Release Yourself To Adventure

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Release yourselves to the adventure of life! We have spoken a great deal lately about releasing yourself from expectations. Can you imagine the freedom if you release life from expectations and instead just enjoy each day for the gifts it offers? Can you imagine having your plans and desires but also being open, as a child is, to the adventures of life? Can you trust, as a child does, that the Divine loves you and wants the best for you?

As you approach your holiday season, so many of you have so many plans! This is wonderful! You anticipate creating loving gifts, love celebrations, loving gatherings with one another. We love the love with which you plan and dream of your celebrations! However, so many of you have a tendency also to slip into stress. When you forget the love behind your plans and presents, then life ceases to be an adventure and becomes a burden.

Suppose you very much want to find the perfect present for someone you love. You discover you cannot afford it. Or you cannot think of something. Or the store is out of what you wanted to purchase. You don't have as much time as you need to make it... there may be a whole host or reasons why you cannot fulfill your original loving intent. Instead of fretting and getting upset, and feeling badly, be open to the adventure of life! "OK God! You created me and inspired my intention to gift this person I love. You know my situations, my finances, and my time. You know the heart of the one I love. Guide me to the perfect present." In surrendering to the loving adventure in life, you will be guided to something that delights all involved, although it may look nothing like you originally planned.

Suppose you very much want to enjoy a celebration with family but then you discover a cantankerous family member is going to be present. You can sigh with resignation and decide your fun is over before it begins. You can brace yourself and prepare to do battle. You can close up and slog your way through the meal. Or you can open to the loving adventure of life. "Dear God, this person is a challenge for me. Change them. Change my heart. Change the situation... but please help us find away to love and interact with kindness during my celebration." In so doing you open up to the miracles life has to offer.

Believe dear ones, that God loves you. The Divine wants to help you create a harmonious and loving experience of life – for yourself and all involved! Open to the adventure. By all means, have your expectations, make your plans, express your desires, but also be open to the dance, to the unexpected, to the miraculous possibility that life has to offer. You never know... just possibly the Creator might just want better for you than you can dream!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann

In early October, Braco – the man from Croatia whose gift of channeling energy through his gaze has transformed the lives of thousands – was in California for the premiere of a documentary about his life. Unfortunately the show was originally scheduled for the day before I taught a class in Sedona. There was no way I could attend. I sent out the signal to the universe, "I'd love to be there but I can't. Maybe next time." Soon I found out the date had changed to one day earlier! I was elated! I could fly to California Thursday morning, attend the even Thursday night, fly back Friday and drive to Sedona the following day to teach my class!

A dear client gave me free standby airline tickets. I found a cheap motel. I got tickets for the event to the late show and later when a dear friend couldn't go, she gave me her tickets to the early one. I was going to meet friends early for coffee then lunch, and just see what showed up in terms of which show I would attend and who I'd go with. Everything seemed like such a beautiful plan.

I got off the plane and the friends I was going to meet for coffee had a change in plans. So I did as I always do and went inward. The guidance was to sit at a coffee shop and review my class material. In the two hours hadn't anticipated having free, I rearranged the class to be more to my current state of understandings and was quite pleased with it! Sitting outside of a coffee shop;, enjoying the cool California air wasn't a bad place to work either!

My friends showed up and to my surprise one of them told me she was going with me to the Braco event. We left for Hollywood early and had a delightful afternoon skipping along the stars on the sidewalks, exploring vintage clothing shops and finally making our way to the premiere. Neither one of my tickets was on the books so they let us in to the early show. Innocently we, and a few others, went to the theater early and got good seats before they let everyone else in.

Braco came out for a live gaze after the movie, and once again I surrendered completely to the adventure, trusting God to bring through whatever I needed. Before he even walked out, my energy expanded way beyond my physical body and began pulsating as if I was a giant heartbeat in an infinite energy field. I turned to light and watched him turn to light then saw everyone else dissolve in a sea of white light... while only eyes connected. I would have been satisfied with this miraculous day as it was, but the icing on the cake was meeting friends for a dinner I had not expected.

I got on the standby flight the following morning without a problem, flew home, studied for the class and was filled with energy to teach the following day!

Life can be such an adventure when we dance with it, releasing ourselves from plans if things look differently and just anticipating that God is up to something good!

Here are a few tips to enjoy life as a joyful adventure this week...

1. Make your plans but if something doesn't look as you wish, open to the loving adventure of life

If something doesn't go according to plans, rather than assuming the worst, wallowing in disappointment, or fretting that everything is ruined, stop. Take a breath. Ask a simple question, "OK God, what do you want for me right now?" Trust the answer.

2.Assume the best

The Divine and the angels really do want to love us more than we could ever possibly even begin to imagine! Think of someone you love. Think of how much you desire to share with them, how much you want to give them, how much you would love to make their lives easier. Now multiply that by infinity and you'll know how loved we all are! Its nearly inconceivable!

However, there is one catch! We have to stop trying to control how everything must look! By all means, intend what you want but be open to more. Assume you are being guided always to the most loving experience. Adopting this attitude alone, this truth, will change your life!

3. Listen to your own heart, even if it disagrees with your own plans

Sometimes we think we really want to do something and then we change our minds. You get all dressed up to go out and figure out you don't really feel like it. You have this huge ambition to send holiday cards but then you think of something more fun to do. You dream of cooking a "Martha Stewart" meal but you really just want to order out and spend time with friends. Let your heart rule your head even if that means changing your plans!

Here's a wish for a blessed and joyous beginning to the holiday season. May it bring us all a more loving adventure of life!

Love you all!



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