When Life Offers Hate - Turn to Love

Hi All,

Today the angels suggest we learn to avoid disconnecting ourselves from love when we witness the hateful and hurtful behaviors of those who are already disconnected. They give us tools to help us find a more loving vibe, even when we slip into a very human reaction. I'll share a story of love calming hate, and a few tips to help you manage your vibration when faced with things we'd rather not see in our world.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are all challenged these days to stay in a kinder, more compassionate, and more loving reality than one being demonstrated by some very hurting souls on your planet Earth.

When you see the hateful, try not to fall into hate. Would you hate a child that doesn’t know the consequences of their angry tantrums and hurtful behaviors, or would you rather see them learn a better way?

When you see the consequences of hate, try not to wish for revenge. Why hurt a hurting soul and drive them more deeply into their hatred, when instead, you can pray for their understanding so they never again commit such atrocities?

When you slip and fall from love, try to be kind and loving to yourself so you can raise yourself back into a loving vibration. You deserve compassion. You are wired for fight or flight when you feel threatened, and rising above these instincts takes work. Cheer yourself on when you can, and soothe yourself kindly when you can't.

Focus on, and love the idea of, a future where people treat each other kindly and hatred is seen as a sad cry for love. Love the idea of a world where people know their worth and don't need to hurt others. Love the idea of the worst person in your life being elevated above their bad behaviors. If you can, imagine a world where the hurtful ones are restored to their original innocence. Imagine even the worst of the worst as innocent babies. Whisper to their souls, "You were once pure and innocent. Your soul still is... remember..." When you can, focus on the light within the soul no matter how dim or hidden it might be.

If you find yourself spiraling downward after hearing disturbing news, breathe deeply, look at your own emotional reaction, and ask yourself two questions:

Does this reaction feel good?

Can I find one that feels better?

We are not in any way, asking you to sanction bad behaviors. We are not asking you to “take the hits” or “turn the other cheek” only to be slapped again. We are, however, asking you to remember, that a hateful soul is deeply wounded and in unthinkable pain, for only the severely wounded and disconnected could hurt others in such a way.

So ask yourself, "What thought or reaction would feel better?" Can you find a better feeling or a better thought? Perhaps a prayer for both the hurtful and the hurting would feel better. Perhaps you can focus on compassion for those who have been affected by a hateful act. Perhaps, if you reach for it, you can find compassion for a soul so lost and disconnected from their own Source and in so much pain that their only way to cry for love is to create more pain for all to see.

Hatred is one of the saddest ways that a soul cuts itself off from love. We are not asking you to make hatred OK. We are asking you not to cut yourself off from love as a result of another’s deeply wounded state of disconnection.

We must say this again. Try not to disconnect yourself from love in reaction to another who IS disconnected.

Try not to give up your own right to feel good and feel God because another person has lost their ability to do so.

While society must have its consequences for unacceptable behaviors, remember that the greatest "punishment" for hatred is love. Love illuminates and dispels the darkness. Love creates an environment where darkness cannot exist. Love "denies" the darkness its very life. Hatred is like a vibrational virus that seeks to possess minds in order to propagate, and it cannot live in love. The denser vibrations cannot penetrate or exist in a higher vibrational field. In a vibrational field of love you are guided, protected, and in a flow towards the life that you desire.

So don’t let the painful and hateful actions that you witness in the world dim your light. You will almost certainly have a reaction to these acts - a temporary wobble away from the vibration of love – but as soon as you can, ask yourself, "What might be a better, more soulful way to react?" Try to find the best feeling you can, even in spite of the existence of behaviors that inspire bad feelings.

