Your Greatest Purpose

Hi All,

Today the angels talk about the purpose in all things...and our greatest purpose. I'll share some thoughts about purpose and how we can enjoy a joyful life while feeling on purpose... no matter what we're doing!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As hard as it is to fathom, everything and everyone on this earth has purpose. There is not a single person, no matter how filled with light or disconnected from it that is without purpose. There is not a single thing in nature without purpose. There is not a single action without purpose, nor even a single thought. Everything and everyone on this earth contributes to the expansion of love, whether it is by actually expanding love, or by triggering a desire for love in the hearts of those who experience or witness their unloving acts.

Think back on your life. At times you have expanded, grown, and desired more simply because something caught your attention or appeared in your imagination. Far more often, however, the desire to expand and grow came because you found yourself in circumstances or situations that weren't so pleasing. Suddenly a lukewarm wish may have turned into a burning desire for more. Suddenly your heart awakened to your truth. Suddenly you felt a pang of honesty within and knew you could no longer settle for less.

So even your exes, your crazy co-workers, the people that cut you off in traffic, and even those who have been your greatest challenges have been launching pads from which your heart skyrocketed into dreaming of more, better, kinder, futures. Even the most lack-filled times have catalyzed your desires for abundance. Even the wars upon your planet catalyze more and more hearts to pray for peace, to become generous and kind to their fellow man, to put differences aside, and to say "there but for the grace of God go I" and I am grateful for my life. I will appreciate what I have even as I wish for more.

The political leaders you don't like serve a purpose for they fuel the desires of all no matter whether you agree with them or not. Those who dare to stand out for their beliefs cannot help but inspire contrast, and therefore desire. They are often catalytic converters, dear ones, for your very own hearts. They move people out of apathy and into envisioning more of the future they want. They stir up vibrational change.

The recent pandemic served its purpose. It brought up within the human race a deeper desire for connection, kindness, well-being, a cleaner planet, more time in nature and so much more.

Bringing this discussion closer to home, everything you experience, see, do, think, and feel serves a purpose.

What purpose might your anxiety serve? It may be telling you that you have plugged into the world or the opinions of those who have influenced you too much and it is time to plug back into the Divine and the beings that love you and know your security.

What purpose might your anger serve? It tells you that you need to change something in your life – be it your situation or your perspective.

What purpose does your fear serve? If it is a temporary real fear, it might be protecting you but if it is an ingrained, programmed fear, it might be telling you that you can't keep giving your power away to the external world and it is time to spend a lot of time with the Divine in silence, plugging back into the source of all that you fear you could lose.

Dear ones everything serves a purpose. Everything brings you closer to love whether directly or by catalyzing you in the direction of love.

Rather than resisting the circumstances, situations, and people in your lives, or even the feeling, or thoughts within your own mind, surrender to them – momentarily – and ask yourself, "How is this trying to bring me closer to the experience of love? You will hear an answer. We will help you hear it. When you do, turn your thoughts toward the love.

If you are angry at a person who has wronged you, ask yourself, "How is this trying to bring me closer to love?" Perhaps you can see that you ignored your heart for some time. Perhaps you can see that you were existing in a vibration of suspicions, insecurity, or battle that drew this experience to you and now you want to shift that vibration. Perhaps you're simply done and it is time to turn your sights towards a brighter future?

You will hear your answers if you are truly willing, and then dear ones, set a course towards love once again because love feels better, attracts better, and the expanded experience of love is the ultimate point and purpose of your lives.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I've always been curious about the purpose of various aspects of nature. For example, I once wondered about the purpose of the Atlas Moth. I met one at the local butterfly garden and was in awe of this gentle giant who was about 7" across. I was mesmerized by the gorgeous rust coloring, the soft fern-like antennae, and the almost furry feathers. "They don't eat," the caretaker told me. "They only live two weeks at most once they emerge from the cocoon. I was fascinated that something so magnificent, created by God and nature, had such a short lifespan. I wondered about their purpose.

Once they leave the caterpillar stage they not only don't but can't eat. They don't have the biology to do so. Instead during their brief time on earth, the sole purpose of these beautiful beings is to make babies. The caterpillars apparently have a voracious appetite and are known as "defoliators" meaning they eat up quite a few of the leaves on trees which allows more sunlight to filter through the forest and reach the baby plants on the forest floor. The caterpillars also serve as meals for birds, lizards, and other species. Amazing.

I could easily grasp that everything in nature had a purpose. It took me decades of working with angels to truly grasp the fact that everyone and everything on earth does too! "What purpose on earth do mean, nasty people, serve?" I once asked the angels. "Well the ones in your life have catalyzed you to learn greater levels of self-love," they replied. True story. "They've shown you areas where you once questioned your own worth, goodness, or validity. They've shown you what you were willing to settle for and put up with and now you truly treat yourself more kindly and know your worth as a result." True again. One by one as I questioned the purpose of this or that, the angels had a sound answer. It was not always easy to hear but my soul resonated with the truth of their words.

Recently I've been embracing something new – my artsy side. It isn't really new. It's been in there ever since I made macaroni necklaces in preschool, got my 64 colors taken away for drawing on the wall (which was FUN!), and learned to make origami out of my old math papers. It has been lurking inside of me, popping out occasionally with every greeting card I've made, and every home decor item that required the glue gun. Lately, however, I've sprung a creative leak, so to speak, and can't stop using every spare minute late at night after work or on weekends to make something beautiful... whether or not I can imagine its "purpose." I had a delightful few hours making gorgeous glitter beads out of old magazine papers last weekend.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them just yet but the simple act of silently creating was a wonderful hours-long meditation. My body felt great after I'd spent time detached from the external world. The newsletter "landed on me" with much greater ease than usual. I sailed through emails. Finding more joy on the journey is as productive asit is pleasant!

