Tuning into Your Angels

Hi Dear Friends,

Even in tough times, help is always there. The angels and I share reminders and tips how to easily tune in so you can receive the guidance that keeps you safe and happy.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Take a moment and imagine you can relax into the arms of the Divine and the arms of your angels. We are standing behind you now. Imagine you can lean back against us and feel our hands over your shoulders, wrapped around you and placed over your heart. Shut your eyes for a moment and simply breathe. Intend to receive. Whether you feel us or not, we are soothing your energy field, amplifying your light, and sending you a loving, comforting, and reassuring vibration. Do this any time you are in need of comfort or love. Rest for a moment now in our arms...

All is in right order dear ones. In this moment, while the world is in chaos, you are being held in the arms of angels. We wish to remind and reassure you that there is always light, love, and guidance to draw upon. Even in the darkest times upon your planet – in plagues past, in wars, famine, etc., we have always been there to hold, help, heal, and guide. Those who strive to remain at peace and ask for our help have received miraculous guidance and grace. Those who did not, sadly forgot we were there for them, and ignored us.

Pay attention to your feelings these days. If something doesn't feel right in the moment, it isn't. If it feels fine it is. If you want to go to the grocery store but find yourself putting it off, then put it off until you feel motivated to go. In ways both obvious and subtle we are helping guide you to fulfill your intention of staying safe, healthy, and happy.

The power that creates universes loves you beyond anything you can ever imagine. The Source is supporting your joy, your prosperity, your well-being, and all your dreams at all times... Will you let this love in? Relax. Breathe. Receive. Whether your concerns are physical or financial, about relationships, or retirement accounts, we want to help. We love you. We care about you. We can guide you. Relax. Breathe. Receive. Allow us to assist. Open. Allow...

If you could see it through our eyes, we see the fear, but we also see that there is a great wave of love and compassion that is building momentum and growing ever stronger. While current conditions look dire in your 3D reality, we also bear witness to a massive awakening of human consciousness. The vibration of the virus is already dying in many human hearts as people turn to faith vs. fear, cooperation vs. competition, and compassion.

So how do you manage during this time of lock-downs, scary stories on the news, and no end in scientific sight?

You sink deeply into the present moment. You sit, breathe, and receive our love anytime you feel in need. In the present you find love. In the present you find peace. In the present you feel your feelings and thus perceive your guidance.

Dear ones, we are here with you. The Source is here. There is never a time when you are without help, healing, love, or guidance. Take the time– now that many of you have more time – to breathe, receive, and rest in the arms of love. 

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

This is the perfect time on earth to engage in our spiritual practices so we remain healthy and strong in our light. We absolutely should honor the 3D precautions – washing up, social distancing, and staying home if we can – if not for our own sake, out of compassion for those around us. At the same time, we need not fear. We always have heavenly help and guidance.

In regular times I don't do too much to connect. After two decades of talking to angels I remain connected a great deal of the time. I typically take a few minutes each morning in silence, read something positive, and then do the same before bed. When I can, I meditate.

However, with the world as stirred up as it is now, and the fear vibe so intense, I am doing a lot more to keep my energy strong and positive. I'm spending more time in silence before and after work, praying, gazing, doing mantras for the world and, as the angels like to say, taking the time to "sit, breathe, and receive."

If you do nothing else, try it. It feels delicious. You can be totally sucked into the fear vibe and if you're willing to "sit, breathe, and receive," within 5-10 minutes you can be calmed and feeling better. It works especially well if you do the vagus nerve breathing which is a slow inhale and then a very, very slow exhale, as if you are breathing out through a drinking straw. The vagus nerve tells the body to rest and digest. It is our biological "you are safe" signal. It works even better if you can do it outside, or near a little nature, such as a plant, a rock, or a crystal, because nature's energy is pure, unfiltered "Source in-form."

The guidance you'll receive as a result of opening up and allowing your angels to attune you (simply through breathing and receiving) on a daily basis is phenomenal. The help you receive simply by asking your angels for what you need, and getting out of their way by putting aside fear and doubt, can be life-changing.

I was hiking last week when someone on the trail in front of me started coughing without covering their mouth. I was safely 20 feet behind but it didn't thrill me, so rather than getting worked up, I asked for guidance. "You're not a victim Ann!" I heard the angels say with love, but quite firmly. "Call the wind!" Ah! I forgot! I love the wind! "Dear spirits of the wind, please blow their breath away from me!" The wind changed to blow sideways on the trail and I waited a bit till these folks distanced some more and the wind cleared the path, then proceeded to hike in blissful peace.

There are beautiful souls with whom I am corresponding with who are sick. They have been calling on their angels and receiving guidance that is crystal clear. These are not people who have talked to angels before, but rather incredible people who simply opened their mind in a time of need and opened to receive the love. They are healing, allowing themselves to sit in the streams of love that are always available, and allowing their bodies to do what bodies know to do when not attacked by fear and doubt. I am in awe of their courage and commitment to tap into the light.

Help is always here. You don't even have to fully believe it. You just have to give it a try, with an open mind. They offer energy, love, and wisdom when you need it the most.

Here are some pointers to tap into your guidance

1. Sit. Breathe. Receive.

You're probably tired of hearing this, but it really works. Set a timer and sit in a comfy chair. Breathe slowly in and slower out. Intend to receive love, support, healing, grace, etc., from your angels. Intend to be attuned to the energy of your dreams while you're at it. Just intend to open, open, open, and feel. Trust you've received even if you don't feel a thing. If you keep doing this eventually you will. Breathe slowly and deeply, slower out than in, while doing this.

2. Trust your Feelings

If you feel comfortable or neutral doing something, do it. If you feel uncomfortable or resistant, then don't. Just listen to your own feelings. The angels communicate often through this simple means and if you just listen to yourself, you will perceive your guidance. If you aren't clear on something, wait until you are. In this fashion I've been guided when to go to the grocery store, when to avoid hiking, and when to pick up the phone and call someone in need.

3. Choose to Love yourself

You might not always like yourself, but grant yourself love and compassion anyway. When you're kind to yourself you'll hear your guidance more clearly. When you're beating yourself up you put a low-vibrational fog around you that makes it harder to perceive your guidance. You may not feel warm and fuzzy about yourself all the time, but you can choose, using your free will, to hug yourself and be kind to yourself, and when you are not, forgive yourself and try again.

Self-love is a marvelously high vibration that allows you to hear even more clearly. Making a choice to love yourself allows you to sit, breathe, and receive and know you are worthy of this help.

We are all guided. We are all loved beyond anything we can imagine. We all have steady energetic streams of peace, prosperity, and well-being as energy flowing through the universe to us. We only need to allow the good in, and to the best of our ability, tune the not so fun vibrations out.

We can indeed be "in the world, but not of it."

Love you all!



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