Who Do You Want to Be?

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels share a beautiful message about how we, individually and collectively, are re-creating ourselves and how we can go about it more gracefully. I'll share my current journey and how you can approach this wonderful exploration of self in a joyful way!

Have a beautiful week!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you rebirth your world and your own lives, ask yourselves, "What do I want to take with me into this new reality? What do I wish to leave behind?" We are not talking about your belongings as much as your habits, your routines, your thoughts, beliefs, and stories. Think about this often... "Who do you want to be?" We don't expect you to answer this quickly. You are like newborn children right now upon your planet. Individually and collectively, you are in a deep exploration of Self.

Ask yourself, "What gives you joy? What tears you down? What enlivens you? What exhausts you? What do you do from passion and what do you do from duty? How can you make your duties more pleasurable?" This life is not about suffering and survival and your hearts are waking up to the fact that you no longer want to embrace these old paradigms. Your souls are awakening at a whole new level. Your hearts are whispering. "We want change. We want to live and thrive and be alive, not merely exist!"

Some of you know exactly who you want to be, how you want to live, and how you want to proceed as you move forward. Many of you, however, are in a state of exploration. You aren't the person you were two years ago and you don't necessarily want to go backward. The energy no longer supports inauthenticity very easily. When you are in alignment with your heart and soul, you feel alive, impassioned, and vital. When you are trying to push yourself to do something without heart, unless you find a way to make it pleasant, you are feeling the pressure that you are putting on yourselves in the form of physical pains, frustrations, depression, and sometimes outright anger.

Listen to your feelings. They are the whisperings of your soul. They are the chemistry of your body responding to the programs of your thoughts. They are telling you when you are on track with the light within you and when your thoughts have strayed from focusing on the goodness in life and the goodness you desire.

Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle. Allow yourself to explore new activities, old activities, and activities that beckon you with joy. Allow yourselves to "try on" new thoughts, new ways of looking at life. Google "alternative perspectives" on a topic that you feel upset about or stuck on and see what you find. Let yourselves be as children, dear ones, for you are all wanting very much to create the kingdom of heaven upon your earth... one life at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I love summer. It is hot here in AZ, but we just stay inside, run around or exercising in the mornings or evenings, or just move slowly when we can't. We drink lots of water and just accept it as part of life in the desert southwest. You get used to anything after a while.

In most cases, that's a good thing. We're highly adaptable creatures and we learn quickly. Where our adaptability becomes a problem is when we adapt to things, thoughts, routines, and beliefs we just don't enjoy and start to accept them as reality. We can easily numb ourselves and forget that we're here to live, thrive, explore, and enjoy the glory of Divine Love in human form.

Lately, as I've written about, I've been doing a big cleanout. The goal is not to become a minimalist. The goal is only partly to get more organized. I've always been organized. Instead, the goal is to sift and sort through the artifacts in my life and see which ones match my energy now and uplift me, and pass along the rest. I am going through every piece of clothing, every cookbook, every CD, and every piece of paper in my house!

It is going to take months but I am loving it! Not only am I getting rid of non-resonant energies, but more fun, I'm rediscovering wonderful things I tucked away for someday. For example, I just discovered some magazine clippings about making your own perfume, and had to interrupt the newsletter to pour 1/4 cup vodka in a jar and stuff in fresh lemon balm leaves to infuse for a homemade room spritzer. Things like this take a few weeks, and patience, but I think that makes me appreciate the end result even more. The joy is in the journey!

I've clipped 20 years of recipes (before Pinterest!) so I'm looking forward to touching each one, holding it to my heart, and seeing if it still sparks joy. There are hundreds of cakes I'll no longer make because I don't enjoy gluten anymore, but I did enjoy lovingly dreaming about them.

There is no guilt here, no looking back with wishful thinking about what could have been. I'm giving away some stuff I got and never used as I thought. I gave away stuff I could have sold. With this clean-out old beliefs are going too, that I don't want to carry forward. I'm enjoying the journey so thoroughly it is bliss. I'm not looking back with guilt. There are no shoulds. I see how every "thing" in my life served some loving purpose whether I used it or not – perhaps only to enliven a dream or to give me joy in the moment, and as I examine these concepts more deeply relative to my stuff, I can look back too and see even more deeply how every relationship, every situation in my life served to push me more deeply into my heart and my true self, no matter how painful.

This is a big cleanout – inside and out.

Many wrote to me around the weekend of the Fourth that they felt an intense pressure in their body or emotions that, then, seemed to release around the fourth. Independence indeed! I think it was one of the final pushes of birthing - a huge collective energy that caused many to sigh with relief and feel that we are coming to life in a whole new way.

We are all sorting through our lives and our minds and our feelings, and some through our stuff. We are truly being propelled by an energy of love that we prayed for towards a better, kinder, more connected, more authentic world... and as always that journey starts within – one heart, and in my case, one thought, one t-shirt, and one recipe, at a time!