It would be my wish that everyone would all do more of the things that bring them joy. Whatever makes your heart sing has great purpose. At the very least it makes you happy which is an experience and an expansion of love! When we're happy we give back in so many ways, be it through ripples of joy, a desire to share, or a desire to give. I have a friend who bakes for fun and her incredible gluten-free, monk-fruit sweetened cookies serve great purpose in my life!! I have, at times, loved cooking so much that I had to make meals for friends. When I hike I share the beauty of nature with others, when I watch YouTube or TikToc I learn things to share (did you know that oiling the rim of a pasta pot keeps it from boiling over?), and when I just bask in bliss watching the clouds new ideas and thoughts to share pour into my mind. In the words of a well-loved song from my kindergarten days, "When you're happy and you know it, you really want to show it." There is great purpose in doing whatever you love, whether it is an overt, obvious contribution or not.

I hear so many wonderful souls who actually start to engage in a hobby, relax more, or do something they love who experience tremendous guilt. A common comment is, "I feel I should be doing more for others." Note the word "should." If they were passionate about helping more that would be one thing, but when the world should arises in it usually means, "My heart and my guidance are going in one direction but my programming wants me to go in another."

It is a misunderstanding of our own nature to think that doing something inauthentic for others is more important than doing something authentic for yourself... or anyone for that matter. All true service – that inspired by love – is service from God, for God.

We could always do more... but if the heart doesn't guide you, it isn't really a contribution. I could teach more classes, create more programs, answer more emails, etc. I could also design websites, create a soap-making business, write fiction books, sell my homemade salsa, garden full time, become a photographer, or any of a large variety of things I've dabbled with over the years. Instead, I do what calls to my heart when my heart calls. When I get the impulse to do something I jump on it and ride the wave of Spirit's joy. I trust the process of eternal life unfolding through me, through you, and through us all. I trust God's guidance. I trust everything has value.

So when your heart calls you to do something just for the joy of it, for the soothing it provides, or for the nurturing energy you derive from it, do it. Don't question its value. Don't question your value. Let the Divine have a good experience of life through you. Let yourself enjoy the balance of work and play whatever that looks like to you. Let yourself be as a child and enter the kingdom of heaven... while on earth.

I know life has its challenges. There's no escaping that. But if we can embrace that they have value whether we understand it or not, if only to catalyze us to shift our sites and our vibe to a more self-loving space, then the challenges get easier to sail through and the joyful callings increase.

No matter where you're at in life or what has gone on around you, grant yourself a little joy – as much as you can find for now. Years ago when I was seriously ill I watched re-runs of "I love Lucy" and good movies to distract from excrutiating pain. When I had big bills, I'd treat friends to dinner or cook for them to both have fun and feel "in flow." When I've been dumped or verbally attacked by people I've run to friends that love me or sat with the angels to remind myself of my own intrinsic worth whether or not anyone else was validating it at the moment. Lately, while the world is being a little nuts, I'm making beautiful things from scrap paper that will someday delight the receivers. Right now it delights me.

No matter what is going on we can reach for better, kinder, more self-loving energies... and if we do, we are accepting the purpose on the path and moving out of the pain that much more quickly.

Here are a few tips to help you embrace the purpose in all things...

1. Accept the premise that everything has purpose

We must accept that there is purpose in all things or else we'll continue to judge, condemn, belittle, argue, fight, and worse yet, criticize ourselves.

If however, you can accept that there is purpose in all things – and that this purpose at its most basic level is either to bring a greater experience of love or to catalyze us to move towards a greater experience of love, then we can surrender to life as it is, and make a better decision, think a better thought, or choose a kinder, more self-loving vibration in the very next moment.

2. Focus on the purpose of____ in your life...

Rather than worrying about what purpose those individuals who drive you nuts serve in the world, ask instead, "How is their presence in my life trying to move me closer to love?" Perhaps you can turn off the TV and focus on your family. Perhaps you can ignore the antics of a dramatic, whining coworker and kindly focus on your own work. Perhaps you can stop worrying about the whys and wherefores of a global event in general and say, "How is my awareness of this trying to move me closer to love?" Always try to bring these questions closer to home... "How am I moving closer to love as a result of this thing or being in my life... and if I'm not, how might this situation be trying to catalyze me?"

3. Follow your bliss... no matter what it is

Let yourself do more of the things you love whether they seem to serve a huge "purpose" or not. Joy is purpose is enough. If you want to nap and read a book, do it. If you like cooking, do it. If you want to take a walk do it. If you loved playing with legos and feel like doing that, why not? We are eternal beings and now is what matters most.

Joy is a high vibe and one that has beautiful ripples into the human pool. Let yourself do the things you enjoy. Eat dessert before dinner if you like. Play before you do your housework. Forget your conditioning and let your inner child have a romp in your life. That part of you was innocent, connected, and knew the value of joy. It is there. Take a breath and ask yourself every now and then, "What feels fun?" Grant yourself permission.

We have a tendency to think our purpose is something we do, build, or leave behind. We associate being purposeful with overt service, or productivity. We may have decided before birth that there are things we want to do. We will feel called to those, and joyful about doing them. Nonetheless, our deepest purpose is to expand love in the physical world – to take it into new forms, new ways of interacting, and new experiences. This happens when we grant ourselves permission to listen to our hearts, enjoy the journey, and trust that it all has value. If you live "in love" with anyone, anything, any hobby, any activity, or even any thought, you are still in a vibration of love. And that always is the highest purpose of our existence :)

Have a beautiful week :)



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