Permission To Be Happy

Hi Dear Friends,

This week, the angels remind us that we have permission to be happy no matter what the world is doing. They talk about how and why granting ourselves this very "natural-to-the-soul" state of being is a blessing for ourselves and others.

I'll share some personal examples and tips on how to shift into this beautiful and happier mindset. It's fine to shine :)

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In your hearts you want to be happy. In your hearts you want to feel connected. In your hearts you have dreams and desires. These exist right here, right now, within you. They are not yet tangible in your 3D reality, but they exist, nonetheless, quite real, in the world of energy.

When you think of these desires and fantasize about having them in your life, you feel good. When you think about not having them you feel bad. When you think about having them you feel inspired, guided, and clear. When you think about not having them, you can easily fall into depression, despair, and despondency.

As you ponder this, you will see quite easily that when you think of what you desire with eager anticipation, you are in the exact and perfect vibration to be guided straight to it. Your stream of energy is perfectly synchronized with the stream of energy leading you to what you want. You are tuned into the vibration of the outcome you wish for.

When you think of what you desire with feelings of sadness, resignation, hopelessness, anger, frustration, or any of those other not-so-pleasant feelings, it is as if your dreams are on the FM channel and you are tuned into the AM channel. No matter how much effort you exert you cannot get to them easily until you shift your energy field. The good news is that it is easy to shift your energy field, simply by shifting your thoughts. Choose to fantasize about what you want. Choose thoughts that make you feel good. And when your minds wander back into unharmonious thoughts, choose better ones again.

It takes practice, but in time, you can become the master of your mind.

We know external circumstances are compelling. If you dream of abundance, but have little in the bank account while all the while the world is crying for lack, it takes willpower to shift your thoughts. However you can shift your thought to a space where you imagine what it would feel like to experience and appreciate the abundance around you, and therefore attract more.

If you dream of a beautiful loving relationship but have experienced only negative ones and/or periods of loneliness, it takes willpower to shift thoughts to a space where you can imagine being the person you want to be with the person you want to be with!

If all you see on the news is death, doom and disease, it takes a bit of mental effort to shift your thoughts towards your own feelings of well-being.

The good news is that you can shift your thoughts, one circumstance at a time.

Imagine that you are in a car with an old-fashioned radio dial. You are the driver's seat. A very negative friend is in the passenger's seat. You select a radio station that plays happy music and ads that say you can have all your dreams come true. This makes you even happier! You begin to dance in your seat and look forward to all your dreams! You feel validated, inspired, and even more uplifted!

This is too much joy for your sad friend to bear. They switch to a station with sad songs, and broadcasts talking about all the bad news in the world. You feel temporarily annoyed but you change back to your happy station and continue to dance in your seat and smile. Your negative friend can't bear this! They switch back to the station back to the sad songs. Now you have a choice. Are you just going to shift back to your happy station and proceed to feel good, inviting your friend to sing with you? Are you going to waste your time getting frustrated with the friend and defending your choice while all the while the sad songs play in the background? Or, worse yet, are you going to just say, "Well it's OK. I'll listen to those sad songs if it makes you happy." Of course it never does.

This happens all too often in your lives. You get in touch with a desire to feel good. You temporarily allow yourself to feel good... and then either someone in the outer world, or the voices in your own head insist on focusing on something unpleasant – gloom, doom, statistics, probabilities, why you can't have what you want, why you never get what you've wanted, why the world prevents you from getting what you want, how you can't afford what you want, or don't have the time, or how others are in the way... and the list goes on.

Dear ones when those voices – either your own or someone else's – start to usurp your joy, change the station! When an inner voice, the outer world, or someone else tries to steal your joy, take charge of your own thoughts.

Forget about trying to convince others that they should like your joyful broadcast, your happy thoughts, your good feelings, and eventually your successful, amazing life. Instead allow yourself to have your joyful broadcast, your happy thoughts, your good feelings, and eventually your successful life.

To many of you this might feel selfish, insensitive, or uncaring but we assure you that from a place of true joy, true anticipation, true happy thoughts and good feelings, you will become someone who inspires others, not because you convince them to be inspired, but because your happiness becomes positively contagious.

