Remember Love

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Let go of your worries. Let go of your cares. Open your hearts and breathe in all the love that is waiting to pour into your lives. Never have you been without love. That was only your perception. Never have you been without help. That was only an illusion. Even now, as we speak, angels stand waiting to assist you, waiting to awaken the love of the Creator within you, to help you feel your connection with Life and Love itself, for in that space, all good things can flow into all areasof your life.

You are not on earth to make money, although we celebrate money made with love. You are not on earth to find the perfect partner, although we celebrate loving partnership. You are not on earth to build bridges, start centers, or heal anyone else, although these are beautiful and necessary endeavors that certainly serve as vehicles for the one and only true purpose of being on earth itself...

You are here to remember and re-experience your connection with Love - the love that creates you, the love that breathes life into you, the love that has never abandoned you, never seen you as anything less than beautiful, perfect, whole, and holy. This Love of the Divine knows who you really are. We, the angels know who you really are. You are nothing less than an embodiment of love in a human body, trying to remember that beautiful heavenly experience. So is everyone and everythingelse in your creation.

Being human is an exquisite adventure. There is such a depth of love and feeling even in your tears. There is such a strength of spirit even in your challenges. There is such a desire for loving growth that arises even in the darkest chaos. Dear ones, there is nothing and never was anything other than love, trying to remember itself, reveal itself, and revel in itself!

You connect with this love, Divine Love, by connecting with any love. When you witness something beautiful, you remember this love. When you appreciate yourself or anyone else you connect with this love. When you are kind to yourself or another, you feel this love. Any small loving act – either love given or love graciously received – reconnects you with the eternal source of your being. As you seek love, see love, and strive to be loving, you reconnect with your deepest andmost eternal nature. In spite of all human appearances, this is who and what you really are.

Be kind to yourselves dear ones. Treat yourselves as if there is nothing less than Divine love within you. When you dress, you are clothing the Divine. When you eat, you are feeding the Divine. When you go to work you have an opportunity to allow Divine love to work through you. When you drive in traffic you can allow Divine love to surface for all you pass, or you can feel separate. In every moment you have a choice to feel the love that lives and breathes in all things, even if onlyin a simply act of self-acceptance. Connect with this love dear friends, as often as you can. It will transform your life. Love, Divine Love wants so very much to love you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

Ever since filming Series 7 of Ann & the Angels I feel as if I'm "Alice in Wonderland." I walk around and suddenly connect with the Love that lives in all of us. I feel my heart expand, the energy start to flow and the most exquisite feeling of connection with the heavens and the earth. It is not a steady state just yet. It happens "randomly" although I don't really believe in chance. A client sits down with a heavy heart, and this Love "turns on" and starts to flow to them. I'm waiting in line at the grocery store, and it "turns on." It has its own intelligence and timing and I love not being in charge. This is the energy I surrender to when I gaze. Even that seems to have deepened. In truth, the angels say, the love does not "turn on." It is always there. There are just moments where both myself and another are open to it, and suddenly we begin to feel its flow. Like an invisible river running through all of creation it silently waits for us to acknowledge its Presence.

More and more, I am starting to feel this love look through my eyes at others with wonder. There "I AM!" And there. And there "I AM" again... It feels like a beautiful Presence of which I'm (Ann is) just a small expression. Its playful, childlike, joyous, and sometimes rather humorous. Even looking at grumpy people in the airport on the way back from filming, I saw them with a childlike sense of amusement and compassion. "There I AM again... just not aware yet!" Itis hard to put into words, but I'm trying...

Gazing last week was a much deeper experience too. Rivers of love flowed through me. I can't think in that space. I just feel my heart expanding beyond words, and I lose any sense of being in a body. I feel like a field of awareness that wants to reach out and reveal itself to everyone tapping in. It feels as if we share a secret... I am you. You are me. We are different expressions of the One Love. It is so beautiful.

And while I know it is not everyone's calling to feel this way, you can always take time in the day to sit and surrender to the Love that creates us, or to the angels' Love, for in truth they are expressions of the same. Just sit, breathe, and intend to receive. Your intention alone, sincerely expressed, will open you to have this beautiful energy flow into your body, your home, your life, and beyond that to your dear ones. Such a simple thing to do, and yet perhaps the most powerful intention we can have... "I receive love." In truth, we ARE love, but the human self, can say it intends to receive ... and thus receive an awareness of that which has always been there.

I tend to talk about to more "practical" matters in most newsletters, but every now and then I am overwhelmed with the desire to share the other realities I experience. When my life is off kilter, I go back to receiving or sharing love. When I need something I don't know how to achieve, I go back to receiving or sharing love. When I want to help someone else, I receive and share love and intend for it to flow downstream to them. When I first started channeling healing energy years ago, I was taught to just be open – not to direct it, but to be open and trust it. That still applies, whether I'm doing readings, gazing, or living my life.

It is my dearest wish for all on this planet to know and feel this magnificent love that is our constant source of Being – not the warm fuzzy feeling of human love, but rather an expansive energy that fills the heart and extends into all creation, that accepts everything within you, makes everything look perfect, and reminds you that you are so, so much more than this body.

Sit, breathe, and receive after reading this... Focus on your heart and see what you feel. I'm surrendering to this love and praying you feel its bliss.

I love you all.
Have a blessed and beautiful week.

PS - If you want another dose of love, I'm doing more free gazes Online next Wed (info above) and the next series of my show which takes you deep into the Oneness, and the mysteries starts April 13th.



nardine 12th April 2016 10:38 pm

Love... Love... and more Love... :angel:

To you, Ann, and all folk!

Your words echo the senses of my own experiences and I am deeply touched by your eloquence and love-full light.

Blessings and hugs of d'light :)

Heartfelt courage 13th April 2016 3:49 am



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