Wobbling Between 3d & 5d

Hi Dear Friends,

The angels talk about our wobble between the old paradigm and the new. I'll share how I handle the shift between 3D and 5D reality right now... and what that means. As always we'll have a few tips to help you "mind your mind" and point your thoughts to experience a happier life, even in spite of the chaos.

Grab a cup of tea. This isn't the shortest post, but it may just help you get through these wild times a lot more gracefully!

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

What world are you living in this very moment? Are you living in a world of pandemic with no seeming end, horrible divisions, and scathing political disagreements? Or, are you living in a world where you are eternally connected to the Source of well-being, experiencing unity within self, and experiencing a love for all perspectives, because you know that all help you find clarity about your own point of view?

Both worlds exist simultaneously upon your planet. The divisions between them are becoming increasingly apparent:

One is focused on the outer reality.
The other is focused on the inner reality.

In one, the outside world affects you.
In the other, you affect the outside world.

In one you are subject to the mass consciousness.
In the other you are Consciousness itself, creating a far kinder, more loving reality from the inside out.

In one the ego guides.
In the other you are guided by love, joy, and inspiration from the soul.

Most of you dance between these two words.

You strive to create from the inside out and yet the outer world is very compelling. It wants to get in. Misery does love company, dear ones, and fear is a virus that live in the minds and hearts of those who would infect you with it.

For example you want to live in faith that you are guided and all will be well, but so many are crying "doom and gloom" that you begin to waver and wonder if your optimism is ill-founded.

You want to feel God's peace and prosperity from the inside out, and for a while you do but then the world's arguments for lack and chaos are compelling and you feel yourself get sucked into them from time to time.

You want to love all your fellow human beings, yet the angry, victimized behaviors of some become a trigger for you to step away from your truth

You want to believe in the new world that is being birthed but the unpleasant predictions and cries of "when is this going to end," periodically trigger doubts and fears.

Dear ones, don't berate yourselves when you slip from one reality into the other. You are all very spiritually aware beings reading or listening to our words. You all know the idea that you create from the inside out. Nonetheless, you were raised in a world that, to this day, insists that the outer world should dictate your joy, your health, your peace, and your prosperity.

You know better, but putting higher truth into practice in a world where it is not yet common practice, takes a bit of effort between the ears.

You need not convince anyone else to believe as you do. You need not convince anyone else that you create from the inside out. Simply do it, and allow your life to work. You will become happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful and then others will want to know how on earth you're managing to do that in this "crazy world."

Focus on living your own life the way you want to live it, and then you'll become an inspiration to others and a vibrational force of change.

Embrace your own joy from moment to moment. Strive to think thoughts that give you good feelings – one better feeling thought at a time.

Focus on any areas in life where you can feel abundant. Walk through your days, challenging yourself to appreciate everything you can

Seek out peaceful spaces, peaceful people, and peaceful interactions when you can, and when others try to draw you into their arguments simply tell them, "I am listening. I want to understand you." Send compassion. Pray for them. Don't take it personally

While many of you want to share your opinions with others, search your hearts and ask, "Am I doing so because I love to share what works for me, and because it is a joy to uplift, inspire, and educate?" or "Am I seeking to be right, to make another understand that they should change, or to validate my own perspectives by seeking agreement?"

Only words spoken from love are worth speaking.

Dear ones, you find yourselves wavering between worlds, and that is OK. Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle When you fall into the externally-based world, slowly and gently guide yourself towards the internally-based world – one kinder, more loving, better-feeling thought at a time.

There are many shouting doom and gloom, armed with "facts," accusations, fear, and anger. There are just as many quiet spiritual souls praying for and envisioning peace, living out the kindest, happiest, most loving lives they can, and serving others in all ways, great and small. They are doing so – you are doing so – with such a powerful love that your energy is collectively creating a quiet, yet powerful wave of change upon your planet earth.

Do your best to be part of the crowd embracing creation from the inside out – one kind, loving, appreciative thought at a time – for in that reality, you become aligned with the power that creates universes. In that reality you contribute to solutions that are guided, inspired, win-win, and lasting.

The Divine wants all of you to have lives in which you experience well-being, love, peace, prosperity, and joy. Dive within. Find and share love in the smallest of ways. Think the kindest thoughts you can choose, and then dear ones, one loving, powerfully aligned soul at a time, you will become the change you wish to see in your world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

It almost seems nuts to be happy in the midst of such craziness on this planet. In my past I would have felt guilty. Now, when people ask me if the world is going downhill, I reply, "Not on my shift!" After working with angels and channeling healing energy for over twenty years I know we have the ability to affect our reality by what we focus upon, think, and feel. I feel a huge responsibility to use that ability wisely, especially now.

I feel compelled to point my attention towards what I want to see in the world, rather than what the world has already created. I want to embody love, emit peace, and radiate joy into a world in need of those qualities right now.

