You've Got Guidance!

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels share a wonderful message about how their guidance works and how to better perceive it. I share practical examples from my week and tips to help you receive and perceive the impulses and inspirations that are always streaming from the heavens. Got guidance? The answer is always yes! We just have to learn how to tune into it.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The energies upon your planet are intense at this time, perhaps more so than ever before in human history. You have collectively prayed for a new reality. You have collectively asked the heavens for support in re-creating your lives as individuals, nations, and a global community. Each one of you has angels guiding you to experience these changes in the healthiest, happiest, and most harmonious way for your own unique and beautiful soul.

Moment by moment, day by day, we guide you with loving impulses and inspirations. We don't give you a 5-year plan or even a 5-day plan. Rather, we guide you in each breath towards the kindest and most loving path to all you have asked for.

The easiest path is the one that brings you joy in the here and now. We guide you step-by-step, constantly adjusting to the ever-changing and shifting conditions upon your earth. In every breath more than 7 billion people make different choices and emit different vibrations. In every breath your energy shifts and changes too. We try to steer you, like flowing water, to move or go around any obstacles in your path.

Consider this example. If you wanted directions to a remote destination, you would likely pull out your phone, consider the maps offered by your GPS, and decide upon the quickest, easiest, or most scenic route depending upon your objective. Now suppose you are in the car, on your chosen path, but your phone suddenly detects an accident or a road closure up ahead. If you are listening to your phone's guidance, you will be re-routed along the new best path.

Your angels are very much like the GPS on your phone and, as some of you like to joke, we are indeed your "God Positioning System!" We are always trying to guide you on a path that will assist you in elevating your vibration, and allowing what you want to flow into your reality.

In a high vibration you more easily perceive your higher guidance. In a lower vibration you will also perceive input and impulses that come from similar-vibration human beings who, like you are emitting energy and sharing opinions. As well you may feel your own fears, doubts, and conditioning in the mix of the energies you receive. Think of it this way: in a high vibe you perceive a clear signal. In a lower vibe, there is static on the line, and you must pay attention more closely to hear the signals of your higher guidance.

How do you know when you are receiving higher guidance?It is actually quite easy. Impulses and inspirations from your angels and guides feel wonderful, uplifting, fun, interesting, or inspiring. Feelings, impulses, and "inspirations" from others who might not have your best interest at heart feel like things you must do to get what you want, things that don't necessarily feel joyful to you in the moment.

For example, suppose you want a job or a relationship. Your well-meaning relatives and friends might suggest you spend hours, looking online. They might try to set you up with people you're not interested in. They might recommend jobs that don't inspire you. They may even get upset and judgmental if you don't listen. "You're never going to get what you want just sitting there!" Your own conditioned inner voice might give you similar, well-meaning, but pushy lower vibrational guidance. You know it is lower vibrational because it just doesn't resonate with your heart. It feels exhausting, uninspiring, demoralizing, or upsetting.

Suppose you truly do enjoy looking online. You may look forward to it as much as some people enjoy a treasure hunt or doing online research. If so, your angels and guides will try to give you impulses at the best possible times to "catch" the moments of opportunity.

If however, looking online feels burdensome, your angels and guides will amplify your own natural inspirations to play, explore your interests, rest, travel, daydream, or cocoon or any one of a multitude of activities that you truly feel like doing. These activities will be ones that feel easy, good, and uplifting to you, even if they seem to have no logical relationship to your goal of the new job or the new relationship.

Nonetheless, as you do these things that feel good, you raise your vibration. You are being guided to elevate yourself into a space of joy and receptivity so you are ready when the job or relationship arrives. Perhaps you will meet someone during your playtime who will point you along the next step on your path. Perhaps you'll surrender to your heart and at long last be open to the guidance you've really been waiting for. In a high vibe and space of joy, you'll interview better, come across better on your first date, or notice the opportunities when they're presented.