If you ask us for help, you will be guided – perhaps to pray, turn away, have compassion, or perhaps even start to champion a cause that helps prevent such things in the future. Sometimes you will be guided to "turn the other cheek" and look away from the hateful acts so you can focus on the countless examples of those doing good. However you are guided, know that this loving guidance will feel better, accomplish more, and one choice at a time, rob the hateful and hurtful vibrations of their power to propagate upon this earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I went for a long, beautiful hike this weekend. It was about 12 miles in the pure, pristine beauty of nature. The peace was a stark contrast to the news of hate crimes, shootings, and war. I felt like I was in a different reality. Vibrationally speaking, I was.

Far off the trail, I was talking to another hiker who had joined me, when we heard vicious yelling in the brush – angry, hateful yelling. It sounded like someone was so rageful that they were ready to kill whoever they were talking to. We slowed down and walked cautiously in the stream through tall grasses. Soon we saw a woman sitting on a rock in the middle of the creek. She was clearly in a drug trance, angrily raging at her illusory demons. As we approached I sensed it would be best not to startle her so I gently said, “Hi.”

"SHUT UP!" she raged at me with a force that meant business. Quietly, peacefully I put my head down in a submissive state and started emanating light. The other person hiking with me knew to do the same. We both tried to transmit only peace and compassion. I focused on the light in the angry woman that, at the moment, was buried and held hostage by her pain. I kept telepathing her, "I see the light in you". As we passed, without thinking, I looked in her eyes with huge love and compassion, folded my hands in a “Namaste” pose (meaning “The Divine in me sees the Divine in you”), gave a very slight bow, and passed quietly. I had not premediated any of this. It arose naturally, and without any thought.

As I gazed through her pain with love, compassion, and deep respect for the soul, she quieted completely. For just an instant, the windows to her soul opened. I saw a tear in her eyes. I saw her pain and felt her plea to be seen and loved. I felt angels with me, looking through my eyes at the purity of her soul in spite of all appearances, thoughts, and actions. My companion and I walked on without incident. A few minutes later, the person returned to her angry trance and resumed yelling. If only for a few seconds, however, in my personal reality, I existed in a state of divine love and she existed in peace. That moment of witnessing her soul, and her human pain, touched my heart deeply. I continue to pray that she, and all hurting souls, come to know God's love.

I think we’ve all witnessed people in our lives or in public, that challenged us severely and called to us, like Darth Vader calling to Luke in Star Wars, to join “the dark side of the force.” Some do so intentionally by provoking us and being intentionally cruel. Some do it out of their own sad, painful projections or reactions to life. They're all hurting. I choose not to join them in their pain. I want to stay in my love. I can’t control the behavior of others nor their unwillingness to walk in a higher light, but I can strive to stand in a love so strong the darkness can’t touch it.

Am I there all the time? No. Am I there more and more? Yes. It takes practice, perseverance, and a commitment to one’s own personal happiness. Are we allowed to feel loving, while others continue to hate? "Yes please," the angels say. Many times in my life I've seen that love of heaven dissipate pain and crazy behaviors.

We're human. We can only do our best. We are encouraged to start with love and kindness for ourselves and then spiral our love outward for all souls. We may never be perfect at this but with every choice to turn towards love and better feelings, we move into a higher, happier, reality.

Ultimately that commitment to love when others can't or don't is what calms storms, heals hearts, and eventually stops wars.

Here are a few tips to help you find love again when you witness hateful or hurtful behaviors

1. Love yourself first

You are human and there is likely to be a conditioned, or physical reaction when you witness hateful or hurtful behavior. Fight/flight is wired into our biology. Most of us were not taught to have compassion for those immersed in darkness. None of us like it.

It is, therefore, essential to love yourself first if you are going to find compassion for another. Tell yourself something soothing and true, such as, "You don't have to like this! Who would?" "Of course you're upset! You want a kinder world." "This is horrible, but let's see what we can do to help in our own sphere of influence."

Treat yourself with lovingkindness first, no matter what your initial reaction. Even if you fall into a knee-jerk reaction of hate or vengeance, soothe yourself a little at a time, so you can climb out of those painful vibrations.

