When you don't feel so positive...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

While we always encourage positive thinking and ask you to focus on what you wish to create in your life, we know that there are times when you feel lost in a dark emotional storm. There are times when you are overcome with grief, times when anger from the past comes uncorked, and times when you feel possessed by jealousy, insecurity, or doubt.

These feelings are part of the human experience. Without exception, they are born from a sense of separation, whether it seems so or not. They arise because at some level, at some time, you felt separate from the Source. We assure you that when you feel the Love of the Creator – the love that breathes the very breath of life into you – it feels so much better than any upset, that you simply couldn’t turn away from this love.

Think about it. Recall a time when you were joyously happy or madly in love. The feeling felt so good that it is likely you would have a hard time being upset, jealous, angry or sad. For a little while, you felt such a deep connection with a person or life around you that all the world’s ills seemed to pale by comparison.

Now, imagine yourself immersed in a love so profound, so unconditional, so all-encompassing that it held you in a tender and eternal embrace. You could never feel badly again, knowing you are never separate from the One love you are all seeking. In every relationship, you seek to feel the love of God. In everything you do, in everything you own, you seek to feel the love of God. All “negative emotions” arise when you feel somehow separated from love.

So what do you do when you feel entrapped in a negative feeling and you can’t think your way out of it? Dear ones, if feeling separate from love is the root of all negative feeling, then the cure is reconnecting to love. The simplest way to do that is to make a choice to love yourself through it.

Hug yourself, literally, and talk to yourself as if you are talking to an innocent child.

  • If you’re afraid, hug yourself and tell yourself, “It’s going to be OK. I won’t let you down.”
  • If you are angry, hug yourself, and say, “That’s OK. Of course, you’re upset. Let us figure out a way to fix things.”
  • If you’re jealous, hug yourself and say, “I understand you feel bad because someone else has what you want. Guess what, we can create that too.”
  • If you’re doubtful or anxious, hug yourself and say, “It is OK. Everyone doubts. But I love you and God loves you and your angels love you and you deserve everything you dream.”

Talk to that innocent part within you that feels lost in darkness, as if they are separate from you, for indeed they are feeling separate from the loving being that you really are. At some point, they felt separate from Love itself. Reassure that part of yourself. You don’t even have to know who or what inside you feels this way… You simply have to grant yourself the love you felt you were without.

Dear ones, all winters give way to spring. All storms give way to calm. And if given the chance, all dark emotions want to give way to love.

Love is the only way back home to Itself.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I’ve seen a lot of people purging the past lately. It comes in waves of emails, and streams of people in my office who struggle to resolve their desire to be loving while not feeling so loving at times. I understand! I've been there so many times.

I should have known something was bubbling up in my own soul when, two weeks ago, I came unglued over a quote in an article. in which the author bashed one of my favorite Disney movie! The reaction was completely disproportionate.

I hugged myself, told my inner child that some people were mean because they didn't have the confidence to own their own opinions without belittling others, and immediately calmed down. I thought I was done. It ends up I was only skimming the surface of something much deeper.

I was in bliss last weekend as I drove up to Sedona to see my friend Summer Bacon channel. The sunrise was glorious. The drive was beautiful. My favorite songs were on the radio. I felt in love with everyone on the road. I arrived early, hugged all my friends, and sat down feeling heaven all around me. I didn't even have a question. I simply intended that if there was any pain or trauma stuck in my body from the past, that it be healed. As the saying goes... Be careful of what you ask for!

About halfway through the session, as one women went to the front to heal a relationship with her friend, tears started to emerge from my depths. I noticed a man I had dated nearly two decades ago in the audience with his wife. My body froze. Something in me cried in fear.

I was surprised by my own reaction. The relationship had been extremely painful, but we've long since grown. We've talked, forgiven, and acknowledged the love we felt for each other's souls. As I contemplated the emerging pain and fear, I knew it was time to release the remaining energy of this relationship from my body. Before I dated him, I had been an extremely physically healthy. After the relationship, I spent nearly two decades in and out of pain, triggered very easily by unkindness and fear. I wasn't blaming him. I just knew it was time to heal at the roots.

