When You Have a Dream, Allow Yourself To Be Excited

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

When you have a desire or a dream, you enter into a dance with God and the entire universe. You begin to put out an energy that says, "I love this dream. I want this dream to come true." To the degree that you love it and allow yourself to be excited by the prospect, the signal you send out to the universe is strong. Fear weakens the signal. Doubt weakens the signal. A commitment to have what you want, even when you have no clue how to make it happen, strengthens the signal. Focused love is a powerful force!

So when you want something in your life, begin by allowing yourself the joy and the passion involved in thinking of having it, feeling what it would feel like to have this situation, and therefore this feeling in your life. Allow yourself the feeling now... even before the situation arrives, for in so doing, you become a magnet.

Then, dear friends, act! Act when you receive the impulse to act. Act when your heart says, "Do this!" Act when you are guided even if you do not know if you have the strength, the resources, or the time. And when you are not guided... wait. Wait patiently for God to put these passionate impulses in your heart. Wait and trust that events are transpiring to facilitate your dreams. Wait until the next step is revealed to you, simply in the form of an impulse or inspiration.

All of life is a dance with all of creation. You send out a signal through your thoughts and emotions, and the universe responds. You wait until you are guided. God acts behind the scenes and you act when inspired. And before you know it, dear ones, that dream that you thought so impossible, is created step by step, one moment at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

For ten years I've had a note on my website that I hoped to someday provide online education. Last Wednesday that dream came true when my show, "Ann & the Angels" aired for the first time. I was humbled and touched by the feedback. One dear lady had a healing midstream after she asked her angels for help. Others were happy to learn how easy it is to receive help. I have never worked so hard in my life on a project, and yet after hearing the comments every hour was worth it. My heart is singing!

This dream was indeed a dance with God and all the others involved...and yet a very beautiful one. Some of you have heard this part.... It all started last summer, when a loud, clear voice in m head told me to go to Texas where Braco (an incredible channel of God's healing energy) was gazing live. When I hear those voices, I don't even ask how or why! I jump! I dropped everything, changed my schedule and was on a plane to Texas two days later. One night, when I thought I was going out to dinner with a guy and some girls I had met the night before, I ended up at dinner with the four guys who were doing filming! In subsequent Braco sessions in Phoenix I kept running into the same group and over the course of many discussions, "Ann & the Angels" was conceived.

Fast forward... I received guidance to film in April. The dates worked for the guys at Streaming for the Soul, with one caveat. The four days we originally had allocated turned into two and a half because of equipment being used elsewhere. The guys weren't sure that I'd be able to film all 12 episodes since I had zero professional camera experience! "OK God, what do I do?" I asked. "Go, but practice, practice, practice before," came the feeling! So I set up my point and shoot camera on a tripod, put it in the kitchen or the bathroom (the two rooms with the best lighting) and practiced. I practiced hundreds of hours and read every article I could find on the web until I learned how to look natural while talking to an inanimate object! I started picturing all of you through the lens... and suddenly it became easy! As a result, we were able to film all 12 episodes in that short time.

The dance wasn't over. I got busy and the guys got busy. We picked a premiere date than had to become more realistic and delay it. I knew enough to trust God on that one! Just two weeks ago we had only a few people signed up. It puzzled me... "God you guided me to do this. What next?" "Write to everyone in your address book," came the answer. I had already put word out in the newsletter for weeks. "Really?" I asked? "Yes, there are many people in your address book who are not on your newsletter who would love to hear about this," the angels replied. It was a daunting task. I personally emailed 6000 people in two nights. And sure enough, people wrote back thanking me for letting them know.

Sending 6000 emails seemed impossible. I could not use a mailing list program because it is considered illegal Spam to do mass mailings with people who have not asked to be on a list. So I sat there and personally sent each one by hand, copying and pasting content, but typing in the person's email address, name, and often a personal note. As long as I was doing it, I was inspired to pray for every person I sent the letter to. I could feel the heat and energy flowing. Instead of being exhausted, I was inspired!
So when you have a dream put it out there. "God/angels/universe... I want help with this. Let me know what to do and when." Then wait. Wait until you are inspired to take a step. Wait until you know what to do next. Wait until passion calls you to rise above any perceived limitations and do things you didn't know you were capable of doing. Then when you receive inspiration, knowledge, or an impulse do something, jump! Jump with all your heart. Trust you can do what you think is impossible. Trust you will have the energy, be given the wisdom, and the resources. Trust... God loves you. God puts your dreams in your heart, and wants to support you every step of the way.

Love you all! Have a blessed week!


Kermit 30th September 2014 12:07 pm

Beautiful Ann!!!

Thank you and well done xxx


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