When you don't get your way...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have a saying on your planet that "You make plans and God laughs." In truth, God would never laugh at your plans. God and we, your angels, try to assist you with your plans. First and foremost, however, we try to help you fulfill the plans of your soul.

You came to earth to learn about love. You came to earth to overcome limiting beliefs about yourself and life. You came to earth to rid yourself, perhaps, of habits that no longer serve you – such as martyring yourselves, or placing too much emphasis on the material world and not enough on what truly matters. You came to earth to find your limitations, conquer them, and once and for all find the bliss of true freedom! You wanted to remember you are born of nothing less than love itself and that love is what you are made of.

So if you want a new house and that house is a symbol of love for yourself, and if you love yourself enough to ask for our assistance, and to believe we can help, then you will soon be smiling as you walk into your new home! If however you want that house because you think you should advance materially, or someone else thinks you should get it, or maybe you want it for all the right reasons but don't believe you deserve it, or don't believe you have help... then dear ones, these limiting beliefs will limit how much we can assist you.

So by all means want what you want! Pray for what you desire, but always realize that God and your angels are helping you achieve the goals that will bring real happiness. Perhaps you didn't really want that big house after all, but just thought you should. We might instead guide you to a cute little apartment that grants you freedom to travel as your heart truly desires. Perhaps you pray for one specific relationship but we can see you want true love and so we can't assist with anything less. Perhaps you want more money to pay a bill but in your fear, your soul is whispering, "Faith... cultivate your faith and you will have this and more."

So, dear ones, God does not laugh at your plans. God takes the plans of your spirit very seriously, as do your angels. We love you! We want you to have the most joyful, loving, abundant experience of life on earth possible! However, we know, that you do not enjoy these things simply by being granted material security and pleasure, but rather by finding the vibration of love from which these and all else originate. And so, we will certainly help you with your things, but even more so, we will help you find the energies, beliefs, and behaviors, that will bring you true and lasting joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I'm sure, you, like me, have had many times in your life when things didn't go your way. In my younger days I used to get very frustrated and irritated about such things! If I had plans and had to focus on a bill, a repair, a tax item, instead, I'd get all worked up! If I wanted to hike but the weather didn't cooperate, I'd experience similar disappointment. It took me many years to absorb what the angels say - that every moment offers equal opportunity for love! Now I focus on how to bring love into a situation rather than whether or not I get my way. And magically... life is much happier!

Sunday I did my live stream gazes on Facebook. I thought I had everything figured out. Last month the streams were cutting out so this month I turned off every blue tooth and wireless device that could conflict with my streaming platform. That problem appeared to be solved! However, I didn't realize Facebook changed the way they format video and now I had a little sliver of a vertical video instead of full screen. I had a moment of pure annoyance. I tried to find a solution. Half an hour before I was going live, I still hadn't found a solution. So I did what the angels suggested and asked myself how I could add more love to the moment.

The answer was to give up worrying about it and eat breakfast! As a result, cropped video or not, I was in a beautiful and relaxed energy and ready to gaze. People felt the love too! I'm not sure if I'll correct the issue or leave it alone. Some people said it was easier to focus on my eyes. It may be a blessing in disguise!

The day before I had another exercise in not getting my way. I was so excited to go hiking for the first time since the fall. I willed the weather to be sunny and the sun came out from behind the clouds. But I didn't realize that my favorite hike which usually meanders over a gentle stream was inaccessible due to snow melt and spring flooding! Instead of the sweet little creek, I found a raging river! Plan B anyone? Instead of whining I went up the ridge without a trail and enjoyed beautiful views that I'd never seen before. I drove farther up the creek and enjoyed an hour of meditation in the woods by a raging river. I stopped at a cute shop on the way home and got some spicy chile peppers. I felt invigorated, alive, and ready to share the energy. I didn't get "my way" but had a glorious day doing it "God's way!"

So here are a few tips for handling those times when plans change or things don't go your way...

1. Assume that life is really working for you, not against you

Life is always in a vibrational dance. It is trying to help us, not hurt us. It is trying to show us areas where we need to grow in faith, trust, better beliefs and habits, more love, etc. Assume something good is going on. Ask what it might be and trust the answer you get.

2. Ask how to add more love to the situation

If you have a surprise bill, a dashed hope, a disappointment, rather than focusing too long on negative feelings (you may have to be human and wallow a little!)... start to ask yourself, "How can I add love to this situation? How can I love myself or someone else better, given the way things are right here and right now?" Adding love changes the whole vibration and attracts better circumstances much more quickly.

3. Trust the journey...

If you have focused on your desires and believe you'll receive them, even if you have a temporary disappointment, you can trust that good is coming! As the angels like to say, "Ask. Believe. Receive." "Tell God what you want,not how to bring it." Then trust, trust, trust, trust trust. We really do have help!

I hope you all have a blissful week, whether or not it goes the way you think it should :)

Love you all!




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