My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Never in your days are you without options. Even when it seems you have no options in your present condition, you do! You have complete control over how you choose to perceive the situation. Do you choose to perceive your life with gratitude or grumbling? Do you choose to see lack or abundance? Do you choose to feel rich or poor? Do you choose to focus on being loved or unloved.

Always and forevermore dear ones, all perceptions exist all at once. God loves you immeasurably even if no one else on earth did, and if you focus on that, you would love yourself more, and presto! You would attract others who love you as well. There is abundance all around you dear ones. Think of those less fortunate than you when you feel lack and give thanks for all you do have. Look for the abundance, focus on it, feel it, and then you will attract more. Are you sick? Can you recall a time when you felt wonderful and give thanks that you remember what that felt like? Or can you imagine it? If so you have begun the road to recovery.

Your minds dear ones are tools, given to you by God for you to use to perceive your physical universe and your human existence. They have been programmed, in many cases, by everyone and everything other than your own soul! Take back your power dear friends, by taking back your own mind. Choose, over and over and over again, until you create new mental habits, to see love, to see abundance, to see well being, to see joy, and to see the good in everything. In this fashion you begin to create the existence you want, right now, from the inside out.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

The angel message is very personal again for me this week. My fluffy elder over here is one tough character! Some days he is sweet as sugar. Other days he is the most tantrum throwing cantankerous being I've ever cared for. And so no matter what occurs, I am working diligently on choosing a peaceful and loving perspective. I don't always succeed, but I'm getting pretty good at it.

This dog is be my personal trainer for choosing peace. The minute I sit down to eat he wakes up and starts fussing. The minute I sneak in the shower or lay down for the night or try to sit in front of the television at night, he starts up again. It is as if he is saying, "Ok, can you choose peace now?" So I stop, breathe, focus on my love for him and go in and reassure him that I'm still here even if I'm taking a little time for me. He settles down, smiles, and naps. Mission accomplished! He is my personal trainer for not taking on other's chaotic emotions. He can pitch a fit that goes on for hours until I come do what he wants. The other night the angels told me quite clearly to let him be by himself while he threw a tantrum, and to detach from his energy. It wasn't easy but as I finally managed not to feel horrible for letting him go on like that, he settled down. "God grant me serenity, as I learn my lessons," is a frequent prayer!

Life truly is all about the perspective we bring to it. I could feel totally sorry for myself. I could ignore my guidance and put my dog down. I could fly off the handle every time he fusses, or I could be a total martyr. Or I can choose to look at my lessons, love my dog, and strive for a balance between his care and mine. The last one seems to be the best option. It is forcing me to live in the moment, surrender to what "is", choose love over and over, pay very special attention to my own needs and trust God's timing on the rest. It has forced me to give up any feelings of victimization and own my choices. I do laundry at 3am because I choose to embrace his process and mine. I do not "have to" do this. God would love me no matter what. I choose it. I keep telling him when he gets to heaven there will be steak with cheese on it, ice cream with cherries, and all the kleenex he can eat! He smiles :)

So this week, see if you can get out of your habitual way of looking at things and choose a happier way of looking at things. When someone cuts you off in traffic instead of thinking, "You jerk!" see if you can choose some other perspective. Bless them. They need it. When you look at your bank account and don't feel there is as much as you'd like, look around and give thanks for what you do have. When you look at someone in your life who is difficult, try to see they are only wounded and focus on the of their being, no matter how buried it might seem.

While choosing new perspectives takes work, it sure makes life a happier and more blessed experience, even when times are challenging.

Love and hugs! Have a happy week.



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