In every moment, given the state of the world and the state of your own energy, your angels and guides are guiding you along the path of joy. When you listen to your heart you'll either perceive their guidance, or be guided – one better feeling thought or action at a time – into a higher vibration where you can more easily perceive our guidance. Life, and your angels, never give up on trying to steer you back to joy.

For example suppose you are disappointed and sad and you're just trying to "tough it out." Your angels are guiding you to thoughts and things that will uplift you. You may have a fleeting moment of feeling like taking a walk, but given your state of being, you think, "That's too much trouble." You may receive a feeling from us to call a friend but you think, "I don't want to bother them." Nonetheless, you still have guidance. You may be inspired by your own feelings to watch a sad movie that is a vibrational match. The movie triggers your tears and after a good cry you are able to release disappointment and sadness and focus on the better feeling thought of hope. Now thinking about that walk feels better, and you take it. Now we impulse you and help you feel like calling your friend again and this time you don't think it sounds so silly.

Likewise, say you are in a difficult relationship, be it with a co-worker, spouse or other individual. You are trying to be loving and kind but deep down you're angry. Your feelings are your own guidance system, telling you that you need to change yourself or the situation.

As always, depending on your deeper desires, your guides are always trying to inspire you to the path of greatest ease, flow, and joy. Perhaps you have thoughts of a kinder and more loving job or relationship. We are showing you that you can dream of this and manifest better – either in this relationship or another. Perhaps you feel an impulse towards self-love and the desire to speak up and share your heart, but then you think, "They don't care." Maybe that's right but we see that sharing your heart, would be the next better feeling step. Perhaps you are feeling more and more like leaving this situation but instead of listening to your guidance and manifesting a way out, you think, That's just not practical." Perhaps it isn't practical, but we are inspiring you to point your mind towards feeling of freedom so we can help guide you along the path to its manifestation. If you keep ignoring your higher guidance, it might take the other person matching your angry vibe with "a straw that breaks the camel's back" to trigger your anger more strongly so you, at long last, start to manifest a kinder situation for yourself.

Sometimes the most joyful path means you have to let go of beliefs, people, or situations that don't work to make room for those that do. You can't always get from a deep dark mood to a glorious one without taking intermediate, better-feeling steps. In these denser moods, there are denser souls and situations that will match your vibration and without knowing, steer you back to better feeling thoughts. Like the canyon walls direct a river on its most natural and joyful path by blocking its flow, life and similar vibrational souls will bump into you until you choose kinder, easier thoughts and more self-loving actions.

As you become more practiced at keeping your vibration higher – one better-feeling thought at a time – it will be much easier for you to perceive and act upon higher, loving guidance. In the meanwhile you can sort out higher guidance by paying close attention to what feels best in your heart, in a given moment.

We want for you, what you want for you. We want to help you find better feeling thoughts, so you can act from inspiration rather than desperation. We want to help you when you seek comfort, so you can feel our love even when you don't see love. We want to help you embrace your natural abundance so you can trust in life's flow even when it is not yet made manifest. We guide you because we love you and we want to assist you in making all your dearest dreams come true.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

When I teach people to talk to angels I spend a lot of time talking about how they see life, because they aren't human and they see things through the eyes of love. They don't give us guidance and judge us if we ignore it. They don't keep trying to force us along a path we don't care for. They just readjust. Most of the time I listen to my guidance. Sometimes I ask for "alternate routes!"

The guidance right now for many, many people I've spoken to is simpler than you might think. Rest. Play. Stop pressuring yourself. Daydream. Be at peace. Do what you love. It might not seem like world service. It might not seem like steps to a goal. Right now, however, the world is rebirthing and as these amazing, intense energies continue to rush through us, it is best to be relaxed, happy, and open to the flow rather than trying to control things too tightly.

As a surfer in heavy waves, pointing ourselves towards our dreams is more important than paddling too far "ahead of the wave." If we're pointed crosswise with our desires (meaning we want something but don't believe the universe is bringing it) then it feels like those waves are pounding us! If we paddle ahead too soon (meaning we act before we're inspired) we miss the spiritual momentum that would have carried us more easily. If we miss a "wave", of inspiration (because we hesitate to act on it), no worries, another one will come.

