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Date of Publication: 2007-09-28

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Why Your Love Life Sucks-and What You Can Do About It

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With the same humor, real-world examples, and charming directness as Why Your Life Sucks, Don't Get Lucky — Get Smart spells out why many of us have been unlucky in love — and also offers practical ways to increase our relationship intelligence. From a self-help guru who admittedly owned a lot of unreal estate in dating hell for years, Don't Get Lucky distils the common reasons we all have bad — or just not great — relationships, showing us how to recognize our own patterns, and ultimately how to change for the better. An original voice with highly practical information: Cohen debunks the common myths we bring to dating and offers new insight into the realities of relationships. For example, chances are your love life sucks if you often… -Mistake "hope at first sight" for "love at first sight" -Date out of desperation. People who feel desperate do desperate things — and create desperate results -Seek only The Right Person — which may be a way of avoiding relationship -Get stuck on The Wrong Person — again and again and again




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Alan Cohen is a heart act to follow. One of the most popular inspirational writers and speakers in America, his books, tapes, syndicated column, and transformational seminars have touched the lives of millions of people who have found the courage to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. He is the author ofauthor of many popular inspirational books.


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