.

As Gandhi said, we are all trying to "be the change we wish to see in the world."

Love you all!
Peace be with you,



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