If however, you point your mind in a positive, expectant space, enjoy the moment, and trust in life's flow, then, as surely as a surfer anticipates his ride on the perfect wave, you'll act as guided, in perfect timing. You'll know just what to do when because you'll be inspired. Unexpected opportunities and surprises will delight you. Unexpected desires and talents may wash up from within. When you do anything you love – anything that helps you become fully present and engaged with your own heart in the moment – then you are more easily guided towards everything you love.

Best of all guidance is practical!

Last fall, some paper got sucked up into the blower fan in my car. I saw it happen and groaned as unpleasant, grinding noises ensued. Happily, the winter was mild and my road trips were timed – without thought on my part – during fantastic weather. I was spared the noise and forgot all about the problem until it reached 100 degrees Farenheit a week ago, and I turned on the A/C. Screech. Grind. Argggh. I forgot to get it fixed. "No A/C for me," was my first thought. I wanted to take a road trip again. Then it dawned on me... I could practice what I preach!

So I focused on what it would feel like to be massively excited about having a quite blower and cool air conditioning in my car. I spent time really imagining it and feeling it. I got in the car and turned on the A/C. Screech. Grind. "That's ok! I told myself. It will clear." I turned it off. I put my hand towards the blower and with all my heart imagined the paper turning to light and dissolving. Intense heat flowed through me and out of my hand. I turned on the A/C again. Screech. Grind. "That's ok! It will clear!" I re-imagined the quiet joy of air conditioning with a happy blower. An hour later I was inspired to turn it on again, full blast. Screech, whoosh... quiet. Blissful, quiet, peaceful, air conditioning! Woo hoo! I'm pretty sure that paper is still in the system of the fan and got stuck elsewhere, sitting quietly, where I can get it removed at my leisure!

That is the power of getting in a high, happy, expectant, good feeling vibe, where you are an energetic match to what you wish to experience.

Likewise last week, I stepped into a lower vibration without realizing it. I had not slept much the night before and was concerned about a friend. I wasn't in a vibe of expectant joy and because of my work I opened myself up to a lower vibe spirit. I sent him away quickly but my body had already reacted as it does sometimes to these lower vibes, and started breaking out in shingles. Happily, I've learned to "high-vibe" that sort of thing away very quickly. I thanked God for my perfect healthy skin, sent love to the little outbreak, then listened to my impulse to have a few squirts of an herbal remedy and get to bed on time. Before falling asleep, I gave thanks for my perfect health in the morning and imagined the feeling of waking up joyous. I woke up healed.

On a more playful note, one night late after work, I had the sudden urge to ignore everything I "should" have been doing and take a photoshop tutorial I had purchased some time ago. It was a persistent thought that wouldn't go away. I call this "heavenly nagging!" So I got some popcorn, pulled up the internet on my TV, and enjoyed my geeky entertainment. I was so inspired by the information, that I jumped off the couch and had to go play on the computer. Two hours later bright, beautiful artwork was coming out of me. I say "coming out of me" because I didn't sit down with any specific intention. Surprise!

This isn't about me having any special powers or abilities. It is about what we are capable of accomplishing when we shift our minds into thoughts that feel good and listen to our natural guidance. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of willpower.

As we learn to reach for the better feeling thoughts, listen to our hearts, and take action on things that feel inspiring, we receive guidance towards what we desire in life, and as well, we also become beacons that shine brightly in this world – capable of collectively dreaming the peace, harmony, kindness, health, and connection we desire into being.

Here are a few pointers to help you better perceive your guidance.

1. First High Vibe it, Then Get Guided!

You'll more easily perceive higher guidance in a higher vibe. In the vibe of the problem, you're likely to be guided by your own thoughts or other people's lower vibrational matches to your own energy.

