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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is very important at this time on earth, not to run from your feelings, but rather to take a few seconds each day to tune into your own hearts and see what you find within. What is it you want in life? What do love about your life? What would you change if you could? The answers to these questions will help you understand why your life is working or not.

To the degree you accept your feelings and desires, you move in the direction of having them. To the degree you resist your own feelings, there is pain, anger, upset, sadness and depression.

If you say you want something in your life but then proceed to doubt or avoid doing what you feel inspired and guided to do, then you are resisting the flow of life – a flow that you, yourself set in motion.

Consider this metaphor. Imagine that there is an infinite number of rivers. Each one will carry you to a different future. You decide which future you want. You are so excited! You get a sturdy raft. You set it in your river of choice and you hop in. For a while you let go of control. All you have to do is listen to your guidance. When the river reaches a calm spot, you will be guided to either paddle or relax. When there is a fork in the river you will intuitively know which branch is the kinder one to pick.

If you decide to focus on a different future, you’ll branch off into a different river. If you relax and enjoy the journey you will be carried along the easiest, most beautiful route to your destination.

However, suppose you jump on that raft and start to doubt. “Wait a minute! How do I know this will carry me to my dreams? I’m not in control! I better get out! What am I to do? You furiously start to paddle upstream. You try to cling to the shrubs along the edges of the river. Your worry prevents you from hearing your guidance, and you choose the more challenging forks in the river. If you stay in this river, you will still reach your goal, however, the journey will be much more challenging.

You do not have to beg God for help dear ones. God already wants to help you. You need not supplicate like a child asking a parent for favors. Instead pray in your power as a creator made in the image and likeness of God – not in body, but in your capacity to love and to create.

Instead of praying, “God please bring me love. Please fill my bank account,” pray powerfully - “Dear God, I am creating an incredibly loving, and abundant experience of life. Guide me. Help maintain my energy in a state consistent with my desires.”

This is a powerful prayer.When your thoughts, feelings, and energy are consistent with your desires, then your life will be a joyful journey enroute to your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

It was an almighty revelation to me when the angels finally impressed upon me that the universe follows our direction whether we set it consciously or not. I grew up steeped in the belief that God had my life planned out and I was rewarded for following “His” plan, or punished if not. According to the angels, and the experience of many embracing a more accurate paradigm, it doesn’t quite work that way.

In reality, we choose a destination or goal (either consciously or unconsciously) and then the Divine tries to guide us there in the most loving and joyful way possible – a way that is typically so elegant and beautiful that it is often beyond our wildest dreams.

Take one of my clients for example. He was doing very well at one point in his life and then he went through a tough phase where he wasn’t sure how to pay the bills. He ended up driving Uber and hoping for good tips. That’s when he started manifesting seriously. His goals were pretty “unrealistic” in human terms, given his current situation. He wanted to live on a large piece of property that could support horses and eventually start a charity.

He stayed in touch with his heart, even though appearances would have him doubt his dreams were possible. He worked diligently to get his mind in the right place, until he knew, without knowing how that someday this life would come about. He spoke confidently about his future. I could tell his energy was lined up perfectly with his desires.

One month after months of working on his inner world, the little miracles started to show up in his life. A few weeks later, the big one arrived. Out of the blue, an old family friend he’d not heard from in years called. This angel had just “thought of him” when a local store in her town was about to shut down. Being an astute businesswoman she talked to the owner and conditionally orchestrated a deal where my client could take over the business for free, with no money up front, and pay it back in several years. Added to that she offered him a place to live on her large property! "By the way," she told him, “I know how to write grants if you ever want to set up a non-profit.” Way to go God! He is off to his new adventure, manifesting even more.

This is how life really works.We weren’t taught that. We were taught to believe only in what we know. How sad it would be if we did. I don’t know how to make rainbows, nor paint the trees with autumn colors. I don’t know how to pick or roast coffee, nor do I understand how my car works. I don’t even understand the half of it when it comes to how my own body works. Why, oh why then, do we believe we have to know how our dreams will come true?

This week, allow yourself to dream… then, here are a few pointers from my Manifesting in the Flow of Grace playshop to help you get your energy lined up with your desires.

1. Get juicy with your imagination

What would life look and feel like to have your dreams? What would have changed? Who would be in your life? Who would move along? Fill in as much as you can imagine. Details don't matter so just pick ones that make you feel good. The feeling is most important. How would you feel? Really get into it.

To the degree you can feel your dreams, you send out a strong signal.

2. Look for examples of people who have what you want

If someone else can create the life you want, you can too. It has little to do with money, circumstance, etc. It has everything to do with their beliefs about what they can have. That is why they have attracted the money, help, and/or circumstances. The universe and the Divine have infinite resources. God is your benefactor and mentor... and may show up in many forms!

Seek out examples and learn from their mindset. Don't worry too much about how they got what they have. Focus more on their mindset.

3. Find ways to feel the feeling you ultimately want... now

If you want something in the future, it is always because you want the feeling it will give you. How can you feel that now? Get creative. Years ago a friend wanted a new car. She decided it would make her feel classier since her old one was pretty tired looking. In the short term, she cleaned up and detailed the old car with a paintbrush, knowing that when she was done with it it was likely turning to parts. She felt better already, classier, and more willing to go places. Sure enough, she manifested a new one in a lot less time than she thought was possible.

Find the feeling and you're tuning your inner dial into the energy of what you want.

Miracles happen on a dime. We don't have to know how. We just have to keep our energy in the right space. Find that feeling this week and enjoy the journey!

Love you all!

PS - I can't keep this a secret! You are the first to hear!



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