We Are Always With You

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Never are you without love, without assistance or without guidance, for in truth God's love lives and breathes within you. When you think your angels have abandoned you, think again. Better to ask, "Have I abandoned my own heart?" When you think God is not listening to you, stop. Ask yourself, "Am I listening to myself?" When you think you are not receiving guidance, breathe, drop into your heart and ask, "Heart what are you trying to tell me now? What do you want?'

Dear ones, God is always present. It is not possible for God to abandon you any more than it is possible for the body and mind to abandon the cells. God lives and breathes within you. God is the sum total of all creation and the infinite love and intelligence behind it. God hears your every word, and reads your every thought and judges nothing.

It is the nature and design of life itself, to respond to your energy - conscious and unconscious - rather than your words. You can say for example, "God I need more money!" but your energy is saying, "I am afraid I will never have enough!" You can say, "Why don't you bring me love?" while your energy is saying, "Nobody is ever going to be right for me." And so it goes that your words may say one thing but your energy may say another. It is very much as if an organ in the body were to say to the brain, “I need more nutrients,” but while at the same time sending signals along the nerves that say, “I don’t know if I even matter.”

Love is waiting to assist and guide you at all times, but you must love yourselves and be honest enough to ask for the real help. Better in the examples above to say, "God remove my fear of lack so I can enjoy a natural state of abundance." "God remove my fear of disappointment and resignation around relationships so I can enjoy true love." "God I love myself. I am human. I know I need help getting my energy in the right space. Please help me now." This dear ones sets you up for success. We love you. We could never, and even if we could would never abandon you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

I frequently check in with myself to see what energy I am putting out to the world. If I have an intention to manifest something and it is not working, I ask myself, “Am I at peace? Am I surrendered? Do I trust this or better will be brought to me in perfect timing?” If the answer to any of those is “no,” I ask the angels for assistance, not in delivering the thing or situation I want, but in getting my energy aligned with my intentions. Sometimes I have to really work hard to replace negative beliefs with more positive ones. I have been known to write the more positive belief I want to embrace on sticky notes and post them all over the house while trying to change a pattern - in the cabinets, the car, my wallet - everywhere I will see them! I ask God and the angels to help me embody and embrace truth at all times. I challenge myself to be honest with myself.

For example years ago I was financially very tight. “I need money,” I prayed! “Forgive your ex-boyfriend,” the angels responded. I thought they had not heard me correctly. “I’ll deal with that later,” I responded. “Right now, what do I need to do to make more money?” I waited for their response. “Forgive your ex-boyfriend,” they persisted. I started getting mad. "I’m not talking about that now. I am asking how to make more money now so I can pay the bills.” I started to feel very misunderstood. “He ran off with money that he owed you. You are feeling lack because of it. You are giving him your power to be abundant. You are making him God. You need to make God your God again.” Oh horror, they were right! He had borrowed a few thousand dollars and run off with it. I was blaming him for not being able pay the bills easily, for not being able to do things, and buy things. Indeed I had made him my God! My mind was saying, “I want to make more money.” My energy was saying, “I am poor because of him.” The angels saw this and wanted me to correct the signals of lack that I was putting out to the universe. I listened. I called him the next day and told him, “I’ve been mad because you took money you said you would pay back and you never have. I don’t know if you ever intend to, but I am no longer going to invest any more of my energy in this matter. I am cutting all ties with you. You can explain your lack of integrity to God at the end of your life.” Finally I felt free. I felt connected to God again. I wasn’t burdened by negativity that was tying me to the very person who lied to me. New class ideas started to pop into my mind. New people started coming for readings. And a week later, he sent me a check. I think I may have been the only woman he ever paid back. I got my energy in alignment with truth and everything started to move.

Likewise, as I open up to new beautiful healing energies, the angels have also told me that I am opening up to everything. And so it was not all that pleasant when I got a little worn out and a bunch of negative entities showed up to stick on me. I went to see a dear soul who sees energy and is a fantastic healer and he promptly sent me into myself to find out what part of my soul harbored a little fear about this and therefore allowed it in. I found a past-life self that was clinging to fear, cleared it and every single negative energy around me promptly left. When there is no energetic match, there can be no interference.

I am not perfect in this by any means. I still find my energetic “blind spots” with each new intention. However, it gets easier and easier to embrace the fact that if something is not working in your life, if you are not happy, then something inside is needing love, attention, and healing. And when that inside of us gets cleared, suddenly our external lives become so much kinder, easier, and better too.

So don’t be afraid to ask for the true help in life. God help me find what blocks me from having what I desire, or what prevents me from having faith that I will. Its an easy prayer, but it does take courage.. because you might just have to dive into deeper realms of honesty. However, the freedom that comes with it, is oh SO worth the work!




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