With Every Breath

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe, dear ones. In every breath your life is birthed anew. In every breath the Christ light that came into the world in the form of a little child so many years ago has an opportunity to be birthed again, within you. In every breath, a light that can never be extinguished grows within your heart, illuminating your mind, comforting your emotions, and radiating outward via your every thought, word, and deed into a world in need of love.

Within each of you exists the energy of the manger and the energy of the Christ light. Within each of you exists the energy of the lamps that burn brightly. Within each of you exists the spark of Divine Love that gives you life! Celebrate dear ones! You are the bearers of this light! You are the emissaries of this love! You are the lights upon our tree, the stars in our sky, and the precious souls who have incarnated to remember, once and forever, that you are never disconnected from this light. You are never separate from this love.

Our wish for you in the new year is that you remember that love is eternally yours. Love lives within you. Love exists in our hearts for each and every one of you. With every breath you take consciously and deeply, you draw this light unto you! You expand it within you! When you have a desire, breathe it in and allow the love for this desire to expand within you. When you have a challenge, breathe, and know you are breathing in solutions and assistance. When you care about someone and don't know what to do, breathe, knowing that as you fill yourself with love, it cannot help but spill over into the lives of those you love.

Breathe dear ones, in the new year, consciously and deeply, remembering that this Divine love is yours for the taking, yours for the giving, yours to live and love and abide within.

Happy New Year Dear ones. Happy new moments, new adventures, new opportunities to love! Happy new relationships, new gifts, new guidance. Happy new you dear angels upon the earth. We love you in each new moment! Now, and now, and now again!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I hope you had a blessed and peaceful holiday. As I write this it is Christmas day. In all the holiday busy-ness, I forgot to write it earlier! At first I thought to myself, "Oh no! I have to work on Christmas!" but soon the perfection of the moment dawned upon me. Here I am filled to the brim with the love of the season. I enjoyed a beautiful time with people who are dear to me, ate until I thought I'd burst, laughed until my sides hurt, and shared beautiful conversation. I've written my cards, sent my presents, and stood today in a depth of silent Presence, giving my one lasting gift to the world – surrendering to the love that longs to flow through us all. It was such a beautiful feeling to feel the love of God pouring through my being to those I know... and those I don't.

If I could wish upon the Christmas star, I'd wish for every soul on earth to know they are never alone, are deeply and dearly loved, and always cherished in the heavens. I have felt that love and it is unconditional - there for all of us. We don't earn it, merit it, or even need to seek for it. It is already and always there, waiting for us to become the empty waiting manger, the willing heart open and ready to receive. It is always in our depths waiting to rise up and share itself with the world. It can never be taken from us. It is never withdrawn. It is never "offline." It burns brightly inside of us, just waiting to be revealed.

A few years ago on New Year's eve, I was "praying in" the New Year. I had been standing outside in the chilly night air wrapped in fleece blankets, in silence, communing with the earth and the stars, feeling the presence of life around me, when I realized it was almost midnight. I went inside, sat down, and prayers began to arise from deep within. I prayed for myself, my loved ones, and for the whole world. While lost in that state of ecstatic love, blasting Josh Groban's rendition of the "Ave Maria," on my computer. I popped into heaven... I literally left my body and found myself among family and friends who had long ago departed this earth. I felt the love of the heavens engulf me. This is a love so profound that it accepts everything in you, celebrates every little fragment of your mind, body, and soul, and dances in your heart with a desire to share. I was only there a few minutes in normal time, but it felt like eternity.

So this holiday I wish for all of you, the experience of this love, the love that is yours simply because you exist. Perhaps sometime during the holiday, you can turn on some beautiful music, breathe deeply and to open your heart to receive the gifts that heaven wishes to pour upon you. The angels really are there, and they really are just waiting to love you even more deeply and dearly, every time we open to receive.

I wish for you a happy and holy holiday, and a new Year of knowing you are never alone – that love lives and abides within you and is there for you in every moment, with every breath. Happy New Year! May 2016 be a year of illumination, love, peace, and joy.

I love you all!



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