Just as easily as fear has infected the minds of the masses this year, your joy – which is far more powerfully compelling because it is powered by the Divine – can "go viral," only after you allow it for yourself first.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I'll never forget a reading a long time ago where the angels told a dear soul that she had "permission to be happy." It sounded funny to say that at first, but it was exactly what she needed to hear. They've since said it to many souls over the years. Permission to be happy, granted by heaven, and "hopefully," the angels say, "granted by yourself to yourself."

I've thought about that a lot. The world has conditioned us and trained us. We've been told when we should be allowed to be happy and when we should not. Basically we were trained to feel happy when we made those around us happy and comfortable, and trained to feel bad when we did not. Our natural tendency to feel joyful was often tainted by those tuned into a different broadcast.

Look at children and animals however and you'll see there is a natural tendency to feel good and to take delight in almost all circumstances, and when they don't, to seek joy as soon as possible.

A child spills milk, and it is a glorious experience of cool beautiful white liquid flowing all over the place... until they feel judgment or censure. They break a bone and cry briefly when they hurt, but pretty soon they're showing off all the signatures on their cast. They may cry when they get an "owie" but as soon as the bandage is on, they're back to playing and showing off their bandage. Children predominantly pay more attention to their own joyful broadcast, unless the broadcast of others is overpowering.

Likewise my dog, years ago, loved to visit people at gatherings. He fully expected treats, love, and attention. If he didn't get that from one person, he didn't waste time wondering "why they were ignoring him," "what was wrong with them", or god-forbid, "if he'd done anything wrong!" He just went happily onward wagging at the next person till he either got what he wanted or got bored trying. If he didn't get treats or attention, he'd go find his squeaky toy and annoy everyone at the gathering until we couldn't help but participate in his joy and play with him! As well, God forbid if I didn't wake up in the middle of the night when he wanted me to - he figured out that it was both fun (and noisy) to jump in the tub and prance till I woke up and joined in the fun, grinning with such profound impishness that I just couldn't be mad.

The innocent look for reasons to be happy and if none are present in the external world, they make up new reasons and find new ways to create better feelings.

We can too. I practice this all the time. When something – inner thoughts, outer circumstances, or angry people – try, even unconsciously, to rob me of my joy, I remind myself, I have permission to be happy no matter what the world is doing. I have permission t to be happy no matter what my old, worn-out, tired, useless programmed thoughts are going on about. I have permission to be happy even if those around me are not.

It is by choosing my own joy – choosing to focus on what good I can, looking for silver linings and unexpected blessings – that I can manage to live in a world that is crying in pain, give all I do, answer thousands of emails, and still enjoy my own life. It is only in my own joy that I can go into the inner worlds of vibration and make a difference in prayer and emanating vibrations of calm, peace, healing, and protection. In choosing my joy, I plug into the power of the Divine and unite with a vibration that can accomplish far more in my life and on behalf of others than I could personally in a lower vibrational state of worry or upset.

This understanding came in very handy these past few weeks. One person I care deeply about was in a bad accident. Another is in isolation in ICU. Still another is having a serious medical crisis and lucky to be alive. In my past I would have been agonized and distraught, trying hard to figure out what to "do" when, for various reasons, there is little I can "do" in the 3D world right now. I would have spiraled into worry and fear. I would have felt it impossible to be happy and had a hard time taking care of all the others I serve. Now I know better. If I want to be of true service – if I want to help them truly heal instead of serving my own worrisome ego – I can't afford to stay in a lower vibration.

So, in each case, when I got the news, I took a breath, resisted my old patterns to spring into fear-based, frenzied action, and made it a priority to spiral my thoughts upward. It wasn't easy! How could I feel good when souls I cared about were in crisis? It took quite a few tries. "OK, breathe Ann..." I talked to myself. "I'm worried. Understandable, but worry doesn't help anyone. Where's your power? Well I believe in the power of prayer."

Hopefulness set in. "I've helped many with prayers and energy, why not now?" Optimism crept in. Resolve followed. "I know I can help, because help doesn't come from me, it comes through me. I can pray. I can open up to Divine love and aim it by picturing them whole, healed, and healthy! I know I can do this!" The weird joy of spirit flooded my being. "Thank GOD for God! I can help after all!" I felt passionate as the energy started to flow.

