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Hi All,

Today the angels talk about how to feel safe in a crazy world and what you can trust. I'll share some stories of how the universe has our back and how you can learn to receive guidance you can truly trust.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In your world today, so many of you have been shaken, upset, and saddened by the seemingly random acts of violence that have erupted in the hearts of the hurting hurtful.

How do you make sense of what seems like a senseless loss of life? How do you feel safe in an uncertain world? How can you trust that you’ll be safe, or your children will be safe? We hear your cries, dear ones. Much more importantly we see you striving not to fall into hate, hurt, and worse the desire to hurt back. We see you striving to love, striving to trust, and striving to live your lives in joy in spite of some of the really tough things you witness going on in your world.

So how do you trust you will be safe? Trust, dear ones, is not blind faith in the external world, nor a blind faith in another soul. Trust is, instead, a by-product of your own connection with the Divine.

In connection with this Love, you can trust your guidance. In a vibration of love, you can trust your feelings, for in the higher vibrations your feelings are your guidance. In a vibration of Love, you can rest assured that you are loved, protected, and guided in harmony and joy.

In a higher vibe, you can trust yourself.

We are not saying you should blindly trust or ruthlessly mistrust the external world. Conditions and individuals vary from moment to moment. Rather we are saying that if you choose to exist in a loving vibration, you can trust yourself. You will know, in any given moment, what and who is right for you and who and what are not.

In a loving vibration you can trust that when a path, an idea, or a person is loving it will feel right to you – inspired, good, or attractive... in that moment. In a high vibration, when you get a not-so-pleasant feeling you can trust your soul is steering you in other directions.

So, dear friends, when you feel the frustrations, the anger, the helplessness, and the sadness that so many are feeling right now, remind yourself, "I am in charge of my vibration and in a high vibration, I need not fear. I need not feel helpless. I need not stay stuck in anger. I am powerful and can intend, imagine, and be guided to live in harmony, grace, ease, and joy. I can become part of the change I wish to see.

When you see the seemingly senseless loss of life, remember that those who expanded beyond their physical forms are not feeling sad at all. These little angels that left your planet recently are celebrating their success. They are celebrating the fruition of their pre-birth plans to be part of a grand awakening, calling the human race to pay more attention to those who are hurting, to love the lost a little more, and to remember, that all, ultimately are innocent – birthed from the heart of God and striving always to return to that love.

Pray for their families dear ones because they are the ones that need your love. Their little angels in heaven are very much aware of both their pain and their paths. These families need your compassion now and your love. Even if you never meet a single one of them personally, your loving vibrations will touch their hearts. They too are part of an awakening.

Then, dear ones, resolve not to hate the lost, the lonely, and the hurting hurtful in this world. Rather pray that their souls be raised up into a greater love. If you see someone crying out for help through their behavior, ask God, "What do you need me to do?" You may get "nothing." You may be guided to give them a smile. You may be guided to do more, but in every case, with love in your heart, you will be guided.

With love in your heart, you are not only safe dear friends, but you are part of a team of brilliant, light-filled souls on this planet, waking up the world through your light, your loving kindness, and your prayers. You are part of a massive group of souls realizing the need for all souls to be loved and cared for. It is time to stop the cycles of hating the hateful, hurting the hurtful, and instead time to empower and usher in a new era of love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

The recent shootings shook the world. For the past few weeks so many of my sensitive clients have been telling me they feel off, frustrated, angry, and don't know why. Whenever there is a large event in the world, it rocks the mass consciousness. Millions of souls react with similar feelings and those of you who are sensitive, which is most of you on this list, feel the collective shift in vibrations. Obi-Wan Kanobi in Star Wars sensed a "disturbance in the force" when a planet was annihilated by the empire. Far from being science fiction, we too sense these "disturbances in the force" and if we don't know better can get drawn into wondering what's wrong with us.

If you have a tiny bit of fear when there's a lot of fear in the mass consciousness it will feel huge. You've accidentally tuned into a strong broadcast. If you have a tiny bit of anger when many are angry it can spiral out of proportion. The same goes for the other emotions. Happily, if we embrace a tiny bit of love, we tune into the heavenly vibrations and can more easily, spin up into a higher, happier state of being. It just takes a little more effort at times when the planet is collectively stirred up. The past few weeks were like that for many. Insecurities were getting triggered left and right.

