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My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you ring in the new year, remember that in every moment, with every breath you breathe - your life begins anew. With every thought you think, you have the capacity to change your entire future. With every moment you can choose to place your focus you can look at what is beautiful and true, or what is difficult and impermanent. With every second in time, you truly begin to recreate your own reality. No matter what you have experience in the year, or indeed years past, you begin your life anew each and every moment in time.

And so, dear ones, Happy New Year, as we celebrate this passage of time with humanity, but also Happy New You! With every breath you breathe, Happy New You! With every thought you think, Happy New You! With every choice you make towards greater love, Happy Wonderful Amazing New You! God dose not judge, keep score, hold you accountable for choices you have made in the past, punish you, reward you, or even see anything but the real you, which is eternally beautiful, loving, abundant, and already enlightened! God sees you only through the eyes of love. As you continue to learn to see yourself this way - lovingly, with compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, and tenderness, so too your reality will begin to shift into a more loving reality.

In 2011, find your heaven by choosing to love yourself first. Choose to forgive yourself for choices in your past that did not turn out as you wished. Forgive yourself for not living up to your own standards. Choose to be compassionated towards yourself, tender, gentle, and kind. Forego self criticism. Simply learn and move on. Learn and move on. For in each moment, as you choose to love yourself and be kind to yourself, you tell the universe to do the very same.

If you went bankrupt last year, stop looking back and revel in your newfound state of simplicity. If you lost a relationship last year, celebrate the new and better possibilities for your life. If you lost a loved one, celebrate their joyous arrival among family and friends in the heavens. If you had family challenges, celebrate your own ever loving heart that cares enough to want to create a greater state of love in your own life. If you were stressed, overwhelmed, and overloaded, celebrate the fact that you care enough to want more balance in your life and begin to change your habits. If you had health issues remember a time when you felt good and have that be your point of focus. Thank God for the lessons in the challenges, learn them, and be prepared to move on.

Dear ones, there is always something wonderful to see in each moment! Find that. Focus upon it, and the next moment, and the next, and indeed your entire future will begin to unfold more kindly.

We love you dear ones. Our prayer for you in this coming year is that you would get to know the great love of God within you, that you would know truly and deeply how much each and every one of you is loved; that you would ask your angels for more help, and relax a little more, knowing that your prayers can easily be answered if you give them to God. Rather than fretting and worrying this year, joyously away, with great anticipation, the magic that is sure to unfold in your lives when your hearts remain so dearly and expectantly open to God's love. For indeed dear friends, that is what you are made of you. Happy New Year! Happy New You!

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

This year I chose to spend New Year's Eve quietly in prayer and contemplation. I have done that many years and truly enjoy it when it feels right. I took the time to look back over 2010, to thank God for the many gifts it brought me, and to search my heart to see what kind of reality I wish to create for myself in 2011.

Many of you following this newsletter know that 2010 was challenging for me! It would have been easy to focus on the household challenges, the dog challenges, the financial challenges, and my own intense health challenges. From a human perspective I had every right to wallow in self pity. However, that never gets anyone anywhere! So instead I gave thanks for the fact that almost all my appliances have been repaired and are like new! The roof is fixed, the car works, my body is recuperating, my doggie care is still intense but it has taught me incredible amounts of surrender and even deeper levels of love, and the financial challenges just bring more faith and more manifestation. Best of all my relationship with God has deepened in ways I can't even articulate this year, I feel Divine Love pouring through my hands when needed for various clients, or through my heart when I pray, my relationships have become even deeper and more 'real' than before, and I've learned to stop 'fixing' people and just let them 'be' who they are. Such gifts!

So no matter what went on in 2010, there are always gifts to be found. And when we find the gifts, we get the lessons, we feel better, we enter into a higher vibrational state and from this state, more good comes into our lives.

I know life will still continue to present challenges. That may never change. However the way we handle them and relate to them does change. And suddenly what was once hard is no big deal. What was once devastating is simply something to be dealt with. What was once difficult to say, now escapes our lips with ease and grace. We get up, pick up, learn and move on more quickly. And in that reality, the gratitude for life itself causes more and more good to come into our lives. We always have a choice in how we focus on life and I am choosing to focus on Heaven in '11!!

Love and Happy Holy Blessed New Year to all of you!!!




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