Start by focusing on what it would feel like to have a solution to your challenge or what it would feel like to achieve your desire, even if you don't know what the solution or path is. Focus on what it would feel like to be looking back, joyously celebrating the miracles that helped you. Focus on what it would feel like to look back and know you were guided and assisted by angels. Imagine the wonderful feeling of success.

If you can't find the feelings easily through imagination, try to recall a time when you had a problem you didn't know how to solve or a dream you didn't know how to achieve. How did you feel when the problem was behind you or the dream arrived? Recall that good feeling. Stay with it for a while. Marinate in the higher vibe.

Now that you're in a good-feeling, high-vibe place, notice what you feel like doing. That is your guidance. If you receive nothing, that's guidance too. Took me three years of working with angels until I figured out nothing means, "Relax. The universe is working on it! There's nothing to do!"

2. When an inspiring thought persists, jump on it

When something pops into your mind again and again and sounds interesting or inspiring or fun, just do it. Make time. Stop making excuses. It might not seem related to your goal. It might seem small and silly. It isn't. The heart knows what the mind cannot yet see.

You're craving coffee but you don't have any at home. Maybe you'll meet someone or have an elevating experience at the grocery or the coffee shop!

You feel like learning something but don't have a reason, only to find out you need the skill later, or you can relate to someone you meet in the future in a new way, or it opens up whole new career possibilities.

You have a million things on your to-do list but all you want to do is nap. In fact you can barely keep your eyes open. Do it. Your soul is trying to say, "Please let's rest your body and get your mind out of the way! "

Each time you listen to these heavenly little nagging feelings, you are listening to, and acting on your guidance. Don't judge the results. Sometimes they just make you happy. Sometimes you learn what you like or don't. Sometimes you meet your soulmate! Trust.

3. If all else fails, go for loving, healthy, comfort...

Sometimes you just can't "high vibe it." Sometimes you're sad, tired, or in some other dense energy and you just can't make a quantum leap to positive.

You can, however, get to better.

I used to have a "Book of Happy Thoughts" – a journal in which I pasted uplifting quotes, happy pictures, inspiring thoughts, things and people I loved, etc. If you remember the song "My Favorite Things" from the movie, Sound of Music, this was my visual version!

When I was low or needed a boost, I'd open it, read it, enjoy the quotes, admire my own happier words, appreciate all the wonderful photos, friends, animals, landscapes, colors, and beautiful places, and before I knew it... I felt better.

Alternately, you can make a "Happy Basket" with things that uplift you – inspiring books, travel or beautiful lifestyle magazines, happy movies, headphones, tea, cozy socks, healthy dark chocolate, sparkling water... Collect things that you know will reliably help you feel better, then bless them and enjoy them when you're in need.

You can even go digital. Create a happy, inspiring playlist, a comforting playlist, a 'get out of your funk' playlist. Create a Pinterest board of things that make you smile or quotes that uplift you.

Then after spending time being kind to yourself and uplifting yourself, take a few deep breaths, and say something simple, like "Angels, what next?" Trust the first thought or feeling that pops in your mind.

Guidance is always there. It comes quietly at first – a whisper that you want to rest, a desire to sit still or get moving, a quietly peaceful feeling that you'd like to do something or say something. Listen to that. Follow it. You never know what might appear, but it's bound to be better and better.

It takes a little practice to discern heavenly guidance from all the other energies that bombard us from within and without, but if you reach for the better feelings, and listen to your heart, it won't take long before you're truly communing and communicating, with your angels more often.

Love you all!


VAARRR 19th April 2021 10:39 am

hi . I thought for a long time how to comment on this post- so as not to lower your vibrations.....
neutral ...... this message reaffirms and discloses- that we are all puppets that guardian angels constantly create the circumstances of life- and that we have no choice
we only- only we have in this example learn, develop your abilities- read, see- what way did they plan for us ...
and think of free will- when it comes........ 7D - lemuria......


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