I think of "minding my mind" as an integral form of both self-care and world service. Most of us brush our teeth, wash our hands (religiously these days!), eat, shower, and do a whole host of other basic self-care routines. We put gas in our cars, and get the oil changed. We clean and maintain our homes... and yet we feed our minds mental "junk food" and let them remain cluttered with unhappy thoughts.

Most of us simply weren't trained to do otherwise. It has only been within the last decade that the vibrational laws of the universe were introduced to the masses. We are still in an early stages of a fifth dimensional reality in which it will eventually be accepted as truth that the energy we emit is more important than the effort we exert. "Memorize that," the angels just said in my head!

*** The energy we emit is more important than the effort we exert ***

Can you imagine what life would be like if we were taught to maintain our thoughts as well as we maintain our bodies, cars, or houses? We'd correct our negative thoughts as much as we could, or at least love ourselves through them. We'd eliminate useless clutter - obsessive thoughts about things that don't matter, or things we can't personally change. We'd use our minds as the tools they were intended to be, to point our thoughts toward the happiest, healthiest, most optimistic direction possible.

I know this isn't possible all the time. When you're grieving, for example, sometimes the best feeling thought you can think is how much you love your dear one in heaven. Sometimes the best you can do is love yourself enough to reach out for comfort. Sometimes you get a glimmer of hope as you think about learning to connect with your loved one to experience the eternal relationship.

Likewise when you're really hurt and stark raving mad, sometimes the best thought you can think is one of self-love... "My feelings count too!"

We can't always ride the waves of the highest, happiest, most loving vibes, but we can diligently seek thoughts that make us feel better, one thought at a time.

I'm on a mission to do this lately. Instead of focusing on, and therefore contributing to the projections of endless covid, I'm focusing on a world of joyous well-being. Instead of focusing on the racial problems that are, and have been, sick and deep, I focus on a world in which we value all souls for their beautiful uniqueness. Instead of focusing on all the mud-slinging politics, I focus on praying for all world leaders and imagining a future of leadership through service.

I made myself a promise when all this started: I will be aware of problems, but focus on the healed realities. I will pray, meditate, and stay positive enough to receive my guidance so I can be part of more permanent, wise, lasting solutions than the ones that would come from an angry, impetuous, self-serving, ego. I will trust that if I live in greater joy, I can create in the present moment, and all will be well – not only for me, but for our world.

As a result, I am being pretty no-nonsense with my thoughts. "I'm tired," quickly shifts to, "I'm so lucky I have a comfy bed, and air conditioning, and the ability to help people." "I'm sick of the anger out there," turns into, I think I'll tune out the anger, go into meditation, feel the bliss of God and pray for everyone to know this love. It quickly shifts to compassion.

I have been making it a routine to appreciate everything I see and use, I thank my breakfast plate, the chickens who laid the eggs, the farmers who grew the veggies and the thousands that contributed to my cup of coffee. I stop for random "gratitude and grace" breaks throughout the day. I was admiring and thanking a gorgeous tomato that my garden offered the other day when I felt a rush of love so profound, that it felt as if I was in love! I was!

In that instant of pure love, as in all moments of pure love, waves of love poured through into the collective human consciousness. We are all embodiments of the Divine. We are God's arteries through which the circulation of divine love flows around our world. "Don't clog them." the angels remind me! "Keep them open with love. Practice joy!"

Crazy? Yes, by 3D standards I'm certifiably nuts. 5D rules do seem crazy when immersed in 3D. 3D looks nuts when you live from a 5D perspective.

It makes no sense in a materialist and mechanical world-view that is bound by space and time, to nurture a strong and positive imagination of all you want to see and be. It makes TOTAL sense in a quantum reality, in which we're really energetic beings who know we experience the energy we tune into.

It makes no sense at all to be happy in 3D when life doesn't look as you wish. It makes total sense in 5D because you realize that your mind is your tuner and that what you experience now was what you tuned into yesterday. What you experience tomorrow is what you tune into today.

In 3D we're stuck by our situation. In 5D we're only limited by what we can dream and feel. In 3D miracles are impossible. In 5D they're part of the way things work.

In 3D viruses need vaccines. In 5D you plug into streams of well-being. In 3D you fear 5G, but in 5D, 5G is just another superhighway for communication and you tune out the unwanted frequencies. I could go on, but you get the point.

In the old 3D paradigm of reality the external world has more power over you. You have to effort to make things happen. In the emerging 5D paradigm, your internal reality – your thoughts and feelings – have more power in your life and world. You align your energy to allow things to happen. You think thoughts that make you feel the feelings you want in your external world, and then you allow life to guide you to the external stuff that matches.