Love, flowing for any reason whatsoever, is blissful.

From that place of feeling joyfully empowered by spirit and truth, I closed my eyes, opened my heart and imagined light pouring into each situation. Instead of calling everyone I knew, or googling frantically for answers, I waited till guided. In one case I loudly heard the exact cause of the problem in my mind and was able to email the relative of the individual who confirmed it had been their thought as well. Healing is now in progress.

In the case of another I won't receive updates because the person who gave me the news is too busy, so instead I send light and trust my intuition as I witness the progress. In still another case, I've been guided to send energy and take joyful action. In a space of my own happy connection to spirit, I not only allow myself to enjoy my own life but can powerfully serve others.

In a space of connection with any love, joy, beauty, truth, appreciation, or goodness, the power of the One Love is there, rising up from within, to guide us.

Give yourself permission to be happy. We aren't going to be happy about many things of course. I'm not thrilled about covid, angry people, kindergarten politics, big bills, bug stings, and many other things. But we have choice! We have things we can be happy about if we focus on them. As the angels say, life is a buffet – why not celebrate and digest the things you do like?

Even if it goes against our conditioning, it is in perfect alignment with our soul to find reasons to feel good – even if the world, the voices in your head, or those around you aren't giving you an easy time doing it.

The good news is that the more you practice spiraling your thoughts upward, the easier it gets, the more powerfully you feel connected with the Divine and in that space, the more powerfully you can assist the world and those around you.

Here are a few pointers how to help you give yourself permission to be happy...

1. Ask yourself, "How can I be of greater service – in misery, worry, fear, or in joy?"

You already know the answer. Joy is a more powerful place. True joy is not a celebration of others' misery, and yet somehow we were trained to feel that by being in joy we are being insensitive to another's pain. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Years ago the angels said to me, "Ann if your friend is in quicksand, do you help them more by standing above and offering a hand, or by getting in with them and letting them try to climb on your head to get out." That's an easy answer. If you get in, you both sink.

Likewise if you join others in their vibration of fear, worry, pain, and anger, you become incapable of truly helping them out of it. Far better to be in a higher vibe and offer compassionate inspiration, assistance, or guidance.

The angels aren't asking us to rub our joy in the face of those in pain. They aren't asking us to be insensitive or uncaring. They aren't asking us to make another wrong for being where they are. They are just reminding us that from a higher, happier place we have the stamina, the grace, the connection, and the guidance to be of greater service.

2. Be a firefly, not a fly...

I didn't come up with that line! The angels just said in my head, "Which would you rather have buzzing around your back yard, "Fireflies or flies." I think many of us would choose the fireflies with their beautiful blinking beacons!

In a lower vibe, we can approach a friend in need, and our worry, fear, or doubts are like an annoying fly buzzing around that becomes a burden. Instead of receiving true assistance or compassion from us, they often feel they have to help us feel better about their pain. Nobody wins.

In a higher happier vibe, we have a glow about us. We smile for no good reason. We believe in the good. When you approach a friend in need, in this space, your kindness, optimism, encouragement, and care are apparent. In this space, you're the firefly offering a beacon of hope. Everybody wins.

3. Remind yourself, "Somebody's got to go first!"

In a world that has many swirling negative vibrations, someone's got to go first into the higher, happier realms of energy so we can lift up the whole!

The more of us that choose to focus on our well-being, the more of us will be healthy, and the quicker the promise of well being will spread in the mass consciousness.

The more of us that choose to appreciate the abundance life offers, in whatever way it comes (friends, food, work, toilet paper, pumpkins, health...) the quicker the economy will rise up.

The more of us that choose to believe in Divine grace and goodness, the more this truth will awaken in human hearts.

Your joy is not selfish. It is an experience of truth, an expression of the reality of your connection with a higher power. We won't be there all the time. Sometimes the world is very compelling and wants to tug us downward. Sometimes our own thoughts are like a gravitational pull into a black hole! Sometimes others challenge us to stay in a higher vibe.

Nonetheless, one better thought at a time, we can spiral upward into a more inspiring and empowering space, where we become beacons of light, truth, hope, and inspiration for the world.

Bliss be unto you, or at least comfort, kindness, and hope :)
Love you all!



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