The Power Of Perceptions

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In this time of incredible movement and change, understand that you can use the power of your perceptions to change the way you experience your life and the unfolding evolution of your planet. It is through your perceptions that you filter the reality outside of yourself. You perceive reality not only with your five senses, but also through the filters of your judgements, beliefs, life experiences, evaluations, and preconceived notions. Your perceptions color your world view so much so, that depending on how you perceive reality, you can see the world as a friendly place or as a place ofgreat adversity. Through your perceptions you can see a loving reality or a hateful one. Through the filters of your perceptions the world looks like a disorganized mess or a beautifully synchronized classroom experience for humanity. Through your perceptions, another human being can be sainted or villified. Through your perceptions you can feel completely separate from God or recognize that this is the presence that breathes life into you and all others here upon your planet earth.

Life is just being life. People are just doing the best they are capable of doing in any given moment. Your world is operating according to well defined laws of universal cause and effect. You can't change anyone other than yourself, however you can change the world you experience by changing your perceptions. You can choose to filter life through the lenses of love.

You can always stop, breathe, and ask yourself, "What is the most loving way to perceive the situation in front of me?"

The truth is that love is behind everything you see you around you. Love motivates every movement of the human hearts, no matter how pure or twisted those movements become. Love motivates all choices at some level; although in some cases, you must work diligently to seek out the love buried beneath an unkind action or unconscious choices. Love motivates all earth changes and indeed all the movements of the stars in the heavens.

Use your powers of perception wisely and you will experience a much kinder and more supportive reality. See what is right in front of you and then choose to perceive the event based on love.

If someone cuts you off in traffic you can choose to perceive them as a selfish and uncaring moron or you can tune into their reality and feel the stress they feel, the urgency, and the sad feelings of not being supported by God. You can perceive their desire to get somewhere on time and pray for them to arrive safely. In doing so you remain truer to your loving nature. In doing so, you create an aura of loving protection around you.

Suppose your scientists tell you that the earth is preparing to shudder and shake. Will you choose to perceive this as an immutable reality, say to yourselves, "Oh how terrible," and succumb to fear, or will you instead choose to perceive with love that mother earth has built up great pressures and is feeling them as surely as you feel your own internal feelings coming to the surface these days? Will you curse mother nature or will you pray for her gentle release? Again your choice to perceive the world with love gives you much greater power to affect change.

When the home you have on the market doesn't sell in a timely fashion; when a legal judgment is delayed; or, when a payment is overdue, will you perceive yourself to be victimized, villify your 'adversary,' and fall prey to a mentality of lack, or will you instead lovingly choose to perceive that God, who is in charge of all things, is helping you learn a lesson to place greater faith in His love for you, than faith in the world's ability to affect you and your well-being?

If rain cancels your weekend plans, perceive this as an opportunity to relax at home. If a lover turns out to be a surprising disappointment, perceive a reality in which you have learned to love yourself, give thanks for the lesson, and move on. If a car breaks down, choose to perceive with gratitude that an accident or injury has been prevented. If you have an injury, perceive it as a message from your ever loving soul and dig deeply to understand what your body is trying to tell you.

Dear ones, you can choose to perceive life as a great struggle or you can choose to see life as it is - a lesson in learning faith, love, trust, and to know the ever loving support of the creator that breathes life into you. The choice is yours and this choice will color your experience of every single moment in your life. This choice will filter your reality and will continually cause you to seek experiences that validate the world you choose to perceive.

Choose to perceive the world with love, and you will color your experience with love. Love heals. Love reveals. Love is truth. And seeing the world with love will help you live in the very deepest truth of all - that YOU are the love of God made manifest in human form and ALL of you are one in the very same love.

Be gentle with yourselves as you practice. This is a new way of being and a new way of seeing for most of humanity. With every single choice to perceive the world with love, you create your world to be a much more loving place.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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