In a vibration of love, however, you truly can count on the universe having your back and guiding you in grace. It isn't that we're not guided when we're in a lower vibe –  we just have a hard time picking up on a loving broadcast when we're not so tuned into love. It's like trying to hear FM radio when your dial is on AM.

I used to fall easily into feeling insecure and unsafe in the world. I'd be fine and then some unpleasant event would happen in the world and my body would go into lockdown as visceral memories of unpleasant past lives were triggered. This went on for years until at long last I surrendered to a truth that the angels have shared with all of us. In love we are safe. In love, we are cared for. In love, we are on our path.

In love, we know and sense we are in a Divine Dance with all of life, safe, secure, and cared for.

My recent class in Sedona was pure bliss, but had I not trusted the universe it might have been a different story. Thursday night, two days before I was going to teach, I got what seemed like a really silly urge to go to the office supply store and pick up some printer ink. I'd been planning to do it after the class on the following Monday, but the urge was so strong I surrendered and hopped in the car. I got the ink, went back to the car, and discovered the battery was totally dead. As in dead-dead. A man came by and tried to jump it but no go. Several others tried to help but it was dead gone. I called AAA and they told me it would be 90 minutes before someone could reach me to replace the battery. Going into the shop was not an option. I was working the following day and teaching on Saturday.

I sat on the base of a lamp post to get some fresh "cool" air and watched the beautiful sunset. I knew that in spite of the inconvenience I was lucky! Had I not been guided to the office store, my battery would have died at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere with a car full of equipment and 37 people sitting in a room waiting for me! In spite of the 90-degree weather, the wait, and the dead battery, I was marveling at how well-protected I was. The AAA man showed up in 15 minutes instead of 90. He didn't have the right tool to remove my old battery but I made it back into the office store just as they were closing and bought the last pair of pliers. Within minutes I had a new battery and was on my way home... safe and sound and thankful.

I could have ignored my guidance. If I had been in a foul or controlling mood I might have done so. Instead, I was feeling high, happy, and trusting. Thank goodness!

So many times this life I have learned that the one to Trust speaks inside of me. When people make suggestions, even with the best of intentions, I trust what I feel inside about whether or not it is right for me. When I see something in the news I trust what I feel inside no matter whether or not it agrees with the story. When I want to do something and feel good, I trust I am safe. When I want to do something and feel iffy, I stay at home. It sounds funny but I no longer concern myself about whether or not I can trust other people. I trust the vibrations of the Divine with me. I trust my feelings.

Years ago I taught a young woman to trust her own feelings. When a friend called her after a bad breakup and said that the ex wanted her to visit but she had a bad feeling, my young client convinced her friend to listen to that feeling and decline the visit. Good thing. The young man shot himself and had been ready to kill her too. It wasn't in her life plan to go this way so she "got the memo."

My mom who is in her eighties and had enough conditions that would make most want to hide out during covid went grocery shopping three times a week just to get out of quarantine. We made a little agreement with her angels that if they perceived something to be unsafe, they had to let her know in no uncertain terms. One day on the way to a store, her keys dropped into a very hard-to-reach place in the car. She was struggling to free them when the thought came to her, "I'm not supposed to go into that store today!" "OK angels," she told them, "help me get the darn keys out and I'll go right home right away." Presto, the keys released, and she drove home that day.

This is what we can trust... the inner knowing, the little feelings, and the still small voice within. The higher a vibe we're in the more clearly we'll perceive our guidance and heed it. Rather than blindly trusting someone else, the news, or things you've read and heard, trust yourself – about what is good for you. What feels good in the moment is good in the moment. What feels bad in the moment isn't so great in that moment. Just because something feels good now doesn't mean it will be good forever. Just because something feels bad now doesn't mean it is bad for always. The guidance you receive now is the guidance for now.

nimals trust their instincts very well, in a given moment. They are attuned to the energetic world. They feel which vibrations are compatible and which are not. For example, I love God's creatures. I'm at total peace in nature usually and the animals sense this. This is why I have dined with dating frogs, photographed curious dragonflies from centimeters away, hiked with a deer that was previously mad at a few hikers, and just last week enjoyed being knee-deep in a pond while a mama duck swam right up to me with her seven teenage ducklings who enjoyed the visit as much as I did. The animals know I'm not a threat. They don't trust me, however. They trust their own feelings.