As I sat there debating about whether or not this was necessary in public, I telepathically told the angels, "If this will help free me, him, and everyone else in the room, pick my name." Of course, my name was the next one drawn out of the basket!

I didn't care how many eyes were upon me. I went to the front of the room, still quivering and crying. "How are you," the angel that comes through my friend asked. "I was feeling fantastic and happy, but a previous discussion really touched me and it brought up something I would like to heal." I invited the former boyfriend to the front too. He stood there. I was shaking inside. "We were in relationship together. We've worked a lot. We grew... I am still harboring some pain in my soul over this and I would like to release it. Would you help? I've totally forgiven. He has too. Anything else that needs to be done, because my body still hurts." I had no idea why I was crying.

The angels answered, " Well my dear.. Can you... Will you... How about that final hug?" My soul screamed yes! Some hurting part of me wanted to bolt for the door!! It never wanted that man to touch me again. I knew better. I surrendered to love. I let him hug me.

I burst into tears. His wife hugged me too, knowing how this would help him as well. The child within me had needed to feel that he would never hurt me again. The child within him needed me to acknowledge the innocence deep within. People in the audience were in tears. The whole room was moved.

I sobbed and shook for a few more days, hugging the child within me that finally felt safe enough to spew outrage at how I had allowed myself to be treated in the past. I apologized to that part of my soul. I zipped through past lifetimes, digging to the very core of this relationship – forgiving him, forgiving myself – until it was truly, deeply healed.

We all have those parts of us that live within the “shell” of our rational self. They are the parts that didn’t get heard, weren’t allowed to feel, felt unloved, or disconnected in some way. They occasionally erupt, seemingly unbidden when something pushes a “hot button.”  They need love to heal.

Here are a few pointers this week to help you soothe yourself when you fall into a negative emotion that you just can’t shake. The funny part is that I wrote this section two weeks ago before the entire story above unfolded...

1. Give Yourself a Loving Hug

If you’ve tried to switch to a more positive feeling and you authentically cannot do so, then just accept yourself. I’m mad. I’m sad. I’m scared… whatever it is. “Then,” the angels say, “wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug.”

That sounded silly… until I read the research on the healing powers of touch. According to studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami/Miller School of Medicine, touch can reduce aggression and lower pain. According to research from the University of Vienna a hug from someone you like, helps us release oxytocin which is known to reduce blood pressure and lower stress.

Sadly we live in a society that is largely touch deprived. The good news is that hugging yourself counts! An article in Psychology today in May, 2011 talked about a study that showed that hugging oneself reduced pain.

So when you aren’t feeling wonderful, wrap those arms around yourself, and sit there in a loving embrace.

Alternately, get a stuffed animal and hug it, pretending it is the upset part of you.

2. Talk to the upset part of yourself as if it is a separate, innocent child

You would speak kindly and compassionately to a sad or upset child. Grant yourself this same courtesy.

"It’s OK honey. You have a right to be angry. I’ll hold you when you’re sad. That person wasn’t very nice, but they don’t know better. We’ll figure out how to change this… "

Ask yourself, "If a sweet, innocent, little child felt this way, what would I say?"

3. After you take yourself seriously, don’t take yourself seriously…

That sounded odd when the angels said it! What they mean, is treat yourself as you would a little sweet child, and then have a good laugh.

If you’ve ever seen, or been, one of those parents that knows how to calm and soothe an upset little child, you know that after the upset passes, parent and child usually share a little laugh, an ice cream cone, or some little special joy to make the upset fade quickly into the past.

Treat yourself to some kindness after the upset passes, to remind yourself that life has many joys.

Once again, as the angels said a few weeks ago, you’ll be able to “grab the remote” and switch your thoughts to joy.

We’re all human. We all have our less than proud moments. We all feel negativity at times. Sometimes we can easily and authentically switch our focus. Other times we can’t. I hope this week’s message helps you out when you feel a little stuck. We’ve all been there!

Love you all!


Heartfelt courage 31st March 2018 6:37 am

Thank you Ann, didn't need it now, but will remember it forever! Love to all!


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