We Are Always Free To Be

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you on this list are celebrating your Independence Day as I publish this and yet dear ones, here in the heavens we know you are always free! No one and nothing can ever have more control over you than you give them or it, either consciously or otherwise.

Most of you would never give your power or freedom away consciously. In most cases, it is something deep within you that allows you to feel controlled by life or others. There will always be people who want to control and manipulate you. Earth is a one room schoolhouse! In truth there are times when you have wanted to control others, even if that meant you wanted to force them to make choices to be happy or healthy that they didn't want to make! The greatest freedom of all is simply to be who you are in each moment, and you are love. You can love yourself as is. You can love others. You can love life! This is a freedom that can never be taken from you.

Whether or not anything looks the way you wish, you are free to love. If you are stuck in a job you don't like, you are free to love, and in loving you create a vibration that either corrects the situation you don't like or allows you to leave. If you are in a relationship you don't like and can't get out you are free to love. Love yourself at least. Choose to look at the light attempting to surface within the other. Love your life to the best of your ability and in that vibration things will shift or a door will open.

The freedom to love is the freedom to rise above circumstances that make you feel trapped. The freedom to love is the freedom to escape from the lesser vibrations of others around you. The freedom to love – yourself, other, and/or life – is the freedom to be the soul you are, no matter what your earthly circumstances.

Dear ones, you are and always have been free. Exercise your right to choose love, even if that means loving yourself when you don't feel so loving towards life :)

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I have mentioned this before. I once heard the Dalai Lama interviewed. Someone asked him why he didn't hate those who had taken over his country. His reply was illuminating. He said that they had taken his country, killed his people, ... but he was not going to give them his mind. He was free to love. I try to remember this always.

My life circumstances the past few years have presented many challenges, especially in the health arena. I take responsibility for these and yet the after-effects have been less than fun. I can't eat most bread - even gluten free. I can't each much sugar. There went two of my greatest pleasures! I can't hike in my beloved forest in the summer at the moment because my allergy to poison oak has gotten enormous and I don't like the itching. I won't list of the rest, but there are just alot of life's pleasures that seem to be taken away. Sometimes I have felt trapped by circumstances, finances, etc... But the angels, always remind me that the mind is free.

So rather than whining over what I can't have and can't do, I find other things to love! Check out the recipe below for sugar free cherry chocolate yogurt Popsicles! I would never have sought out healthier ways to eat and treat myself had I not had these limitations. Not being able to connect with nature as easily during the heat means I have to connect with the light of God more directly on a regular basis. So no matter what comes, we always have love available.

I remember feeling utterly trapped in my job in engineering. I was working 90 hr weeks, 7 days a week with no respite in spite. I was exhausted and people were, of course, complaining all the time. Coached by the angels I chose to add love however I could in the workplace - to brighten up my office, to bring treats to meetings, to be kind and humorous when I could muster it. And in that space, I learned that it is not the outer world that dictates our inner, but exactly the other wayaround.

So when you feel "trapped" in any way, try to add love. Try to remember that choosing to love yourself even is a huge start, choosing to say, "Yes I want better, let me be kind to myself as best I can, right here, right now." When I've been deathly ill, I played beautiful music and let it carry me into realms where there was no pain. When I've been financially challenged, I went outside and felt the grass under my feet, smelled the roses and listened to music on the Internet. When I couldn't eat anything I wanted, I created healthier recipes. When I was in a relationship that wasn't working I chose to love myself, set healthy boundaries, and love life, until love catalyzed change.

The real movement does always begin within our own hearts, where we are, the angels remind us, eternally free!

Happy Fourth to those who celebrate it!
Love you all! Have a blessed week.



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