In a world, that at times feels very uncertain and unsafe, you can be certain of one thing. In a higher vibe you are guided in grace, cared for, loved, protected, and cherished. As you learn to pay attention to your own feelings you won't have to worry so much about what anyone else is doing. You can trust yourself and your guidance to not help you navigate the world safely and to assist you in all things great and small.

Here are a few tips to help you learn to trust your own feelings...

1. Prefer to feel good – Make it a priority

If the news disturbs you turn it off, even temporarily. Focus on something good, loving, kind, or pleasing. Flow love towards the first person or object you think of. Flow appreciation. Raise your vibration by choosing to focus on thoughts and things that feel better. You will always perceive your guidance more clearly in a higher vibe.

Lately, when something rocks me out of a good mood, I say out loud, "I prefer to feel good," and immediately start to shift my focus. It is a good reminder that feeling good is feeling God.

I prefer to feel God's love than all these other forgetful forces in the world. I prefer to feel good.

2. Trust Guidance for you, about you

Sometimes we stick our noses too far in other people's business wanting to know all about them, their motivations, what they're doing, what they think about us, etc. In reality that is not the most empowered focus. The more empowered focus is simple, "What thought of action feels best for me in a given moment?"

I spent a large part of 2021 supporting people in their choice to either get or not, get the vaccine. Without judgment, the angels helped each soul find their own heart in the matter and listen to their own guidance. Not a single person I knew who did what they truly felt had any lasting ill effects either way. When you listen to your feelings... about yourself, for yourself... you can rest assured you are taking the kindest path. When you worry too much about what others do or think, you are mucking around in the mind more than listening to your own heart. It is not a problem to take others' thoughts into account, but ultimately you are the authority on what is right for you since God speaks directly to each soul individually.

The bone cells, say the angels, do not receive the same guidance as the heart cells! Each must trust their own guidance to live their own ideal life. Same applies to us. C

Learn to care more about how you feel than listening to what others think.

3. Practice tuning into your own feelings

Sometimes you have to take a little breather from the world and other people in order to hear your own guidance. Especially if you are an empath, it might be difficult to discern your own feelings when you're around someone else with strong energies. If in doubt about what to do, take a little timeout. Reconnect with yourself through a few minutes of deep breathing, thinking about something or someone you love or standing out in nature. Once plugged back into yourself you're feel your own feelings and receiving your own guidance, rather than being influenced by the vibrations of those around you.

Learning to trust yourself can be tricky business. Most of us were raised to trust what we were told and to trust in our programming rather than our natural instincts. We were culturally and religiously conditioned. Our parents, teachers, and other role models told us about us and shared their ideas about what was right for us.

Nonetheless, every innocent child is born with an inner compass – an instinctual desire to reach for what is good in a given moment and move away from what is not pleasing.

As we return to this childlike state of innocence, we too learn that we can trust ourselves, trust the Divine within and stop worrying about who or what else to trust. When you trust yourself, that is good enough to live a fulfilling, happy, healthy, grace-filled life, according to your soul's plans and on the way to your heart's desires.

Have a beautiful week :)

PS - A book I wish I had when I started on my path of learning to trust intuition is by Sonia Choquette called "Trust your Vibes" It is a fantastic workbook for learning to discern your guidance from your thoughts and a whole variety of other influences. Available here on amazon.

PSS - Registration is open for "Living in the Flow of Grace" – my next live class in the glorious fall in Sedona, AZ. Come play with us then the following day, you can take a little 45-minute drive up the road to Flagstaff to see the aspens begin to turn golden yellow. Pure heaven! See below for details.


N.i.kk.3V3 14th June 2022 1:30 am

Hi , I sometimes find the best source of trust in familiar practices... things you do on a regualr basis........ this one constructs for me something that I can usually trust....



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