Here are a few pointers to help you gently explore who you want to be moving forward...

1. Take a Joy Inventory & Keep a running tab!

Take at least twenty minutes and either get a beautiful piece of paper, a journal, or open a new file on your computer. Without any attempt at order whatsoever, keep asking yourself, "What has given me joy this life?" Then write anything you can think of that gives you joy or has given you joy. Do this randomly, stream of consciousness. When you get stuck or stopped, repeat the question.

You can vary it as well, "What beliefs give me joy? What thoughts give me joy?" Do this as long as you can until you're inspired to jump up and do something joyful, or to sit and feel joyful. Keep this list handy and add to it through out your life.

When we get in a funk it is easy to forget the millions of blessings life offers, but when you consciously recount them, your vibration immediately rises.

Just as an example, my list would start something like this...

hat gives me joy... Life gives me joy. Being alive in a body that heals and thrives and grows gives me joy. Knowing I'm a community of trillions of cells constantly recreating themselves gives me joy! I love them! Nature gives me joy. The swaying trees and wandering streams give me joy! Oh, the joy of laying in a shallow stream with my hair flowing downstream being one with it all! Birds give me joy. The crazy wild basil in the backyard garden gives me joy. The two little cherry tomatoes I picked this morning that will pop in my mouth with perfect tartness give me joy. Writing to you all gives me joy. My computer background screen gives me joy - it is a rose photo from the backyard. The music I'm playing gives me joy. The feeling of my own handmade lotions gives me joy. Celebrations with friends and conversations with family give me joy. My nieces' zest for life inspires me joy. Clothes that fit well and feel comfy give me joy. Fresh food gives me joy!

What thoughts or beliefs give me joy? I am thrilled to know we can create our reality, that our bodies heal themselves, that abundance flows freely when we tap in. The belief that people are inherently good gives me joy. The belief that we came to understand diversity and select from the luscious buffet of life gives me joy. Knowing that "this too shall pass" when times get tough gives me joy. The belief in the LOVE that lives within us and all creation gives me joy. The belief in physical reality gives me joy because if I existed in my true energetic nature all the time I'd miss so much here in physical reality. The belief that everyone is growing into greater love gives me joy. The belief in science and spirituality and all beliefs being different angles on one larger truth gives me joy. The belief that anything is possible gives me joy. The belief that I can tune into any emotion with a little effort gives me joy.

Keep the thoughts of joy flowing and going as long as you can!

2. Pick something you've wanted to do or try and go for it!

Maybe you've wanted to try a new recipe, or take a new hike. Maybe you've been interested in learning a new skill or reading that book that's been on the shelf forever. Maybe you've wanted to travel and can't but you can watch videos of your desired destination and start to research. Maybe you've wanted to take better care of your body. Maybe you've wanted to make time for yourself. Maybe you've wanted to spend more time snuggling with your dog. Maybe you've wanted to organize the garage. Maybe you've wanted to test drive a car you can't afford yet. Maybe you've wanted to use those candles in the closet, or wear the "nice" clothes that you've been saving for a special occasion. Do it now. Today is a special occasion.

There will always be "things to do," "practical matters," etc., but you can if you are honest carve a tiny bit of time out to start a joyful exploration. Read one page a night. Wear something you like but is impractical. Start looking into that trip you wanted to take... one step at a time, you can explore pathways of joy.

Let yourself be as a child and enter the kingdom of heaven. Stop putting your joy and exploration off till tomorrow. Why not start here? Why not start now?

3. Give yourself permission to just "be" ...or to be bored

This sounds like blasphemy in today's hurry, hurry, worry, worry society where meeting goals is a badge of honor and sitting still is often considered lazy. The angels constantly remind us that time to just "be" – to sit, to meditate, to dream. This is precious time, vibrationally speaking, where we may just reach the higher goal of peace and happiness! Furthermore, research shows that being bored stimulates creativity. So when you don't know who you are or what you want, putter around your home. Go somewhere and sit or take a walk. Soak in the tub, lay on the couch. Daydream... You might run up the anxiety that comes from identifying with what you do rather than who you are but just go through it. It won't kill you! After a while the brain will settle down and give the heart a chance to be heard.

"Be" or be bored. You'll give the force of life within you a little breathing room to spark your interest or your joy.

We are recreating ourselves. Sometimes this is graceful. Sometimes not. It is a grand adventure to be on this planet at this time when we're given a chance to hit the reset button and look within to see who we want to be moving forward. Give yourself time and space to explore and discover who you want to be. Give yourself the grace to explore new ideas, thoughts, beliefs, interests, and dreams. Change is upon us in a big way and it can be a joyful journey if we don't worry so much about what everyone else is doing, and instead listen to the whispers in our own hearts.

Love you all!



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