The Value Of Daydreams

My dear friends, we love you so very much. 

This week as you focus upon your dreams, and you continue to act, speak, and think in alignment with them, we also ask you to take time also to daydream. As tiny children you had no problem visualizing all your fantasies. In your daydreams, you flew to the heavens, waved your magic wands, and talked to fairies. As children you didn't worry about money. You knew, intuitively, that you could go anywhere, create anything, and be whomever you wanted to be. You were convinced your dreams could come true - for you knew that they existed first in your own imagination.

This is innocent wisdom dear friends and you are all innocent. God gave you the ability to imagine so you could create. God gave you the ability to dream of what you do want, so when it comes in your life you can recognize it, and when something else comes along you can say, "No thank you, that is not yet my dream." You cannot ever lost your innocence dear ones, for the soul is always pure. No matter what you have been through; no matter what pains, hardships, abuse, struggles, illusions, or ventures away from spirit you have been through, you cannot lose the purity of your soul.

The ability to daydream - so you will recognize the opportunities in your life that are good and in alignment with your dreams, and be able to discern the ones that are not - is always within you.

Daydreaming creates the standard you want to uphold in your life. If you allow yourself to daydream of a wonderful relationship, you will not settle for lesser ones, because you KNOW how the good one feels, and you WILL recognize it when it comes.

If you daydream of a life of ease and grace, you will begin to see where you choose or create unnecessary struggle. If you daydream of a meaningful career, you open up to receiving inspiration and new business ideas from the heavens as you release yourself from the censorship of your mind.

If you daydream of a day spent in the park, you long for it until you actually do it, and there it is you meet your new best friend.

If you daydream of a fantastic trip to a tropical island you will become tempted to look into it, to save your pennies, and to begin to put out an energy that creates it.

If you daydream of the world being at peace, you begin to act in more peaceful ways yourself.

Daydreaming is productive time, dear ones, when it is used as a new standard and measure for your actions, choices, words, thoughts, and how you spend your resources. Daydreaming is visiting the future so you will know how to act in the present. Daydreaming is a gift from God.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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