Programming Your Sleep

Hi Dear Friends!

Sleep is a quiet time for the mind, but a busy time for the soul. Enjoy the angels' tips on how to use it well, and how to get to sleep if you have trouble. I'll share my evening and morning routines that make sleep a wonderful too for creating a beautiful day!

Enjoy also my recipe for soothing "golden milk" before bed :)

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your sleep is a rich and productive time. It is a time when the majority of your spirit leaves your physical body and visits the heavens. You can engage in a multitude of activities while your awareness is in these other dimensions.

Some of you have “planning meetings” with your angels. You examine your upcoming choices, creations, and the many possible pathways for your upcoming growth.

Many of you receive our love, nurturing, and encouragement. Earth is a tough school and often you just need love and support so you can move forward with renewed energy in your lessons here upon the earth.

Sometimes you have long discussions wit other souls whom you know on earth. You talk about how you can help each other grow, whether or not the relationship is productive, or whether it is time to move along. You talk about what might have to change in both of you to catalyze each other's growth more kindly.

You also make plans from time to time, with souls you want to meet in your waking life. You discuss the growth you wish to do together.

Many of you spend time with your dearly departed loved ones, just enjoying a picnic or a walk here in heaven.

You can set your intentions before bed if you have something specific you'd like to do in your sleep! You can say, "I'd like the healing angels to work on my body while my soul is nurtured and comforted." "I'd like to meet up with a loved one." "I'd like help in solving this or that problem in my life." "I'd like to wake up with greater clarity in my life."

The choices are infinite. Imagine waking up with your intentions fulfilled, feeling refreshed, alive, awake, and grateful for another day of life... no matter how much or little sleep you get. Feel it. In this fashion, you program your sleep and your waking before you drift off into the other realms.

If you have trouble falling asleep call upon us. Perhaps you are fearful, excited, or just have a lot on the mind. Perhaps you heard your parents argue or had something frightening happen at one point in the night. You are safe now. We are with you.

Breathe in slowly and deeply. Breath out even more slowly. Imagine us all around you for we will be there laying our hands upon your heart, soothing your forehead, and gently whispering, "Relax dear one. All is well." Breathe in our love, slowly. Breathe out your concerns, slowly. Keep breathing in this fashion while we work with you to gently loosen your energy from the day's concerns or future anticipations until your spirit can slip sweetly into the other realms.

In the morning, before you move, record your dreams. You can interpret them later if you like.

Most importantly of all is to lie quietly upon awakening and give thanks for the day ahead. Imagine the best possible day. Ask your angels for help with all you'd like to accomplish, or just simply pray, "Dear Divine Source please help me have the most loving day possible. I am open and ready to receive your love."

Finally, when you are ready to move, imagine your spirit is like hand slipping into a glove. Breathe yourself all the way back into the body. Before you move, set your intentions for the day. Ask your angels for the help you need. Imagine your day going extremely well. Now slowly rise and feel your feet on the floor. Stretch. Give thanks for the day and for anything else you feel grateful for.

This, dear ones, is your spiritual coffee! This type of routine, or any other that makes you feel alive, loved, grounded and ready for the day in an invaluable asset in enjoying your daily life.

Your physical sleep is rich with opportunity for the soul. Program it with clear intent. Imagine waking up in bliss. Then, dear friends you will find each and every morning a true resurrection of the soul.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

"To sleep, perchance to dream," said Shakespeare’s Hamlet, hoping to escape the trials of earthy life in death or slumber. I love my sleeping time and look forward to the rest, rejuvenation, release, and reprogramming that it offers. It is anything but inactive!

In my earlier days, I'd just pass out after a long day, but now I go through a whole routine before bed, programming my sleep, defining spiritual boundaries, and deciding what I want upon awakening.

I didn't even know the need for this until I went through a phase where all sorts of spirits were showing up in the middle of the night, asking for help! I'll never forget one of them. "Hi, I'm Louise. I committed suicide and I heard you could help. I don't know where to go." I felt sad for her. Most souls, even suicides go into the light but she hadn't figured it out. Perhaps she had no one to pray for her. I woke up and guided her into the light.

After that I started to set a strong intention before bed:

“Only spirits of light and love are allowed near me in my sleep and dreams."

I didn't realize how strongly that worked until a dear client wrote me and said she had a habit of astral traveling (getting out of body consciously) at night and had come to visit me. Apparently she heard a kind but firm voice say, "I'm sorry. You'll have to go. You're not allowed." We both thought that was pretty funny!

Next up I went through a phase where I was waking up with my heart pounding as if I was running for my life. My angels told me I was clearing out past lives. I added another intention to my nightly repertoire:

"My sleep is where I plan my joys, release my fears, and receive healing for my body. My sleep is where I find greater love to bring into my life. If I have anything to release it happens well before I wake up and I don't need to remember it!"

That was much better. Recently the angels told me to start programming my awakening too! After saying my nighttime intentions, I then lie still and imagine waking up feeling refreshed, awake, and happy. If there's anything I need clarity on, I imagine waking up with the answer. If I want healing, I imagine waking up healed. If I want strength, I imagine waking up stronger.

Then when I awaken, I lie still with eyes closed, recalling any dreams I've had. I record them on the iPad by the bed and interpret later. I pay attention to feelings or thoughts I have. They're often the response to my previous night's intention.

Most of the time when I do this I wake up feeling wonderful, and when I don't I just take a few minutes to breathe my soul back into my body until I am able to move and feel like I'm all here upon the earth again!

I've talked to many of you who can't sleep. Sometimes that is me too! I think too much or I get too excited! On those nights I just breathe slowly and deeply, call in the angels to receive their love and nurturing, and lay there in a meditative state all night, knowing I'll get the rejuvenation I need simply from relaxing, releasing, and surrendering to love!

Here are some pointers to help your sleep be productive and restful time...

1. Create your own bedtime affirmations

You can use mine from above, or you can create your own. The gist should be that you are surrounded only by loving spirits in your slip, and your sleep is time to plan your joy. You can add intentions to visit loved ones (you may not remember but you will!), to wake up with clarity, etc.

2. Give your cares to the angels before bed...
and use a few tricks to doze off...

If your mind won't quit and you have many concerns, write them down or tell your angels what you wan them to work on for you, while you sleep. Practice letting go of control by imagining that you are releasing a balloon for each concern. Imagine it drifting to the heavens.

Now breathe slowly and deeply in and slower out. This type of breathing, I found out recently, stimulates the vagus nerve which calms the entire body, if you do it long enough. Try five seconds in, hold for five seconds and six seconds out. Hold for 5 then repeat.

Another trick is to look up, with eyes open as if you are trying to look through your third eye (middle of forehead). Keep the eyes fixed here until you cannot keep them open. Keep breathing... most of the time you'll drift off.

3. Awaken with Grace

If you can remember before you sleep, imagine waking up rested and happy about the day. When you first awaken, record dreams if you are into that. Give thanks for the day ahead. List off as many things as you can think of that you are grateful for. This attunes you to the frequency of love.

Now ask your angels for help with anything and everything you want to accomplish that day... "Help me do great work with a cheerful attitude. Help me have that tough conversation. Assist me in being more loving." Imagine being proud of yourself and thrilled with the help you've received at the end of the day.


These few extra minutes before bed and upon awakening make a huge difference, not only in your nighttime activities, but also in creating greater grace, ease, and love, in your days!

This week... sleep with the angels!
Love you all!



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