Both worlds have always existed. People living in the 5D paradigm have always appeared to have special powers. They're called "blessed," "lucky" or "miracle workers," but in truth everyone has the abilities to point their thoughts at things that feel good until they're in a higher vibe that allows them to aim the power that creates universes.

So as we go through this massive, bumpy, unprecedented transition to a world that increasingly embraces the 5D rules of existence, it is normal that we'll feel the contractions. One minute you'll feel hopeful. The next a wave of fear or doubt might wash through you. One minute you'll be happily going about your day, the next moment tears overcome you for no apparent reason.

One minute you're feeling wonderfully healthy and the next minute some weird condition appears. I've heard a lot of this going on from the dear people who email me, and I have experienced myself. We are wildly vacillating between world paradigms. When we slip into the 3D challenges, we can just refocus our minds on someting better and return to 5D creating.

What anyone else is doing has no power over what we choose to do within our own minds. Our job isn't to make anyone else wrong or force anyone else into 5D thinking so we're more comfy. Our job is to just start using our minds as the tuners they were intended to be, reaching for better feeling thoughts, while we allow everyone else to create their reality. "Their reality has power over my reality" is 3D thinking. "My inner reality is the only power in my life," is 5D thinking. It is a shift in consciousness. It is do-able. I'm still working on it. It gets easier and easier with practice :)

Here are a few different ways to "mind your mind" so you can ride the waves of 5D into a happier, healthier, more abundant and loving life... for yourself, and for our world.

1. Play positive mind games with yourself

These may seem silly but happy thoughts = happy feelings = high vibes = grace, guidance, and real solutions. Different mental tricks work best at different times so just pick the one that seems best in the moment.

Play the Imagination/Creation Game:

Little children imagine wonderful things all the time. They create whole worlds in their mind. We can too. It might seem childish to imagine wild, wonderful happy futures for yourself and the world "in the face of reality" but we need to get in the face of reality and change it with our visions.

Immerse yourself in fantasy and imagination so rich, that your inner creations give you feels that are as real to you, if not more so than the outer world. Take the ten minutes between your alarm and your snooze alarm to imagine your best possible day, your best possible life, the best possible world. Feel it. Ask your angels for help with it. The more you practice this vibrational tune up upon awakening, the more guidance and grace you'll feel throughout the day.

Play the "I'm a Genius" Game:

Take something you don't like in your life and get creative. List off all the reasons you're a genius for creating it. Have a tumor? Tell yourself that you're brilliant for gathering up all the negative energy in one place to be removed. (I've heard the angels say this to many people, all of whom have healed).

Have a ridiculous ex? Congratulate yourself for graduating and moving on, and being able to send them so much light they stop bugging you because you're in the light! Mastery! You're a genius.

Take "Think Great & Appreciate" Grace and Gratitude Breaks

Set reminders on your phone. When they go off, take five minutes to rapidly appreciate everything you possibly can around you, in you, or in your life. Or pick one thing and talk to it with as much appreciation as you can, as if you were talking to a beloved. As gratitude flows through you, you plug into streams of grace.

2. Obsess on Outcomes, not Problems

Instead of focusing on your problems more than necessary, focus on how you'll feel when they're solved. Imagine the joy, the exhilaration of knowing you created your miracle, the feelings of relief.

For example, if you lost your job, imagine what it would feel like to wake up, knowing you are going to a job that you love, where you're respected, well-liked, and well-paid. What would that feel like? The more time you spend feeling it, the more you'll be guided. Then in "real life," you can rest, enjoy the journey and act only when guided.

3. Strive for a higher vibe to share with Your Global tribe!

The more you envision a world of healthy, happy, people who get along with one another, the more you contribute to its creation. The more you focus on your peace, your joy, your light shining bright, the more your love ripples out into the cosmic pool, lifting others up, giving people hope, and inspiring solutions. Far from being selfish, tending to your vibe is self-care and service!

I know it isn't the easiest time to be sensitive. It isn't the easiest time to deal with 3D. Nonetheless, we can be "in the world but not of it," and slowly move our thoughts towards better feelings. We can realize that choosing to find your happy even when circumstances give you no "earthly reason," makes you perfectly sane in the eyes of heaven and the emerging 5D reality!

In this world, you take inspired, guided action only, you see past the surface of appearances and through the eyes of soul. You create real solutions rooted in love and the power that creates worlds, rather than temporary fixes to soothe a fearful ego.

We are going back and forth between the two. Be gentle and kind to yourselves right now. Happy re-BirthYear to you. Happy re-BirthYear to us. Happy re-BirthYear Dear Mother Earth!

Love you all!


Yolanda 13th July 2020 1:00 pm

Thank you Ann! It helps me and gives me inspiration and comfort.

With Love.,


Heartfelt courage 13th July 2020 10:03 pm

What anyone else does has no power over me! Our job isn't to make anyone else wrong or try to shame them in any way!

My inner reality is the only power in my LIFE!I



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