What Are Your Waves?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine you are standing in a pool with the rest of humanity. Imagine your energy causes waves in the pool. There will be some souls jumping in, loving the adventure and stirring things up, creating life and movement. Others will be panicked, flailing about and looking for someone to cling to. Some will be standing in stillness. Others will be gently sending out calm, soothing waves.

In reality, you exist in a shared pool of energy and consciousness. You are affected by the waves of energy created by everyone else in that pool. You feel the waves generated by those closest to you very strongly. You feel the most powerful waves, and the waves that a majority are sending out strongly as well. If, you send out strong waves you will feel those you most closely resonate with.

You get to choose whether or not you will be buffeted by the energies of the world, the energies of the mass consciousness, the energies of those close to you... or if you will stand strong in your own energy, and create your own waves.

Your vibration affects the mass consciousness either positively or negatively. It is your choice.

Ask yourself, what type of energy would I like to contribute to the world today? If it is peace, choose actions and words that embody peace. If it is joy, find actions and words that are joyful. If it is healing, do things that are healing for yourself and speak healing over all in need. If it is abundant, focus on your own feelings of gratitude and abundance, and speak words of abundance.

With every thought, word, deed, and breath, you are making a vibrational contribution to the human race. You are vibrationally significant. You matter. You make a difference.

Can you imagine if a few very strong minded souls in that pool sent out waves of love? You would overpower and calm the waves of chaos, fear, and disruption. Your energy would calm wars, heal hearts, and replace fear with faith in your financial systems.

This is what is meant by being a "light worker."
You strive to send waves of love into the pool of human consciousness and in so doing, you change your world from the inside out.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I don't think any of us have any idea how powerfully we can affect the mass consciousness with our peace, love, calm, and joy. Every now and then, however, something reminds us.

Years ago we had a big tornado cloud in Phoenix, Arizona, which is highly unusual. I looked out the window after work and the sky was pitch black. A friend who knew I didn't watch the news, called and told me breathlessly, "There's a tornado cloud two miles from your house! Turn on the news!" I stepped outside and saw a swirling mass forming in the sky. I flipped on the news and heard urgent warnings to take shelter. My heart started pounding. I had two dogs at the time and there was nowhere to go. I don't have a basement.

I went crazy, throwing everything I Design’t want to lose into the bathroom.  Five minutes later I was sitting there on the bathroom floor with my two dogs, six pillows, a flashlight, computer backups, purse, a raincoat, a change of clothes, and water bottles, when it dawned on me that if the tornado actually touched down I would be like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz flying through the air in my bathtub with all my worldly possessions and my two dogs swirling with me.

I could hear the urgency in the newscasters’ voices on television saying that the funnel clouds were dipping towards the ground.  As I froze in fear, heart pounding, I felt the angels all around me. They were insistent but kind,  “Ann, remember what you know about creating!”  I suddenly felt acutely embarrassed that I had fallen out of faith, into fear.

I focused on my breathing and became very peaceful and still inside.  I said loudly, “In the name of God and the Christ consciousness within, I command the clouds to rest easy, stay in the sky, and make sure there is no harm to person or property.”  I felt an intense peace come over me and ripple outward.

As soon as the prayer was uttered, heat and energy flooded through me with such intensity that I broke into a sweat that drenched my clothing and everything around me.  I felt as if a wildfire had burnt through me.  I had pure faith in that instant in God’s ability to work through me to calm the storm. I felt nothing but peace and a searing heat. Two minutes later, the newscasters announced the clouds were dissipating.  It was a powerful lesson for me in how our energy does indeed ripple outward.

There is a story Braco's helpers tell about a time when he gazed in New York city. Someone put a picture of him doing so on the huge display screen in Times Square. Millions of people saw it and subconsciously felt the peace. That day alone, the papers reported there was no crime in the city. One soul standing in a very great light created that much peace. Can you imagine if we all did?

Here are a few pointers to help you ripple waves of goodness into the fabric of humanity this week... and into your own life.

1. The next time you are around someone who is in chaos or drama, see if you can ripple peace

The angels taught me this technique. I use it often in my work to help calm people who are hurting, grieving, or upset.

As you breathe imagine that there is a column of calm soothing light, like the peaceful eye of a hurricane, running up your spine to the heavens and deep into the earth. No matter what the person or people around you are doing, breathe in the peace and solidity that this column of light creates.

Then imagine the light expanding outward – a beautiful peaceful light that embraces all around you. Imagine this light soothing them, calming their chaos and helping them feel loved. With every breath allow waves of this peace to wash through you out into the room around.

Try it in a crowd sometime among strangers or when you are next to someone upset on their cell phone. See what happens.

2. When you are happy, peaceful, feel abundant, calm, or inspired, share those waves!

If you feel something positive in your own life, take a moment. Breathe and feel the feeling very deeply. As you breathe out imagine sending a wave of this beautiful energy rippling outward into the world! You just sent a vibrational gift to humanity.

3. Use the Swimming Pool visualization to help someone you love

If you are concerned about someone, imagine them in a pool next to you. Imagine what type of waves they are sending out, and imagine what type of waves you could send to help them.

Maybe they're depressed and you want to send them little effervescent bubbles of joy to tickle them kindly back into life. Maybe they are angry and splashing violently and you want to send them peaceful and calm waves. Maybe they're drowning in self loathing and you want to send deep powerful waves of love beneath the surface to buoy them up once again. Use this metaphor to see both their energy and to figure out what type of energy you wish to send them. Just by using your intent andimagination you are.

For example I had someone write me very panic'd about a life situation. She felt like a drowning swimmer clinging to my energy. I imagined sending her waves of calm and picturing her buoyed and floating effortlessly. She wrote me a few minutes later to say she felt better.

So many people I talk to want to do more for the world. Sometimes we don't have the money, time, or strength. However we all have a few moments a day to put beautiful loving ripples into the cosmic pool!

Love you all!




Nitebloom 26th June 2017 3:16 pm

THis had been proven to me satisfactorily,

I eat pretty healthy, work in small office, they know my diatery habits...and its spread, I see folks making an effort to eat better. WHat a trip


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