2. Find a better feeling thought or burn off the upset reaction

When you witness hate crimes, hateful ex's, or snarky co-workers, it does not feel good to stay stuck in your initial reaction if it is anything other than compassion or indifference to such behaviors... and you deserve to feel good no matter what anyone else is choosing.

Perhaps you have to turn your attention away from bad behaviors and focus on all the good in your life and the good people doing good things in the world.

Perhaps you can pray.

Perhaps you can show compassion to those who have been hurt, and if inspired do something to help.

Perhaps you will be guided to be part of a deeper solution to the archetypal problem.

Perhaps you can't shake the bad feelings mentally. In that case, you can physically burn off the upset. I used to do this all the time in my younger years. When I wasn't able to shake a bad feeling reaction I'd get going with vehement vacuuming, wild weed-whacking in the yard, or extreme exercise. At times I had a very clean house, tidy yard, and trim body!! My mom used to bake bread and slam it on the counter while kneading it when something upset her. Sometimes we can't talk ourselves into a better feeling so we have to just burn off our upset in a healthy way. I've known clients who took kick-boxing, got punching bags, or made it a habit to walk vigorously when upset. Anything to help shift your vibration to a more loving one, in a healthy way, will work!

And don't forget to pray for help in finding a better feeling. Allow the answer to surface organically, what reaction would feel better. As the angels have been saying a lot lately, when you feel good, you feel God.

3. Be an ambassador for love

We can't control the actions of others but we can propagate love instead of hate, not by teaching or preaching, but by being loving in the smallest of ways. I've often had someone just smile at me, at exactly the right time and it shifted my whole day. I've done the same for others.

If someone drops something and you pick it up, their faith in human goodness might just be restored. If you wave someone in front of you in traffic and give them a big smile, they are likely to do the same for someone else.

While hatred wants to propagate itself, we can be super-spreaders of love and kindness.

I may have only calmed a hateful, hurting soul for a few seconds, but I planted a seed. “You are good. You are light. You are birthed from the heart of God. Remember...”

It wasn’t my calling to counsel, save, or fix this individual. There was no need to martyr myself or put myself in danger by engaging. It was only my calling, for a brief moment, to see through the eyes of the soul, with love. It was a simple thing really… but maybe, just maybe, that seed will eventually grow and help to dispel the pain.

We can’t solve the systemic hatred all at once, but we can plant seeds of lovingkindness and thus become part of a wave of humanity calling for, and committed to creating a greater and more loving reality.

Have a beautiful week :)


IC2ITUC 23rd May 2022 10:24 pm

I for one TIRE of all the "disconnected ones", constantly doing their terrible deeds so we can KEEP practicing to "become more compassionate, raise our vibration from hate and pray for them". I will be back more into the "Love Vibration" the SOONER these "disconnected ones" LEAVE the Earth Plane, but that is MO at this time. I guess I need to "work" on things, Right ! We, still who are in 3D-4D a lot can just take so much and are running out of "Earth Time" putting up with their diabolical schemes, misdeeds and seeing them "get away" with them with no current Earthly Consequences. Just look at our current Political System and those in power of our Government for many of these "disconnected ones" AND MANY of those Souls who STILL vote for them !! Welcome to the USSA. As Mark Levin says "There, I said it". ( Hope this POs many of you DemocRATS out there ! ) I may be barred from future comments on here but I'll bet there are many on this site, that agree with me but of course will not Post their TRUE feelings, so this STRONG Taurus, "this trip back" will do it for them. NAMASTE

Heartfelt courage 25th May 2022 4:38 am

I've been trying to ignore the world and listen to Levin, Dan, Bill and Sean! I get inspiration from spirit library, but I can't bury my head in the sand!
I wish everyone peace and the goddess of light has given me hope for a better tomorrow! My family laughs at me, but I don't care, they are hurting
as much as me! I suppose we all need to love more and appreciate the goodness that surrounds us, but at 76 I just need goodness to prevail! As a child I was taught, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take!" Amen


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